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Better than the board game! CM Cost: $0.99, Developer: Electronic Arts, Category: Games​
16 Nov 2011
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Drake - Zone [Download Link]*******sharecash****/download.php?file=528640 Drake - Zone [Lyrics] [Drake] Alright, well alright, I say I do it for the love Bunk bed flow, always one level above If Im in ya starting five you will never need a sub And Im neva looking down so I always know wassup A picture wont do me Justice League in this b-tch Ima do me trust this Patience lil label n-gga you wont rush this I got the hammer money sweetie you cant touch this I got a revolutionary flow in every scenerio coming through ya stereo plus my girlfriend booty round like the merry go B-tches like where he at, they be like there he go And this verse deserve a burial Dont cry for me this aint motha f-cking Mario Yeah, and polo isnt at my session Mr Anticipation Ima keep you n-ggas guessing like [Chorus] ok ok Im grown, Im grown party at my house but Im home alone doing every single thing my momma wouldnt condone counting everything I own in my muthaf-cking ZONE, Im up too high somebody come get me down down down down said Im up too high somebody get me down down down down [Drake - Verse 2] (*NEW*) Look, my ex girl said she done dating black guys she shoulda listened when her white friends advised not me I make your battle ships capsize get soaked get wet get baptized I got the full package a n-gga complete I get bread and eat tracks like lunch meat lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop**** sue me and Ima put you on front street probably get your records pushed back like front seats Im much more then you fathom he would be and aint too many n-ggas that Id rather be than me I guarantee the women getting at him would agree that he should go ahead and put a patent on his g and I swear these n-ggas gassed up even though the price is high I could own half as much clothing and be twice as fly you know my coupe sit super low top slipped off like Janet at the superbowl [Chorus] [End] Drake - Zone [Download Link] *******sharecash****/download.php?file=528640
22 Mar 2010
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Jake and Jordan play battle ship, and Jake finds that Jordan is a sore loser
11 Aug 2010
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RC Battle Ships go at it in a lake in matyland. For your information the boats actually do sink and get damage because of the metal BB's they shoot.
29 Apr 2009
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Hello everybody and welcome to squiddy sunday's, this week me and stampy are teaming up against AmyLee33 & Finnball on the mini game 'Battle Ship Royal' Squiddy T-Shirts - *******iballisticsquid.spreadshirt******/ Subscribe - ***********iballisticsquid Twitter - ********twitter****/iBallisticSquid Facebook - *******www.facebook****/pages/IBallisticSquid/164520893684505
15 Nov 2014
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SATRFLEET YOKOSUKA DRY DOCKSのサブドックで 建造した宇宙戦艦ヤマト。 バンダイの1/350モデル キットを改造しています。 ポンプジェット推進、3Dアクティブダイブ方式は1本 のノズルでコントロールが可能。砲塔旋回メカは旋回 時のバランスコントロールで使用しています。 新PVの The Last 大和魂2 も公開中です。 モデルの内部構造はHPにて公開中 ***********/starfleet_ydd/index.html
12 Nov 2011
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lyrics: Jstar & Soundkillers [Muffy:] If the size of  your boat hits the tonsils in her throat, Just enough so that she chokes Bet you think that she'll be soaked Got her panties in a knot, hope that's not a stuffer sock... You need motion in that ocean just to make that booty pop I got a little secret for the guys That wants to know if its the motion or the size But if you're the one I pick to be the captain of my ship, Let you in my ocean baby, would you drive? You know that these guys are quick to clam they gigantic But size don't mean a thing, just think about the Titanic... Maybe I can fake it, make you think you're doin' damage Umm yawn, you just don't understand it... [Chorus:] They say it ain't the size of your boat but the motion in ya ocean Boy now row.. now row They say it ain't the size of your boat but the motion in ya ocean Boy now row.. now row You told me we were goin' on a cruise.. So how the hell did we end up on this canoe? They say it ain't the size of your boat but the motion in ya ocean Boy now row.. now row I got another secret for the guys Who's quick to brag an always talk about their size But if my bedroom had a sign like a roller coaster ride Would you be too short to even come inside? Cuz you know that these guys are quick to tell you that they're packin' The truth is I can't see it with some magnifying glasses Maybe with some tweezers we can get into some action And boy you got me laughin' [Chorus] [Muffy:] Wally Wally Power Boat Smooth and sleek, I stay a float Ladies !! Lets take a vote, only ride that which is dope Could be big or could be small.... I know a chick who takes it all, if you take her to the mall Pump dat monkey Frank like Paul I'll sink your battle ship I've seen tanks much bigger than yours can get Your sails up, ready to fish Life guards on duty, are you ready to jump in?? [Chorus] It's Jeffree Star & ya girl Muff Mommy Yeah! I think its the size or is it the motion? I don't know why there's all the commotion!
2 Nov 2011
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Super Smash Bros. 2 Part 4 -The Team continue their adventure into space. Part 5: ***********/watch?v=40bQ1ukYLAU -Parts of this movie. Toad sees Eggman's battle ship at a distance (0:00 - 0:11) The whole Smash team is united & head to space (0:12 - 1:18) As Master Chief and Tails fly the ship, something hits (1:19 - 1:36) The team gets ready for The Hand Battle! & meet Mega Man (1:38 - 4:14) The Final Battle Begins! (4:15 - 6:01) Mario awakens to find everyone defeated (6:06 - 8:28) G-Man releases the Monsters (8:30 - 10:28) Snake & Niko get separated from the team & fight Wesker (10:29 - 12:05) With Wesker defeated, G-Man sends out knockout gass (12:07 - 12:41) The Team awake & G-Man tries to finish off the main 5 Heroes (12:44 - 13:32) This Seems To Be The Most Popular Part Of The Movie, Which Is Funny Because I Also Thought It Was The Best Part,
18 Dec 2011
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Created by ottovonstierlitz (Wehrmacht) in Germany, May 2009 Full video HD: *******www.mediafire****/?h9ei5ofd66q7jp6 On the occasion of celebrating the Chinese Navy 60th anniversary, a short video that was recorded by the Chinese navy in 1988 has been publicized by her state medien. It shows the actions of the Chinese navy in combat as the so called "self-defense" and conceals the reality of a massacre : 64 Vietnamese sailors were killed by 37mm anti-craft guns from Chinese warships in a few seconds. ------------- Evidences of China's Crime: The Spratly Islands Massacre 1/ With proven historical evidences and an uninterrupted possession, Vietnam has been exercising her sovereignty over the Spratly Islands in the East Vietnam Sea, which is also known as the " South China Sea". However, with continuing ambition for hegemony to control natural resources as well as sea transportation routes, China has brutally and inhumanely attacked Viet Nam, seriously violating Vietnams sovereignty and international laws. This real footage, which was taken by the China Navy during the invasion of the Spratly Islands on March 14th 1988, is an irrefutable proof of China Navys crime. Using overwhelming armed forces, the China Navy killed 64 under-equipped Vietnamese sailors, destroyed and prevented unarmed Vietnamese vessels from saving the injured. The movie has raised a question of criminal charges against the Chinese government, once led by Deng Xiao Ping, for the course of justice. In fact, this defending battle lasted for a few hours at three reefs nearby the island called Sin Cowe, one of the largest islands in the Spratly islands. The Spratly islands locate at a distance of over 1000 km far from the undermost Chinese coast at Hainan island and rightly belong to Vietnam for historical reasons. 2/ In the early months of 1988, the Chinese Navy had landed troops on five reefs and atolls of the Spratly Islands. Three of them lie quite near the large islands that Vietnam owns. The Vietnamese Navy then ferried supplies and equipment to six other reefs and atolls. They successfully gained control of them and prevented the Chinese navy from extending their occupied zone into the other islands. In early March, the High Commander of Vietnamese navy decided to defend other three reefs because they were part of the Spratly Islands and forming an open chain of reefs around the Sin Cowe island that were in control of Vietnam. On March 13th, in the late evening, three Vietnamese transport ships arrived in time at those reefs and set up the flags to represent Vietnams sovereignty over them. However, some hours after the Vietnamese transport ships had reached the target, four large Chinese warships got close to the Vietnamese and switched on the warning loudspeaker. Despite threat from Chinese warships, the Vietnamese transport ships patiently kept anchoring beside the reefs. They were not powerful enough to confront with the Chinese navy and did not want to escalate the conflict. The Chinese were ordered to take an oath before they floated motor-boats with many heavy-armed marines in carrying out the conspiracy to provoke the Vietnamese to break out a war. The Chinese, especially soldiers, are taught that the ocean area of Spratly islands with more than two hundred islands, reefs and atolls belongs to China. The strain continued until the next morning, when the Chinese mobilized more battle ships, and also more floated motor-boats. They caused more provocations for the battle to break out. By 06:00 am, they suddenly sent 3 aluminium boats that carried about 40 armed marines and rapidly rushed towards the reefs. They landed troops in front of Vietnamese sailor crews and tried to lower the Vietnamese flags that had been already planted into the reef-platform since last evening. Standing on the reefs where the water level covered half of their bodies, the Vietnamese sailors set up commanding positions along the edge of the reefs to lay the defending lines and try to prevent the enemy from advancing forward. They were threatened by the Chinese to retreat from the reefs. This intrusion caused strong reaction from the Vietnamese defenders to hold their flag. They determined to hold on to the reef and keep their flag flying at any cost. Unable to force the Vietnamese to leave the reef, the Chinese marines had to get back to their battle ships. And finally .............. Just because the Vietnamese navy had refused to withdraw from the reef, the Chinese used battleships for firing with 37-mm anti-aircraft guns directly at the unarmed and light armed Vietnamese sailors on the reefs who were not able to attack them from their defending positions.
25 Apr 2012
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All rights go to Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe from Blood On The Dance Floor [Intro] A pirate walks into a bar And the bartender ask Whats with the steering wheel in your pants? And the pirate says ARGH its driving me nuts. [Verse 1] Now iv'e been riding across the seven seas Looking for a girl from another fantasy I keep a big ship they call me Captain Kid I got the eye patch, Tri hat, Rollin' like a pirate Shiver my timbers, Fuck you till your limber Freaky, deaky, till you get leaky Like RUN DMC It's tricky, So animated Might as well call me Mickey Pedal to the medal, Red eyes like the devil Raise the white flag, Can't reach my level Like, ARGH ARGH! Flow sick like sars! XXX till I hit your mark Ahoy, Ahoy! Put that happy to the joy Fuck with me, & i'll play you like a game boy! Ninja, Skin Ya! Throw you in a blenda! Chop chop chop, im a mother fucking pirate! [Chorus] Yo ho ho And a bottle of rum we go Its my duty to please that booty Yo ho ho And a bottle of rum we go Its my duty to please that booty Yo ho ho And a bottle of rum we go Its my duty to please that booty Yo ho ho Its a pirates life for me Its a pirates life for me [Verse 2] Yo! Ho! Hahaha, sorry bitch I wasnt calling your name We burning so hot, You cant even capture the flame Street rat, hood rat? Freak with tats and spoiled brat? No. Wait, guess again I'm a motherfucking pirate I'm over you like I just drunked Battle ship you just got sunked Boy you think you can handle this? Is your port hole Is big enough for my ship? It's not the motion of the ocean and size is a thing Cuss we ain't getting no where With these fucking waterwings I used to be ballin' Now I'm just dtraight dunkin' Gold stars for my rhymes I got all the boys suckin' Jealous bitches start hatin' Cause its not them that we fuckin' That game you claim you play Is the motherfucking game That I'm running. [Chorus] Yo ho ho And a bottle of rum we go Its my duty to please that booty Yo ho ho And a bottle of rum we go Its my duty to please that booty Yo ho ho And a bottle of rum we go Its my duty to please that booty Yo ho ho Its a pirates life for me Its a pirates life for me [Bridge] Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates. Yo ho ho Its a pirates life for me Yo ho ho Its a pirates life for me [Chorus] Yo ho ho And a bottle of rum we go Its my duty to please that booty Yo ho ho And a bottle of rum we go Its my duty to please that booty Yo ho ho And a bottle of rum we go Its my duty to please that booty Yo ho ho Its a pirates life for me Its a pirates life for me [Outro] Yo ho ho Its a pirates life for me Yo ho ho Its a pirates life for me Im a pirate nigga!
21 Jun 2012
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More E3 Trailers ***********/playlist?list=PL36724A014577A33D Subscribe! ******* Follow Us On Twitter *******Twitter****/ClevverGames Become a Real Fan *******www.facebook****/ClevverGames It was announced at the Playstation Press Conference that Assassin's Creed 3 will have Naval battles where you control a ship and it's canons. This game is looking more and more epic every time we see this game TAGS "assassin's creed" trailer, naval battles, ship, "e3 2012" official gameplay game play footage indo details trees running mission cinematic hd "clevver games" washington
3 Sep 2012
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SPACE BATTLE SHIP YAMATO Serise Space aircraft carrier(Remodeling) in YAMATO 3 (TV series)
18 Dec 2012
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What would happen if Captain Ahab got his hands on a Canon ship then on an aircraft carrier? Big time explosive revenge against the White Whale is what? So Ahab has up graded from a whaler to a battle ship. Still not being able to kill Moby Dick he summons a nuclear aircraft carrier from the 80s and torpedos the whale to oblivion. Happy ending for Ahab at last. This video was very hard to edit. I'm still learning. The first half is ok and choppy but sets up the plot. After the torpedo gets into the water though I think it gets really good. I love the story of Moby Dick and Capt. Ahab is my favorite character. Analysing him I think that really if he could just get his whale his life would get back to normal. I mean look how happy he is at the end. And I do think he is honorable and would have rewarded his men for helping him. I don't just mean the Spanish coin. There was a scene where he promised gold to everyone. I think he'd make good on it. Anything to get what he wants. This is an excersise in editing and meant only for fun. I don't make money off these. Movies used are: Moby Dick The Final Countdown The Hunt For Red October Master and Commander
18 May 2013
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TOP 15 BIGEST WARSHIPS IN THE WORLD 2013 GERALD FORD CLASS AICRAFT CARRIER (USA) 2015 Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier (UK) 2018 Nimitz class carrier (USA) Admiral Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier (Russia) Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning (China) INS Vikramaditya (India) Charles de Gaulle Carrier (France) Wasp Class (USA) Nae Sao Paulo (brazil) Cavour carrier (Italy) Juan Carlos I - Camberra class (Spain - Australia) Viraat carrier (India) Invincible class (UK) Ocean class (UK) Mistral class (France) Hyuga class (Japan) Dokdo class (south Korea) SUPER AIRCRAFT CARRIER top 10 navies, top 10 navy, seals, top 10 fire power, future weapons, 2013, top gear 2013, 2012 end of the world, 2012 world end ********twitter****/SkypWarrior ********www.facebook****/SkypWarrior 2013 final, top 10 aircraft carriers,US NAVY ROYAL NAVY INDIAN NAVY JAPANESE NAVY CHINESE NAVY FRENCH NAVY KOREAN NAVY ARMADA ESPAÑOLA RUSSIAN NAVY RUSSIA CHINA USA UK FRANCE SPAIN ITALY MARINA MILITARE INDIA SOUTH KOREA SKYPWARRIOR, RAMMSTEINTECNOMETAL, MARINA MAXICANA, NASA space Aircraft Carriers-Modern Warships-Big bigger the worlds Biggest Big Bigger Biggest Cruise Ship -- Race To Become The Biggest BIG BIGGER BIGGEST: aircraft carrier Aircraft Carriers - Extreme Machines - Discovery Channel Documentary pentagon attack, iraq war, bin laden dead, afganistan, 9-11 bin laden, top 10 modern surface warships, india vs pakistan, pakistan vs india, isrel vs pakistan, top 10 militaries, top 10 army, top 10 air forces, top 10 nuclear super power, top 10 nuclear submarines, modern warfare 3, call of duty, mw3, battlefield 3, battle tanks, helicopter attack, gunship, portaaviones americanos, m1 abrams, leopard 2, challenger 2, battle ships, destroyer, congoo class, nimizt class, nuclear power, Armada Española, apache, comanche, fragatas f-100, nuclear subs, fragatas españolas, horizon class, russian destroyers, american destroyers, israel vs palestina, israel vs iran, israel vs turkey, turkey vs greece, españa vs marruecos, marocco vs spain, future weapons 2010-2011, india vs pakistan, indian navy vs chinese navy, china vs usa, china vs russia, spain vs italy, españa vs italia, usa vs russia, principe de asturias, cavour, warfare, us navy, royal navy, spanish navy, italian navy BIG BIGGER BIGGEST: aircraft carrier Big Bigger Biggest Cruise Ship -- Race To Become The Biggest NATO Future Aircraft Carriers - YouTube Aircraft Carriers - Extreme Machines - Discovery Channel Documentary Aircraft Carriers-Modern Warships-Big bigger the worlds Biggest Vídeo actualizado a junio de 2012. las armadas mas poderosas del mundo. este ranking está basado en: 1º el estudio de las capacidades de alta mar. La guerra de minas y la defensa costera. 2ºdatos de las marinas. 3ºEn la fuerza de escolta, en la capacidad antiaérea. Destaco la capacidad AEGIS de países aliados de los americanos y la capacidad del SA-N-6 ruso. Me parece de una importancia vital destacar la capacidad de estos sistemas para interceptar un ataque de misiles de crucero, hacer control de tráfico aéreo y, quizás en el futuro cercano, la interceptación de un ataque de misiles balísticos y el uso de este sistema de combate en la guerra espacial antisatélite. 4ºEn el aprovisionamiento logístico, únicamente en el aprovisionamiento de combustible en alta mar. Entiendo que el aprovisionamiento de sólidos, munición, etc, se puede realizar con la marina civil (el caso inglés en la guerra de las Malvinas),. en petroleros militares de la capacidad de proyección oceánica y la importancia que tiene ésta en el orden de batalla de una armada. 5ºEn la fuerza submarina entre SSBN (misiles balísticos), SSN (propulsión nuclear) y SS (motor diesel-eléctrico). más importancia a la capacidad nuclear submarina por motivos evidentes. 6ºPoder aéreo y fuerza submarina puntúan triple. 7ºEste ránking en ningún caso indica quién le ganaría la guerra a quién, ya que en combate entran en juego muchos factores que aquí no aparecen reseñados (otras armas, experiencia de combate, si los buques los fabrica o no el propio país, antigüedad de la flota, presencia de bases en el exterior, etc).
5 Sep 2013
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รวมภาพ-คลิป เกาะฮาชิมะ นางาซากิ ญี่ปุ่น ฮาชิมะ ตำนานอาถรรพ์ ร้างผีสิง.. ฮาชิมะ เกาะร้างที่มีชื่อเสียงโด่งดังติดอันดับ 1 ใน 5 ความน่ากลัวระดับ 10 กะโหลก สถานที่ตั้งจังหวัด นางาซากิ ประเทศญี่ปุ่น เคยโด่งดังและรุ่งเรืองถึงขีดสุด ผู้คนอยู่อาศัยหนาแน่น แต่ปัจจุบันกลายเป็นสถานที่รกร้างปราศสิ่งมีชีวิต เหลือเพียงเศษซากปรักหักพัง และอาคารคอนกรีตที่ตั้งตระหง่านราวกับเรือรบยักษ์กลางทะเล ที่ผู้คนขนานนามให้ว่า Battle Ship (เกาะเรือรบ) หรือ Ghost Island (ดินแดนเกาะร้างผีสิง) หลากหลายเรื่องราวและเรื่องเล่าที่กล่าวขานต่อๆกันมา ยิ่งทำให้ตำนานเกาะร้างมีช่างลี้ลับและน่าพิศวง เมื่อบางคนกล่าวอ้างถึงเหตุการณ์อันน่าสยดสยองของการตายครั้งใหญ่ของคนงานใน เหตุการณ์เหมืองถ่านหินถล่ม ร่างผู้คนนับพันนอนทับถมกันอย่างไม่มีใครเหลียวแลภายใต้ผืนแผ่นดินอันเย็น เยียบ ทางเข้าออกทุกทิศถูกปิดตายลงเพื่อป้องกันมิให้เหล่าดวงวิญญาณออกอาละวาดหลอก หลอนผู้คน ผู้ที่ยังมีชีวิตก็สาบสูญหายภายในชั่วข้ามคืน ทิ้งข้าวของเครื่องใช้ให้อยู่ในสภาพเดิมราวกับยังไม่เคยออกจากเกาะนี้ไปไหน แต่ยังรอคอยให้เมืองร้างกลางทะเลแห่งนี้กลับมามีชีวิตอีกครั้ง บ้างก็ว่ากันว่าเกาะนี้เป็นแหล่งรวมศูนย์สัมภเวสีที่ล่องลอยในทะเลไร้ที่พัก พิง เถ้าถ่านของกระดูกมนุษย์ที่เคยสังเวยให้กับสงครามโลกเมื่อครั้งญี่ปุ่นโดน ถล่มด้วยระเบิดนิวเคลียร์ก็ไหลมารวมกัน ณ ที่แห่งนี้ด้วย อาถรรพ์ของเกาะเลยยิ่งทวีความรุนแรงมากขึ้นจนไม่สามารถอยู่อาศัยกันได้อีก ต่อไป ขนาดผู้ที่ย่างกรายเข้าไปใกล้ก็ยังได้เห็นดวงไฟประหลาดที่ลอยไปมาปะปนกับ เสียงโหยหวนของพลังงานบางอย่าง ที่ทนทุกข์ทรมานจากการถูกพรัดพรากจากคนที่รักอย่างไม่มีวันหวนกลับ แล้วคุณหล่ะเชื่อหรือไม่ว่าเกาะร้างแห่งนี้มีอาถรรพ์ หรือจะเป็นเพียงแค่เรื่องเล่าที่ถูกกล่าวขานสืบต่อกันมาก็เท่านั้น?? cr.*******www.clipmass****/story/68228
2 Dec 2013
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