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Five banned video games from around the world! In this first episode of fives I bring you my top five banned video games to date. Including AAA gaming titles such as Battlefield 4 and Grand Theft Auto, there are some strange facts to be learned about games and why certain games and even certain versions of games have been banned in certain places across the world. From weird, bizarre laws to hidden mini games within the games themselves, there exists a whole range of weird and wonderful reasons the games on this top five list have been banned from public consumption. Gaming, being an aspect of society that has always been controversal is something that almost everybody does love to a certain extent. However the featured games in this list tend to go above and beyond with some of their content to warrant them getting banned. In some cases, the bans may be deserved and in others, it makes you question the game and the content itself. So what do you think of the bans and the banned video games featured in my top 5 list? Do you think some of the bans were justified? Or do you think that the bans on the games are stupid? Let me know your thoughts on these banned games in the comment section below – I am eager to hear what my fellow gamers are feeling and thinking about these banned games. With all that stated, I hope you enjoyed my first top 5 list on banned video games. Just note that these are only my personal top 5 list on banned games, there may be tons more of insane video game bans out there! (if there are, be sure to let me know :D) Be sure to check back every Friday for a new video! Season 1 of Fives is on the go. If you have any video or topic suggestions for a Fives list or my top 5 lists, be sure to leave a comment below or send me a private message! I'd love to hear your suggestions! Or, even, suggestions for my upcoming top 10 series! All the best for now and have a nice day!
1 Feb 2018
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Bhagwad Geeta is considered to be one of the holiest scriptures of Hindus within which Lord Krishna had imparted the knowledge of the soul to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Do you want to know what that message was?
3 Feb 2018
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Battlefield 2142 Intro
12 Jun 2006
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Battlefield 2142 video game trailer. (2006)
18 Jun 2006
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This is the trailer of EA's upcoming game of the series of Battlefield 1942. great in high definition.
21 Aug 2006
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Cool video game demo of the battlefield
10 Oct 2006
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Preparacion de la gran partida Battlefield de Airsoft Alicante
9 Dec 2006
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Some stunts while playing Battlefield 2 with a couple of my clan mates.
26 Dec 2006
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Check out the cinematic expertise and very original gameplay footage of Amsterdam's Highest Ranked Battlefield player in history.
17 Jan 2007
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I discovered how to unlock and change ANY weapon in Battlefield 2.Works with any version of BF2 but not online.Feedback appreciated!
30 Jan 2007
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Killed enemies whit american jeep in Battlefield 2
11 Feb 2007
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2 of the best battlefield 2142 gunship pilot and gunner vibe clan
5 Mar 2007
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some battlefield 2142 gun ship stunts from 1 of the best pilot in the world
6 Mar 2007
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Battlefield 2142 Video
15 Mar 2007
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Me warming up on the game Battlefield Vietnam
1 Apr 2007
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Battlefield 2 in 3D if You cross Your eyes Have fun ;-) - from battlerecorder
8 May 2007
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