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Mateusz Gawron - Battlefield drums playthrough from Plethora's album Age of Changes This amazing place is a sand mine in Krzczonów, near Świdnica. Thank you to Trans-Kier for the opportunity to record the clip, Wojtkowi Garbyliszyn for the help with recording and Michal Jochemczyk, Małgorzata Kalenicz and Damian Wołyniec for the equipment. Thank you to Adrian Stańczyk for recording session and Paweł Jakubowski for great mix&mastering. Looking for good drummer? Or need great rhytms to your songs? Contact me: panmatg atgmail dot com If you find my videos or lessons valuable to you - please share it or support me by donation. It will help me with making new and more interesting content. PayPal: panmatg atgmail dot com Bitcoin: 18Dqo8NpnqXNKagoFBMztP4YoxVg6YM6wz Social Media: Gawron on Facebook: mategawron Gawron on Instagram: mategawron Custom drum pedals which I use in the video: czarciekopyto dot com Video by Mateusz Gawron Recorded in 2016
25 Nov 2017
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Trailer for my (YouTube) Channel! With game clips of: Battlefield 3 Borderlands 2 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Crysis 3 F1 2013 DTM (TOCA) Race Driver 3 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit IL-2 Sturmovic: Cliffs Of Dover IL-2: Pacific Fighters Injustice Gods Among Us Max Payne 3 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction Programs used: 1 - Windows Paint for the Space Background. 2 - Fraps To record in-game footage 3 - Solveig Video Trimmer to clip out video segments. 4 - Windows Movie Maker. To edit the video (adding image, text, music and video) Music info: Composer is Bill Brown for the old Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (1999) track 14. Tags: Tzeff [NL], TzeffNL, Tzeff_NL,
16 Nov 2017
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Nightmarchers is an open world, post-apocalyptic RPG shooter where you tap into the power of the spirit world to become a demigod and clear Oahu of the army that has taken control. Now it’s up to you to work with the survivors, find favor of the gods, choose your skills and weapons, and remake the island in your own way. Will you use stealth, modified guns or super-natural powers from the gods to fight for the island and take it back from the raiders who have overrun Oahu? -Open-world action-adventure game: go where you want, play the way you want (stealth, sniper,guns blazing, powerful spells), fight how you want, decide which factions to support or take out as you rebuild Oahu. -Beautiful ruins of post-apocalyptic Oahu, overgrown, and reclaimed by 100 years of resurgent jungle with over 500 square miles to explore. -Discover the secrets of Hawaii’s mystical past as Kai, newly resurrected by the gods of Oahu to save the island from the tyranny of Kama and his cult of the corrupt god, Kamapua’a while watching out for the powerful Nightmarchers who protect the island. -Become a demigod, learn special powers and abilities from the Gods of Hawaii. Authentic Oahu: From myths and legends to landmarks and stories only the locals know, the world of Nightmarchers is as authentic as possible, right down to the full-scale representation of the terrain in the game world. -Innovative action/exploration gameplay, a unique mix of 3rd person action and RPG elements. -Discover and unlock over 40 skills including the supernatural Akua (God) abilities like phase, portal,void sense and bullet bend. Skills unlock based on the decisions you make. -Well over 50 outposts, villages and locations to befriend, capture, or develop. You decide how you rebuild the island unlocking a story exclusive to your decisions. Player actions can tip the balance of power between the factions vying for control of the island, acting as the frontline of an ever-shifting battlefield.
6 Dec 2017
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Battlefield 2142 Intro
12 Jun 2006
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Battlefield 2142 video game trailer. (2006)
18 Jun 2006
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This is the trailer of EA's upcoming game of the series of Battlefield 1942. great in high definition.
21 Aug 2006
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Cool video game demo of the battlefield
10 Oct 2006
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Preparacion de la gran partida Battlefield de Airsoft Alicante
9 Dec 2006
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Some stunts while playing Battlefield 2 with a couple of my clan mates.
26 Dec 2006
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Check out the cinematic expertise and very original gameplay footage of Amsterdam's Highest Ranked Battlefield player in history.
17 Jan 2007
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I discovered how to unlock and change ANY weapon in Battlefield 2.Works with any version of BF2 but not online.Feedback appreciated!
30 Jan 2007
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Killed enemies whit american jeep in Battlefield 2
11 Feb 2007
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2 of the best battlefield 2142 gunship pilot and gunner vibe clan
5 Mar 2007
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some battlefield 2142 gun ship stunts from 1 of the best pilot in the world
6 Mar 2007
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Battlefield 2142 Video
15 Mar 2007
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Me warming up on the game Battlefield Vietnam
1 Apr 2007
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