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The "14" survived with great ease in the harsh environments, wasn't finicky about cleaning, didn't whine about maintenance, and still delivered the goods downrange with preciseness. It was then that the ened to develop a mounting solution to leverage modern optics reared its head. Developing a mount that would withstand the rigots of combat, and provide marksman grade capability that would enhance accuracy and increase battlefield effectiveness became our objective. The end result was the G1-OSM. www.GDIMounts****
7 Apr 2011
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Halo2 campaign BattleRifle glitch Note:That red dot was made from my camera sorry.
5 Feb 2007
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lotz of u guyz postin weird things here iz copy of wut i am readin CH13FSTR1D3R says: OMFG dude "omg, bungie you have to work on the 'stand by' problem" what standbys there were none, teabagging why? swords are for noobs and weren't put in like the pistol because its a BAY-TAH they first want to go with stuff that know will go wrong or be a problem, the carbine i agree it needs to be weakened, literally 4 to the head is a kill, mongoose: the reason it has no turret is because it is designed for SPEED to get around the battle field quikcly hense the shape of it. crabclaw22 says: i think that btb is soooooo much better than slayer and if you were a true halo player who knew anything you would know that the battlerifle came from halo 1 is is better than the on in halo 2i agree with you about needing swords but the sniper needs to be hard so people with skill can use it gamekboy says: wow you suck horibally man stand by bull crap man you just suck. and the teebag thing stop it you only got to do it twice if you dont want the "stand by" then play against me in halo 2 gt is gamekboy. i will show you skill.
11 Aug 2009
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New Halo 4 Sniper Rifle Multiplayer Gameplay, Loadouts, Hardlight Shield, Maps, Haven And More. E3 2012. Halo 4 Sniper Rifle Halo 4 Gameplay Halo 4 NEW footage Halo 4 Hardlight shied Halo 4 Maps Halo 4 Haven Halo 4 E3 2012 Halo 4 Sniper Gameplay Halo 4 Weapons E3 Halo 4 Carbine Rifle video Halo 4 BattleRifle video Halo 4 Leaked Videos Halo 4 Leaked Campaign Halo Literal Halo 4 Assassinations full Halo 4 Slayer Halo 4 Invasion Halo 4 Forerunners Halo 4 Didact Leaked Halo 4 Librarian Halo 4 Bornsteller Halo 4 Riser and Chakas
31 Oct 2012
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