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This clip started as Alex's tribute to the very talented singer/songwriter Jason Mraz who performed in the SINGfest 08 on 3 Aug 08. Did this on my laptop using the internal mike/camera IN THE 1ST TAKE !!!! So pardon the quality k... Then, it became an appeal to CHEER SOMEONE UP!!! Planned 2 separate visits to 2 Old Folks' Homes on 6 Sep & 20 Sep 08(Sat) to cheer them up, using music as a medium... YOU CAN SEE WHAT WE DID AT THE OLD FOLKS HOME WITH THE VIDEO RESPONSE It was very rewarding:) I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for days:))) Most imporantly, I believe in cheering people up rather than putting them down, so PLEASE BE KIND!!!
18 Dec 2008
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When the night is still And the sea is calm Lonely shadow, you fall upon me Lay by my side Fear not tonight Lonely shadow, youll find a new light Dream a dream And see through angels eyes A place where we can fly away Ride with me upon a shining star, Above the moonlit sky We will find Elysium Hear the nightingale Sing a lullaby Lonely shadow, youll find a new light Dawn will be kind, All will be bright, Lonely shadow, rise from the darkness Dream a dream, etc. And see through Angels' eyes A place where we can fly' away ride with me upon a shining star above the moonlit sky we will find elysium
1 Jan 2009
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A Mother's Song is a new song from T Carter Music that is dedicated to the love and devotion that a mother has for her son. This song is a perfect choice for wedding receptions and slideshows. Written by songwriter Tony Carter and only available from T Carter Music. Download now at: *******store.payloadz****/go?id=206203 CD available in Feb. of 2009 from *******www.tcartermusic**** Purchase includes band,acoustic, and non-vocal mixes. Lyrics: Tying little shoe laces Wiping off dirty faces Are just a couple of things That a mother will do Mending a broken heart Is only just a part Of the care and the love That Ive given you With a Kool-Aid smile And a sparkle in your eyes I wrap you in my arms And whisper this advice Be strong, be kind Be patient and in time Youll find out, my son What true love is all about Be faithful and be true Show love in all you do Then youll know, just how You make your mother proud Now, little boy days have passed And youve grown up so fast But in my heart That little boy will never be far So on this blessed day Theres so much I want to say But above all, I thank God For the man that you are With a tender smile And a twinkle in your eyes I wrap you in my arms And whisper this advice Be strong, be kind Be patient and in time Youll find out, my son What true love is all about Be faithful and be true Show love in all you do Then youll know, just how You make your mother proud Youve made your mother so proud
24 May 2009
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Recorded at Lake Las Vegas Resort. "Under The Desert Sky" (2006) LYRICS: I pray you'll be our eyes, and watch us where we go. And help us to be wise in times when we don't know. Let this be our prayer, as we go our way. Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace To a place where we'll be safe. La luce che tu dai Nel cuore restera A ricordarci che L'eterna stella sei. I pray we'll find your light, And hold within our hearts And stars go out each night, Ai,ai.................... Nella mia preghiera Quanta fede c'e. Lead us to a place ? Let this be our prayer When shadows fill our day Guide us with your grace Give us faith so we'll be safe. Sogniamo un mondo senza piu violenza, Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza. Ognuno dia una mano al suo vicino, Simbolo di pace...di fraternita. La forza che ci dai E desiderio te Ognuno trovi amor Intorno e dentro se. Let this be our prayer, Just like every child. We ask that life be kind And watch us from above. We hope each soul will find Another soul to love. Let this be our prayer, Just like every child. Needs to find a place, guide us with your grace Give us faith so we'll be safe E la fede che hai acceso in noi Sento che ci salverai...
24 May 2009
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music WAS maneater by nelly furtado BUT i had to change it to this beat since YouTube is cracking down on music out there. Hey guys, OK, I am in a good mood today and have faith in humanity to be kind, so I reinstated the comment board and took down my harsh disclaimer. This is all with the hope that no one will be unnecessarily rude in their comments. This is my riding lesson on Jake at Spring Down Equestrian Center in Portola Valley, CA. Carol Goldstein's horses are amazing there and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a place to ride up north. I love horses and unfortunately don't get to ride very much anymore because of work, hence some of the rookie mistakes. I know I am not a perfect rider, but I LOVE horses and always treat them well. After seeing this video I realized my stirrups were too short, my heels weren't down enough and I hunch forward so please be kind and only add constructive comments. music WAS maneater by nelly furtado BUT i had to change it to this beat since YouTube is cracking down on music out there. Bummer, I know
1 Mar 2009
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This is my first attempt at a vid. I have looked all over youtube for this song by the McKameys and couldn't find it so I did it myself. lol Please be kind lol
14 May 2009
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DISCLAIMER: Grey's Anatomy by Shonda Rhimes/ABC, song "I'm on fire" by Bruce Springsteen. No copyright infringement intended. It seems that my video inspired ellie-kat89 to write a Mark/Lexie story. You can read it here: ellie-kat89.livejournal**** I'm always pleasantly surprised when my different "internet worlds" collide, it shows how small place internet can sometimes be. I heard this song and I couldn't get it out of my head few days. It occurred to me that it would be kind of fitting ...
14 May 2009
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I have chronic dyslexia and sometimes writting simple things like, oh say, a letter can be annoying beyong belief. Now yes, I could look in the dictionary, I could look the words up online, but do you see the amount I am unsure of? It would take an hour to write a letter. So I offten find myself dumbing down my writing to avoid spelling words wrong. It sucks. Be kind, this is mostly an expirament it editing.
14 May 2009
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This is my first fan-video, so please be kind in your judgement.:) "He is unattainable, he is seductive, he is unparalleled, he is incomprehensible, he is Michael J. Jackson" Enjoy, hope you'll like it. Music: Michael Jackson - Unbreakable (Invincible Album) Made by: Jacob A. Buur, 29. november 2008 Please watch one of my dance videos:**** - leave a comment.:)
15 May 2009
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From Smokey Robinson: The Ultimate Collection. Originally released in 1973 on the album "Smokey" on the Tamla lable. This is the album version. Went to #27 on the US pop charts, and #7 on the R&B charts. Lyrics: Turn the lights down low / Baby come close Put your hand in mine / Oh, Please be kind Let me touch your heart / Let the fire start Oooooooh / So warm / So warm {music} Yeah, lady Soft music playing / Please darling stay Put your trust in me / Let this love be This is for real / Let ...
16 May 2009
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Water is Very Important People ! I've been Challenged to do 5 Acts of Kindness for 5 People and / or for the Environment. TgirlQueensland Challenged me. ***********/user/TgirlQueensland This is the Video Response. I chose to be kind to the Environment and talk about Water Conservation. This is a Tag Game so I have to challenge at least 5 YouTubers. I chose : mastergunner99 funnelofFun hiddentrack12 gtprettyp Micfri hyphen782 Here are Links to the Youtubers I chose: ***********/user/mastergunner99 ***********/user/FunnelofFun ***********/user/hiddentrack12 ***********/user/qtprettyp ***********/user/Micfri ***********/user/hyphen782
23 May 2009
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This is the video I made for fun ! Please be kind ... I didn't do that seriously ... I know that's not the best diapo ever but I thought that it could be fun so ... Thanks *U for watching !
9 Jun 2009
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*******www.RajKaregaKhalsa.Net *******www.sikhee**** Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj Ang 190 gauVI mhlw 5 ] gourree mehalaa 5 Gauree, Fifth Mehla: rwiK lIAw guir pUrY Awip ] raakh leeaa gur poorai aap The Perfect Guru Himself has saved me. mnmuK kau lwgo sMqwpu ]1] manamukh ko laago sa(n)thaap 1 The self-willed manmukhs are afflicted with misfortune. 1 gurU gurU jip mIq hmwry ] guroo guroo jap meeth hamaarae Chant and meditate on the Guru, the Guru, O my friend. muK aUjl hovih drbwry ]1] rhwau ] mukh oojal hovehi dharabaarae 1 rehaao Your face shall be radiant in the Court of the Lord. 1 Pause gur ky crx ihrdY vswie ] gur kae charan hiradhai vasaae Enshrine the Feet of the Guru within your heart; duK dusmn qyrI hqY blwie ]2] dhukh dhusaman thaeree hathai balaae 2 your pains, enemies and bad luck shall be destroyed. 2 gur kw sbdu qyrY sMig shweI ] gur kaa sabadh thaerai sa(n)g sehaaee The Word of the Guru's Shabad is your Companion and Helper. dieAwl Bey sgly jIA BweI ]3] dhaeiaal bheae sagalae jeea bhaaee 3 O Siblings of Destiny, all beings shall be kind to you. 3 guir pUrY jb ikrpw krI ] gur poorai jab kirapaa karee When the Perfect Guru granted His Grace, Bniq nwnk myrI pUrI prI ]4]54]123] bhanath naanak maeree pooree paree 4 54 123 says Nanak, I was totally, completely fulfilled. 4 54 123 *******www.rajkaregakhalsa****/Gurbani/Amrit/574.html
16 Jun 2009
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.: Viewing in HQ it will show the letters clearly and the videos less blurry:. ||Facing the reality|| Approximately 42 Million abortions take place each year. that means 42 million children will be killed each year. Abortion is a form of child abuse. Help to Make abortion illigal Wonderfully sang by seven year old Sharon Morgan Lyrics and music :Cindee Martin Morgan. So thanfull that Rick and Cindee Morgan let me use their song ***********//MtMoriahMusic || It would be kindly appriciated if you forward it ||
20 Jul 2009
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MP3 320kbps streaming : *******www.slingfile****/audio/46517-F6yTDflBks.html With my new Zoom H2 recorder, I make my first audiovisual recording on my acoustic piano Eterna in playing "Un Bon Anniversaire" (A good birthday), a song I had composed for my girlfriend's 18 years became my wife today. This melody is completely dedicated to her. I'm just an amateur, please be kind. :) Clip and music are freely available in high quality on download : - Clip (Xvid - 640x480 - 24.00fps - 47,1 Mo) : *******www.slingfile****/file/46514-wiCArSnUgy.html - Music (MP3 stereo - 44.1Khz - 320kbps - 3,9 Mo) : *******www.slingfile****/file/46517-F6yTDflBks.html - Original synthetised music (159 - MP3 stereo - 44,1Khz - 320kbps - 4,1 Mo) : *******www.slingfile****/audio/46518-DCL0Ji7oN4.html More details on Floxit**** : *******www.floxit****/index.php?post/2009/05/14/composition-piano-un-bon-anniversaire . PS : This original work is protected under the license Creative Commons : *******creativecommons****/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/be/ .
22 Jul 2009
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1.credits and overture 2."May the Fates be kind under thy shade" 3."listen! They are playing such sweet music" "Oh hark--Oh hark, all ye wounded" (part) yes, it's done in English translation "Some imbecilities, and the temerity of Xerxes (such as his being deeply enamour'd with a plane tree, and the building a bridge over the Hellespont to unite Asia to Europe) are the basis of the story," says the introduction to the original libretto. "The rest is fiction." by Georg Friedrich Händel
26 Jul 2009
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