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The old guy-hiding-inside-the-beach-ball trick doesn't quite scare like it used to...
20 Feb 2007
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This is the world's biggest beach ball.
6 Nov 2008
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World's Largest Beach Ball: What's next?
16 Dec 2008
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World's Largest Beach Ball: What's next?
18 Dec 2008
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Breaking the world record for the world's largest beach balls. Dallas, Texas. Fun For All. All For Fun.
7 Jan 2009
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See how easy it is to put the Beach Ball transition found on Home Movie Essential Vol 1 into your next vacation slide show. *******www.animationsforvideo****/html/hme_vol_1.htm 1-866-745-7334
25 Mar 2009
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See how easy it is to put the Beach Ball transition found on Digital Hotcakes Home Movie Essential Vol 1 into your next vacation slide show. *******www.animationsforvideo****/html/hme_vol_1.htm 1-866-745-7334
25 Mar 2009
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You are at a sporting event and someone sends a small, lame beach ball through the crowd. What if it happened to be this gigantic 12 foot tall Beach Ball instead? Instant fun! Don't worry, we don't send you the ball blown up, it will land in your mailbox deflated. This giant beach ball measures 12 feet when deflated. Blow it up with an air compressor or pump (not included) and it measures a full 10 feet tall! The fun possibilities of this giant beach ball are endless! Take it to the beach and watch it surf on waves while everyone in the sand watches in awe. Create a new game using it, like giant basketball, or ginormous soccer! Throw it down a public staircase and watch people run screaming the other way. With the Giant Beach Ball, you have the power. Best of all this beach ball ships for FREE! The Giant Beach Ball is an exclusive creation of Outrageous Ventures (by Outrageous George!!!) and the ONLY place you can get a beach ball this big is at PrankPlace! Bid on it now! Go to Ebay & get it while it lasts...available on our website soon!
1 May 2010
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How To Draw A Beach Ball Step By Step Drawing Tutorial Artist: Tyler Vo Learn how to draw more at: *******www.tvdrawing****
8 Jan 2011
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This short podcast reveals one of the most common and fun Finnish summer hobby.
30 Jun 2007
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Do you like sports, sun and water? Would you like a new, fun and challenging experience on the beach this summer? If so the Waboba Ball is perfect. The ball that bounces on water guarantees a lot of fun and will give you and your friends a new way to make beachlife and beachsport enjoyable and exciting. Seriously, throwing a tennis ball or a Frisbee while standing in water isn't all that fun. So why not invent something that bounces on water, like a skipping stone that you can catch? And if that is possible, why not invent a game that is fun and challenging but can be played with just the ball, no goals, nothing extra - just the ball? Waboba is the answer to those questions.
16 Apr 2008
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Mysterious Ball Lightning Created in the Lab By Ker Than LiveScience Staff Writer posted: 23 February 2006 08:56 am ET Ball lightning is one of the most mysterious phenomena in nature. Now scientists have created a laboratory version of the eerie floating orbs using technology taken from a common microwave oven. The work could help scientists figure out how the lightning forms in nature and lead to practical applications that harness its power. In the wild, the little bundles of energy are typically only a few centimeters across, although some have been reported to be the size of beach balls or larger. They are closely associated with regular lightning and thunderstorms and have been seen in many different colors. Witnesses report hissing sounds and an acrid ozone odor when the lightning balls appear. The vivid apparitions normally hover or float around for only a few seconds before vanishing suddenly, either silently or with an explosive bang. Although people have known about ball lightning for centuries, scientists have yet to come up with an explanation that accounts for all of the strange properties. Microwave drill Eli Jerby and Vladimir Dikhtyar from the University of Tel Aviv in Israel created a laboratory version of ball lightning using a "microwave drill." The device consists of a 600-watt magnetron taken from a domestic microwave oven and uses a powerful microwave beam to bore through solid objects. The researchers aimed the beam through a pointed rod and into a solid object made from glass, silicon and other materials. The energy from the drill created a molten hot spot in the solid object; when the drill was pulled away, it dragged some of the superheated material along with it, creating a fire column [video] that then collapsed into a bright fireball that floated and bounced [video] across the ceiling of the metal enclosure. "The fireball [looked] like a hot jellyfish, quivering and buoyant in the air," Jerby said. The glowing object measured just slightly over an inch across and lasted only about 10 milliseconds. The work was detailed earlier this month in the journal Physical Review Letters. Glowing fluff balls The composition of the laboratory lightning ball still needs to be verified, but it appeared to resemble those found in nature. "Our experiment confirms to some extent the theory that ball lightning originates from hot spots in the ground created by normal lightning," Jerby told LiveScience. According to one popular theory, ball lightning forms when lightning strikes the ground and vaporizes mineral grains in the soil. The vaporized nanoparticles could then link together into chains and form a fluffy ball of silicon that floats on the wind. The particles react with oxygen in the air and release light as they burn. Jerby thinks that his laboratory lightning balls could one day find practical uses in industry. "My imagination leads me to speculate on applications like 'bulb-less' light sources, coating and deposition or energy production," he said.
25 Jan 2007
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This kid gets hit right in the melon with a beach ball and goes down. Hilarious. haha
31 Dec 2007
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8 Jun 2008
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Puffer fish inflates to the size of a beach ball.
24 Aug 2008
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Is that spinning beach ball giving you a headache, but you can't figure out how to kill that misbehaving program? Bypass the three-fingered salute and close that stubborn application immediately.
21 Sep 2008
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