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Gummy Bear Dance.mp4
13 Mar 2017
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Man fighting over a fish with bear amazing funny video
15 Mar 2017
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Mr. Bean - Teddy Bear Rescue
17 Mar 2017
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On Halloween, the Wonder Pets,dressed for trick-or-treating,get a call from a Black Kitten trapped inside a haunted doghouse. / The Wonder Pets travel to a county fair where a performing animal trio have wound up in a hot air balloon and are floating away.
13 Mar 2017
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Lyric video.
28 Mar 2017
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Benefits of Structural Steel 1. Structural steel in recent times has been used extensively in the construction industry 2. Structural steel refers to steel that has been shaped in particular cross sections or shapes and have specific values of strength and chemical composition 3. When structural steel is used in construction it provides the engineer or designer with the advantage of designing even the most complex structures 4. Eco-friendly i) 88% of structural steel is manufactured from recycled goods and is therefore beneficial to the environment 5. Unlike other buildings structural steel buildings can be easily modified even after the structure is fully constructed and complete 6. Very often buildings that are constructed need to be modified to install bigger doors or for an additional staircase or to accommodate heavy machinery These modifications could be carried out easily with the use of structural steel 7. To modify a structural steel building all that needs to be done is to remove a portion of the structure which is held together by fasteners 8. Structural steel buildings are lightweight and at the same time provide maximum strength 9. When there is a need to increase the weight bearing capacity of the building, the building could be made stronger with the addition of more steel to the structure 10. Structural steel buildings are one of the most inexpensive buildings 11. The quality of structural steel components are tested during each stage of the manufacturing process Therefore there is assurance of quality and dependability 12. There is more space inside the building because structural steel columns occupy 75% lesser space that concrete columns 13. It is one of the most durable construction materials Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Structural Steel Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE i e http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/structural-steel-products
3 Mar 2017
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Obesity has made many lives miserable. People end up suffering and bearing their obesity, as there was no alternative before. Exercise, gym, diet does not work on highly obese people, as fat accumulates and makes its place stronger than the person’s efforts. But now, with the Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery India one does not have to worry about their obesity. Obesity gives rise to Co-morbid condition as well, which can be treated with Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery. Surgeons in India are trained in some of the best institutes in India and Abroad. During their professional career they have successfully handled many surgeries. There are different types of Bariatic surgeries like: Sleeve Gastrectomy; In this operation surgeons remove about 75% of the stomach. Only a narrow tube or sleeve is left to connect the intestine, Gastric band; In this surgical procedure the stomach is squeezed into two sections, smaller upper section and larger lower section, Gastric bypass: the stomach is divided into two parts, sealing the upper section from the lower. The upper stomach is directly connected to the lower section of the small intestine. Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery helps the highly obese people to live their lives normally. Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery India is affordable for international patients. Contact Us Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India International Caller : +91-9373055368​​
11 Mar 2017
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Steel gratings in Home Décor Steel Gratings can be used for a wide variety of applications from industrial to domestic environments It can be used to provide slip resistant flooring, ventilation and are easy to maintain Here are a few innovation uses of steel gratings in home décor. Indoor bridges: Gratings could be used to construct indoor bridges in indoor gardens, stone gardens or over small creeks It allows enough light for the plant growth and is also resistant to corrosion with a high weight bearing capacity It can also be used as flooring across overhead open access paths between rooms Shower floors: Gratings could be installed as shower floors because they are slip resistant Galvanized steel gratings could also be installed to for an anti-corrosive surface Partitions: For perfect indoor walls or partitions that offer sufficient ventilation, gratings could be installed Doors and Roofs: For garage doors and roofs for indoor gardens or greens, gratings are a perfect choice because of its durability Visit Oasis Metal official website to get Decorative Steel Gratings for Homes in UAE i e at http://www oasismetal net ae/
11 Mar 2017
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Steel fibres were used in concrete to provide structural (load-bearing) capacity and for the control of shrinkage-induced cracking as against conventional Steel bars. Steel fibres for reinforcing concrete are manufactured from cold-drawn wire and are used in grade or ground supported floors. Normally the preferred length is 60 mm, with aspect ratios of 80 (ratio of length to nominal diameter). In order to gain pull-out resistance fibres have hooked end profile.
23 Mar 2017
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Bear stuck in a tree is tranquilized and the rest you'll have to see.
23 Apr 2006
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The bear buys a running machine.
20 Apr 2006
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A bear climbs up an electricity pol and then comes all the way down.
16 Apr 2006
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This time our bear (or whatever he is) is trying to play golf...will he make it?
9 Apr 2006
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This time the aliens have the pleasure of meeting bear.
10 Apr 2006
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This large bear is taking a bath at a spring in Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge located in Milford, Maine. This video is part of a remote sensing camera project being run by the Friends of Sunkhaze.
1 Sep 2005
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The bear comes up to the video camera and in the process, it triggers a flash camera on a tree next to him. His reaction is very interesting to see!
14 Jun 2006
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