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smack that ass
24 May 2009
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god is a lie. religious people are faggots.
30 Dec 2007
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In thi video we describe how to set up the tank for a Bearded dragon so it can feel like it is in it's original enviroment and not in a new area.
12 Oct 2008
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Flying Donkey Pic by Anita Raj Bajwa
13 Nov 2009
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7th Feb 2013 Imagine this recorded system (prior to this the talkbytext home edition software was far superior but Action for Hearing Loss formally RNID are suspiciously closing it down) on all the major charities, public authorities etc Some of the worse was the Equality & Human Rights Commission since early 2010, Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman, Local Government Ombudsman, Independent Case Examiner, bad charities such as National Autistic Society, Kent Autistic Trust, United Response, Action for Autism, Autism Plus, SYCIL Jan Firth told Mum & I if we make a complaint she would withdraw services, Doncaster Dial, Doncaster, Canterbury & Dover Citizens Advice Bureau, Sheffield Employment Tribunal, Sheffield County Court, Doncaster County Court, my Bad ex Dr Beastall & his staff of St Vincents, Doncaster ALL on my system breaking the law and being ignorant, discriminating, sometimes lying, cruel sick people. Not to forget Doncaster, Dover Council, Doncaster Advocacy, Cloverleaf,, Community Adult Learning Disability Teams, Autism teams, all the teams that are supposed to help vulnerable disabled people specifically such as my Mum and I. Under the Equality Act 2010 they are fixed and inflexible, refuse to make reasonable adjustments so it’s extreme direct discrimination as well as discrimination arising from disability, less favourable treatment, lesser standard of service which in ALL cases led to unlawful denial of service and victimisation. It’s so serious that as Mum and I are both vulnerable disabled adults, it’s actually a criminal offence what many are doing to us. Can’t leave out Leeds Tribunal staff & management as they were amongst the sickest when they realised I recorded my calls verbatim as well as so many solicitor firms which is clear victimisation from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Legal Ombudsman & in the ear days the Law Society as well as the Law Centres Federation. The earlier video’s that Mum and I did were becoming far more effective, hence them being taken off me on 11th May 2012 and sadly I did not have copies of all video’s at that time. Now face extreme judicial & Police corruption in it’s many forms so anyone seeing this randomly, from whichever country, please send to your respective organisations that are supposed to help expose scandals and help vulnerable disabled people in all it’s forms. It’s important to note that Mum and I really have been cruely manipulated to the state we’re in now but they underestimated the determination, honesty and integrity of those that are autistic. My twtter is AllenVincent489 same for Telly Please note this list is NOT exhaustive as over 80 organisations 350 people acting unlawfully towards my Mum & I, many of them would face prison when the full truth comes out. Have courage to stand out and be counted people.
11 Feb 2013
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