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The Salisbury Tutoring Academy, Ltd the One-on-One School of Salisbury is a brick and mortar school that has served over 1,000 students in a one-on-one tutoring setting. It has been successfully run this for 14 years. We have now founded the Salisbury Tutoring Academy Franchise Group LLC, which has sold a few franchises. We are looking forward to connecting with teachers and entrepreneurs who are interested in building their own tutoring franchise business. We offer the opportunity to have a powerful impact in he lives of thousands of students while building equity. Learn what people have to say about the phenominal program!! website-- *******www.staltd****/
23 Sep 2009
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Mini-doc from the creators of the feature film 2012.
6 Oct 2009
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Siete in tantissime a seguirci, eh spero che presto sarete ancora di più. Così magari prendo anche un bonus : ) Segui le ragazze su *******www*** oppure sulla pagina ufficiale di Youtube ***********/user/CosiComeSiamo
18 Oct 2009
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Segui le ragazze su *******www*** oppure sulla pagina ufficiale di Youtube ***********/user/CosiComeSiamo
19 Oct 2009
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A documentary on how the urban poor in the Christ, King of the Universe Parish are coping in the aftermath of Ondoy.
8 Mar 2010
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Gregg Giannillo is here to show us a few ways to make sure the grey we decide to keep, stays sleek, in today's Better Tressed.
23 Mar 2010
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Oh my, this took 40 Minutes to Upload ! :'D So now it's the third time I uploaded this Motion Graphic but I had to do it the quality is Amazing ! うみねこのなく頃に 『 なかない君と贖いの幻想 』 Song : .新約の夜 ( Shinyaku no Yoru ) Vocals : Niira Etsuko Arc : End of the Golden Witch Reupload in high Quality ^-^ Lyrics ( i hope they're right ) : Kono mune ni mou ichidou Shizumi yuku aru sasagete Hikari ga mono ni mawari hajimete Tsudzuite mono ni monogatari Utsuro na genjitsu to semegiau. Tojita tobira hibiku tsuioku no shirabe. Aimai na kyoukaisen kowashite Hitori kakageta risou wa Tooku yuuyami ni ukabiagaru Tashikana tsumi no kioku KAKUSEI NO TOKI ! Arata naru maku wake ni Take ma guru shin no shodou Usae ni michita arashi no yoru ni Towareru yuu waku Amaku notto sareta Amitaku ni oboreta mama Doko wa mo dokasu usho wo ukamete Aganai to tsumi no kate wo Dame nai mayubi owasa mutsushi dasu Inochi no koro kage hatete kusu ne ochiru Owari no mienai taiki ni hitori Kodoku ni nageite Osore migena sotto suru modoni Nagareru tsumi no shizuku TOKI HANATE! Ryun kashita yoto gaori Kasanari aata gensou Obieru kokoro fuwuri kakasete Mukai aru shinjitsu Motome rareru nara Subete wo sashira shika demo Tsura naki todosu watashi uma matta Koro kai tsure wa kasaneru. Miru mo aware na Chou no habataki Dare no tame de mo Nai kono sekai Maru de mujaki na Kodomo mitai ni Tada negai dake tsunaide Aa Koko modoto dakishimete. Hitomi motto sashita mawa Nemuri tsusukeru hime wi ni Kono mi wo tokasu arusai no koe Itami sae itoshii Ikusen no tabishi Nori koete tato Unmei saemo tamawa sasenai Futari dake make tsumatsu... Zetsubou watashi wa iitara Nozomu subete wo mirai tochi kikai ni... Kage ni nomareta Yume no sasayaki Yureugoiteru Setsuna no inori Wakiagaru no wa Sameta tsugunai Tada egao dake hoshikute Aa.. Koko modoto dakishimete... English Lyrics Once more in my chest, I offer up the sinking love As if were mutually attracted, the story started to turn without a composer I struggle against the empty reality The tune of recollection echoes behind the closed door Destroying the vague borderline, the ideals I upheld by myself Are memories of a definite sin that emerges in the distant dusk The moment of awakening In a new opening, the urges of my blood race through me The temptation is caught in the stormy with conspicuousness filled night While I drown myself in immoralities left behind so sweetly You show a smile that melts my heart, the food of atonement and sins. Hesitation and confusion reflect my weaknesses. The pulse of life withers away and collapses On my return whose end I cant see I grieved in loneliness by myself. Drops of sin stream down so much that my fears are about to flee Release it The fantasy overlapped with your dignified profile Rouses up my daunted heart, and I confront the truth If it can be yearned for, then Ill present everything But my confidence to enforce it puts another sin in my hands The flutter of butterflies is pitiful to even look at In this world that isnt for anyone Just like an innocent child, just tie our wishes alone together Ah and embrace my entire heart While her eyes remained shut, he princess continued to sleep Even the voice of conviction and pain affliction my body are dear Over thousands of journeys, I came to reach you I wont even let fate interfere with our own finale If we can share our despair, then Ill trade everything I desire for the future The whisper of dreams is swallowed by shadows The momentary prayer is wavering What gushes forth is a faded compensation; I just want your smile alone Ah, and embrace my entire heart
7 Apr 2010
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Archery Street party going down in Paul and Debbies house, most of the street are there, having their comings and goings. Two innocent mormons knock on and are invited in. Corrupted by Stephanie, Eve (girl mormon) has her first sip of pure vodka (and likes it!) ...Continued in Debbies Street Party Part 2
27 Apr 2010
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Continued from Part 1. Eve intices Adam to drink through the medium of song and dance. Adam finally gives in. The next morning they wake up a little worse for wear and decide to take their lives in a new direction. Hollywood has a gap for 2 new up and coming socialities and Adam and Eve shall be those Stars. They throw in the mormon religion and gain american accents. They are now Evangeline and Adamtini - friends to the stars and role models to the nation. Adamtini - Jai Davin, Evangeline - Keri O'Donnell. "Shows the true danger of immigrantion, thank you for warning us...thank you" - the daily mail "A joy from start to finish" - Nuts Magazine "Hottest new show, a must see" - Gypsy traveller Weekly "Im going to hang myself now" - The Sun
26 Apr 2010
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archery street ep2 starring jai davin and keri o'donnell
4 May 2010
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archery street episode 2 starring jai davin and keri o'donnell
8 May 2010
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Archery street episode 2 starring jai davin and keri o'donnell
4 May 2010
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