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dog beat box
12 Mar 2008
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Making a beat again, could be eastcoast, could be south. You be the judge.
17 Mar 2008
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City Beats Liferoof 13/3/08
19 Mar 2008
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Funny video of President bush beat boxing.
21 Mar 2008
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This video is for anyone who wants to learn how to make professioal beats.
28 Mar 2008
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2 Apr 2008
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bamboo beat
15 Apr 2008
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Who Can Beat Tiger Woods - TAG Heuer
10 Apr 2008
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A Monkey beats a stupid dog *******www.technical-review****
13 Apr 2008
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Videos of the court arraignment, to be charged as adults. Full Story Below: Here is the full story: Eight teenagers in Lakeland, FL invite Victoria Lindsay over and beat her up for things she allegedly said about them on the internet. Full story: Eight teenagers have been arrested in Lakeland, Fla., on charges that they allegedly beat another teen in an "animalistic attack" so they could make a videotape to post on YouTube. Seven of the teens remained in juvenile detention Tuesday, authorities said. A boy who was charged as an adult has been released on bail. Victoria Lindsay was attacked on March 30 by six teenage girls when she arrived at a friend's home, authorities said. One of the girls struck the 16-year-old victim on the head several times and then slammed her head into a wall, knocking her unconscious, according to an arrest report. Later, according to a clip of the video that was released by the Polk County sheriff's office, the teens can be seen blocking a door and hitting Victoria. "When I saw my daughter in the emergency room, I didn't even recognize my own daughter," her father Patrick Lindsay, said a recent news conference in front of their Florida home. "I just walked in and held her. I didn't want her to see me weep." "I've never seen anybody's face disfigured like that." While the beatings took place more than a week ago, Patrick and Talisa Lindsay said their daughter remains scared for her life. "She is having nightmares over it," said her mother, during a news conference outside their Florida home. "She has multiple bruises from it, from her head all the way down." Her parents blamed the Internet for the incident. "These Web sites are creating a space for criminal activity, beating, fights," Patrick Lindsay said. "MySpace, MTV's 'Jackass,' they are enticing our children and desensitizing out children. Now, if they create the best shock video, they are the heroes. They think it is top dollar." They described their daughter as a popular, honor-roll student and varsity cheerleader, who was "very well liked." "She didn't deserve to be beat down like a dog," her father said. "She thought she was going to die." Click here to watch the interview on TheLedger****. "Just the shock of it happening to you and seeing your daughter in a deformity, that was horrific," Talisa Lindsay said. "It's very emotional." Rubbing his wife's back as she tried to gain her composure, Patrick Lindsay vowed to get justice for their daughter. "I'm very upset with these Internet sites," he said. "As far as I'm concerned, MySpace is the anti-Christ for children. I'm going to carry this as far as I can." Sheriff Grady Judd told NBC's "Today" show on Tuesday that the incident was an "absolutely an animalistic attack." "They lured her into the home for express purpose of filming the attack and posting it on the Internet," he said. Christina Garcia, mother of one of the defendants, said her daughter had turned the tape over to police. Tags: girls arrested beat up teen lured to house filmed beating victoria lindsay lakeland florida charged arraigned court
25 Jun 2009
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Interview whith the florida teen that got beat up.
24 Apr 2008
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Female Beats Male. Man screaming for mercy. begging
28 Aug 2008
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Beat Union Stops By And Chats With Ali On Rock Remedy. check out more of the BEAT UNION on rockremedy****
18 Apr 2008
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Beat Union Perform "Dancing In Our Sleep" On Rock Remedy check out more of the BEAT UNION on rockremedy****
20 Apr 2008
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gangsta beat
18 Apr 2008
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king of the beats....andre herring
6 Mar 2011
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