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A Beautiful Child
12 Apr 2010
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3 Year’s old little cute asian kid shaking like she is on mtv music video.l
31 Aug 2006
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Not a freak. Just a man. With heart and soul. (No feathers this time)!
21 May 2007
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Primera parte de la secuencia especial por su cumpleaños
22 May 2009
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A hard hitting clip of the start of a beautiful child, who's life is destroyed by drugs. Pls, don't judge. Drugs can take anyone on a bitter, painful tour.
20 Mar 2006
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This is my beautiful child "Adam" swimming in Sharm El Shekh
25 Oct 2007
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The Child Craft changing table is representative of fine American craftsmanship from an American baby furniture and changing table company that has been around for almost 100 years. During that period the Child Craft name has become synonymous with durability, safety, and beauty. Child Craft is a well known name with a reputation built on consistently producing quality furniture through more than 4 generations and nearly a century. If traditional styles, solid wood, and beautiful finishes fit your nursery then a Child Craft changing table is perfect. The Child Craft changing table comes in a multitude of price ranges, accessories, and finishes to fit any nursery. Changing Table Deals has the best prices on Child Craft changing tables guaranteed!
12 Dec 2009
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21 Dec 2009
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1 Mar 2011
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Most beautiful child paintings buy now for your drawing room decoration at low price range.
18 May 2011
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18 Dec 2011
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Beautiful Child
30 Oct 2011
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13 Nov 2012
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I found this video online, it's not mine (no copyright), but I thought it was so special I had to put a song behing it. To me, the female Lab is trying so hard to mother the child, I believe this is the first time they met, I DONT KNOW. The boy is cautious but curiois at the same time. I searched but could not find any info on the person who took the video but I did keep his laugh of amazment when the dog puts her paw on the boys shoulder as if to say, I love you, everything will be ok. I was told by a beautiful little DS girl that " GOD didn't make a mistake when he made me" She was a "GIFT from GOD".I had to edit the video to fit the song but its all original content and BTW this is my first VIDEO edit. Im just sayin :) If you saw it once, check it out again. I think you'll like it. Much love to all who Appreciate it for what it is. BTW you can find the original uncut version on here by searching down syndrome with dog.
3 Jan 2013
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18 Jan 2013
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Stevie's voice is so beautiful
18 Jan 2013
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