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A hard hitting clip of the start of a beautiful child, who's life is destroyed by drugs. Pls, don't judge. Drugs can take anyone on a bitter, painful tour.
20 Mar 2006
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3 Year’s old little cute asian kid shaking like she is on mtv music video.l
31 Aug 2006
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This is my beautiful child "Adam" swimming in Sharm El Shekh
25 Oct 2007
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Primera parte de la secuencia especial por su cumpleaños
22 May 2009
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Not a freak. Just a man. With heart and soul. (No feathers this time)!
21 May 2007
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Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health Course START YOUR ADVENTURE TODAY. START YOUR ADVENTURE TODAY. Enroll on the Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health Course Discover the cause of IRRATIONAL BEHAVIOR The object of Dianetic therapy is to bring about a Release or a Clear. A Release (noun) is an individual from whom major stress and anxiety have been removed by Dianetic therapy. A Clear (noun) is an individual who, as a result of Dianetic therapy, has neither active nor potential psychosomatic illness or aberration. To Clear(verb) is to release all the physical pain and painful emotion from the life of an individual or, as in Political Dianetics, a society. The result of this will bring about persistence in the four dynamics, optimum analytical ability for the individual and, with that, all recall. The experience of his entire life is available to Clear and he has all his inherent mental ability and imagination. Here is a sampling of successes that our students are having as a result of doing the Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health Course. “I just read something in Dianetics which laid out for me an explanation of something that has been ‘haunting’ me constantly in my life. These are not things I actually hear, but rather ‘think’ as if I am talking to myself and these things haunt me personally. On this course, I discovered what they are and it feels so good to know that it’s not really me as I should be. This powerful knowledge explains it all. For the first time in a very, very long time I feel assured that I can be better, do better things and have a better life.” –J.K. “I began to experience success in my life almost immediately after beginning Dianetics. Throughout the course I became more and more hopeful and excited about myself and my own future. I know that I can do something about becoming a better, happier and more successful me.” –R.S. “I used to have a problem committing in relationships. To me there was no use in getting serious because I knew we would eventually break up so why even try. This is a problem that affected me my entire life in every relationship I was ever in. On the Dianetics Course I discovered how I could resolve this problem. Now I am happily married and have a beautiful child.” –D.N. “I finished the Dianetics Course and I had some very major realizations. I learned that there is nothing wrong with me and I found out what makes Man tick. I used to see people doing irrational things and it bothered me. Now I know what they are doing, why they are doing it and even better, I know how to help them. I can use Dianetics to run my life better.” –T.Z.   All materials and courses are available in the these languages: below. .Danish .Dutch .French .German .Greek .Hebrew .Hungarian .Italian .Japanese .Norwegian .Portuguese .Russian .Spanish (Castilian) .Spanish (Latin American) .Swedish www.dianeticsmountainview**** Hubbard Dianetics Foundation 117 Easy St. Mountain View, Ca 94043 2010 CSMV. All Rights Reserved. Hubbard, DIANETICS and SCIENTOLOGY are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Cupertino, Bay Area, SF Pennisula, Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont, Redwood City, Newark
1 Mar 2011
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*******MedsAvailable****/ - Health Articles MedsAvailable**** is a Complete Health Portal where you can get Health Articles & Product Reviews on Acne, Beauty, Child, Fitness, Eyes, Health Insurance, Weight Loss, Mens & Womens Health.
21 Dec 2009
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Most beautiful child paintings buy now for your drawing room decoration at low price range.
18 May 2011
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*******medsavailable****/ Health Articles is a Complete Health Portal where you can get Health Articles and Product Reviews on Acne, Beauty, Child, Fitness, Eyes and much more.
18 Dec 2011
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The Child Craft changing table is representative of fine American craftsmanship from an American baby furniture and changing table company that has been around for almost 100 years. During that period the Child Craft name has become synonymous with durability, safety, and beauty. Child Craft is a well known name with a reputation built on consistently producing quality furniture through more than 4 generations and nearly a century. If traditional styles, solid wood, and beautiful finishes fit your nursery then a Child Craft changing table is perfect. The Child Craft changing table comes in a multitude of price ranges, accessories, and finishes to fit any nursery. Changing Table Deals has the best prices on Child Craft changing tables guaranteed!
12 Dec 2009
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A Beautiful Child
12 Apr 2010
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I found this video online, it's not mine (no copyright), but I thought it was so special I had to put a song behing it. To me, the female Lab is trying so hard to mother the child, I believe this is the first time they met, I DONT KNOW. The boy is cautious but curiois at the same time. I searched but could not find any info on the person who took the video but I did keep his laugh of amazment when the dog puts her paw on the boys shoulder as if to say, I love you, everything will be ok. I was told by a beautiful little DS girl that " GOD didn't make a mistake when he made me" She was a "GIFT from GOD".I had to edit the video to fit the song but its all original content and BTW this is my first VIDEO edit. Im just sayin :) If you saw it once, check it out again. I think you'll like it. Much love to all who Appreciate it for what it is. BTW you can find the original uncut version on here by searching down syndrome with dog.
3 Jan 2013
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[][][]READ BEFORE HATING[][][] A compilation of a few nightcore mixes that I enjoyed ・ω・ link to the picture: ******* I do not claim to own any of the music, nor the background image. Credits to: PurpleRamon (NaokiRamon) EverySocondofMine Officialdjreidon This video is just a compilation of theirs together. Tracklist: 00:00 Boom 03:18 Rock that beat 05:40 Dam dadi do 08:20 When you leave (Numa Numa) 10:58 Lucky star 13:31 Day after day 17:59 Only when you leave 21:29 I touch myself 24:49 If I die young 28:07 Russia privjet 30:49 Colours of the rainbow 34:17 Castles in the sky 37:27 Take me 40:19 Rockefeller street 42:41 Stamp on the ground 45:41 La di da 49:09 Pina colada boy 51:36 Fly with me 56:30 Flying high 59:52 On the radio 1:03:07 Road To Success 1:06:07 Open Up The Dance Floor 1:08:40 Stamp On The Ground 1:11:32 This Beat Is What You Need 1:14:17 The Whistle Song (Solar Patrol Remix) 1:17:02 Dididi 1:20:07 21 Guns 1:23:15 Be Alive 1:27:18 Trance I'm Blue Remix 2012 1:29:55 Fireflies 1:32:37 Look At Me Now 1:35:36 One That Got Away 1:38:43 Drop Zone (Bonkers Remix) 1:42:58 Airplanes 1:46:28 Explodera 1:49:07 DotA 1:51:23 Call Me 1:55:19 Complicated 1:57:17 Moonlight Shadow 1:59:47 Just Dance 2:03:27 Can't you see 2:05:45 6 Days 2:09:32 Could it be love 2:12:32 Autumn Shine 2:18:32 Brighter Day 2:21:44 Feeling You 2:24:17 Can't Live without you 2:27:56 Follow Me 2:30:32 Cutting Deep 2:34:00 Hater a elske deg 2:37:06 Farben 2:40:27 Heartbeat 2:42:52 Flight 2:46:30 I am alive 2:49:51 Free 2:52:33 In These Days 2:53:25 Full Moon 2:58:55 Jumping So high 3:01:32 Hurry Up 3:05:25 Leaving 3:08:20 Murrakech 3:12:07 Listen Up 3:15:00 Passenger 3:18:30 Surrender 3:21:17 Strange World 3:24:30 Time of Dance 3:27:30 The Day After 3:31:25 Walking a line 3:34:04 We are One 3:37:20 Where do we end 3:40:00 Join the Herd 3:42:25 Little Candy Raver 3:45:38 Breathe without you 3:48:28 Bring it back 3:50:58 Flying High 3:53:30 Get Back 3:56:22 I Dream 3:58:55 Lucky Star 4:01:35 Open Up The Dancefloor 4:04:13 Promised Land 4:06:44 Rainbow 4:09:25 Right Here Waiting 4:12:25 Sayonara 4:15:50 Silent Heart 4:21:34 Unfaithful 4:24:25 Heart of Gold 4:26:52 I see the light 4:30:25 my Girl 4:33:10 White Melody 4:38:41 Beautiful Child 4:41:50 Crazy Beatz 4:45:35 Get Ready to Bounce 4:49:35 When The Sun Comes out 4:53:11 Go To Venus
10 May 2013
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♥♥♥♥_WELCOME_TO M KHAN_♥♥♥♥ . ▓▒░_RATODERO_SINDH_░▒▓ ********www.facebook****/03003400507KHAN . . . . . . . . . . .Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan 2013 Hong Kong Syed Hashmi Miyan new taqreer Latest Bayan By Syed Hashmi Miyan 2013 Dignity & Honour of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) SAIN JOGI SHAHAB NEW TAQREER _M K HAN PRODUCTION 786_ FULL-MP_4 TAQREER RAHEEM BUX SOOMRO NEW 2013 _ALLAH KA AZAAB NEW RAMZAN 2013 MITHO NAALO MUHAMMAD S A W JO WATHAN SAN_SINDHI - FULL HD SINDHI NAAT - M.FARHAN ALI QADRI imdadullah phulpoto old album vol--148 ajab quran qudrat jun HIN DARTE HANE TON BHI HALIYA - FULL NAAT SINDHI HD - Sain Gul Ahmed Shah Jillani 99 Naames Of ALLAH Best Beautiful - Full HD Naat Arbi - ( G.M Production ) Ramzan Ul Mubarak New Naat 2012 Ramzan Ul Mubarak New Naat 2012 ALL NAAT _NEW TAQREER ALL -FULL_HD NAAT 2013 NEW 2013 NAAT new 2013 haji imdadullah naat shaman ali new album naat ahmed mughal naat full hd naat new 2013 m khan production 786 call 0300-3400507 03003400507 2013 full hd naat total naat new m khan production g.m production naat aamrica ti lanat 03003400507 ratodero sindhi naat larkana new naat madina munwara new qabar ka azaab azabe qabar new full naat 2013 sindhi MUHAMMAD SALALLAH ALE WALE WASALAM G.M PRODUCTION M KHAN PRODUCTION NA JANAT_E_JAHANAM new 2012 muhammad essa shahab taqreer AZAB KE DARWAZI BAND KARO MUSLMANO FAQEER JO YAQEEN AMAN ABE JE NA FARMANE YA MUSTFA KERUWARYA TERE JEHAN FARHAN ALI QADRI NEW NAAT AWES RAZA QADRI NEW NAAT qabar ka azaab new 2014 allah pak ka azaab HOUSE OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD(sallallahu alaihi wasallam ). THE BELONGINGS OF HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM Nasheed for the Prophet (Sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) PUNJABI NAAT(Lagiyan Ne Mojan)QARI SHAHID MAHMOOD BY Visaa Mere Aaqa Aao Naat Shareef - Shahbaz Qamar Fareedi MUHAMMAD OWAIS RAZA QADRI NAAT SHARIF PUNJABI - LAGIYAN NE MAUJAAN HOON LAI RAKHI - FULL NAAT NAAT SHARIF PUNJABI - OWAIS RAZA QADRI - MAIN LAJPALAN DE LAR LAGIYANA Beautiful Punjabi NAAT SHARIF - Muhammad Adil Waheed best naat in the world Ajj Hawa Mein Ajab Dilbary Aa Sindhi Naat by Sanaullah Subh Paro Sal-E-Allah Aayo Muhnjo Mithro Nabi Aayo Mohnjo SuhnoNabi_Sindhi Naat *HD* ♥.Best Urdu Naat´♥ Mein Mareez e Ishq-e- Rasool hoon new full''hd naat aa sardar lah ka saar new 2014 by m khan production 786 Eho Pak Lahabi Aahe - Full Naat Sindhi HD - Gul Muhammad Mahar Album 22 -Moload Sharif SINDHI MOLOOD Sharif SINDHI NAAT RAHIMAT BARS RAHI HAI MUHAMMAD KE SHAER MAIN--KHAN Roza e Mubarak Prophets Graves Rasul,Aal e Rasool,Ashab,.mp4 EXCLUSIVE Ziyarat of Holy Jubba pak of SARKAR E MADINA Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W on 12 rabbiulawal, 2010 The Sultan of Madina Munawara NEW TAQREER 2014 NEW 2014 NAAT WAHABI SUNY TAHREEQ SAIN SAYAD HABIBULLAH SHAH TAQREER NEW HBIBULAH SAH TAQREER ___Quatil Mungfali - Episode Dance India Dance Season Sawan Ki Ghata - Manoj Kumar, Sharmila Tagore Britney Spears Duet with Jamie Lynn on "Britney Britney Spears Attempts to Britney Spears - Britney Jean Drake Nothing Was The Same Tilawat-e-Quran Competition SaudiArabia Makkah. tilawat e quran pak in a very sweet voice | saudi arabia women Ek-Aisi Qabar Jo Khud Me Kisi Ko Dafan Hone Nahin D Tilawat e Quran - Arabic Weekly Ijtima 23 April 2010 Arabic Weekly Ijtima 23 April Very Very Beautiful Tilawat by Beautiful Child 1 WMV V9 *******www.alqurancity**** "In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful" www.alqurancity**** service Tilawat e Quran Pak in a very sweet voice by Muhammad Khalil Raza3 years ago151,805 views Tilawat e Quran Pak in a very sweet voice *******www.KaashTV****. Arabic Weekly Ijitma 25 June Tilawat Quran With Urdu Translation Chapter 30 by quraanworld1 year ago7,331 views You Can Find the Missing Chapters on *******www.tubeislamic**** The Holy Quran With URdu Translation Dont Forget to ... HD HAJI IMDAD Tilawat e Quran - Madinatul Munawarh Arabic Ijtima-by Madinatul Munawarh Arabic a mohnja mitha madni a muhnja metha madni a muhnja meetha mande Tilawat TheBraintuner Tilawat-e-Quran Tilawat-e-Quran ch-30 View full arabic naat qabar jo azaab old new 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 ya allah madad new new 11 M.Sharif Raza, Pali Raj. INDIA, Naat - new Shadab Paikar Best Naat india new Salaam Aap Par Tajdaar E Madina by Sonu Nigam "Naat Sharif new Hafiz ghulam ullah wadh are hamd o virde zuban brahvi naat new hafiz ghulam ullah wadh kana allah o maula e brahoi brahvi naat new Pashto Naat amazing voice new Pashto naat,, new pashto naat 2014 Balochi Naat new Balochi Naat ( VSH NEWS ) Allah Allah Allah Hoo new Balochi Naat ( VSH NEW Saraiki Naat new SARAIKI NAAT new Punjabi Naat new gm production all new naat HAJI IMDAD NEW TOTAL NAAT OLD ALL NAAT new 2014 rAMZAN MUBARAK shman ali mirali new eid album karo sago all songs
13 Dec 2014
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One Republic Song " Everybody Loves Me" from the album "Waking Up" 2009 Lyrics Well Hell sees her shadow in my backseat And her friends are standing right in front of me World wide from the center burning turkey (?) Open up said Everybody loves me And you don't have to make a sound Cause they got what you need Oh Oh Oh Oh God love all the people that have warned you God love all your sentimental virtue Eight balls with the takers that'll make you Lay cards with the lovers that'll hate you Cause you don't have to make a sound They got what you need What you need Like you say Oh my! Feels just like I don't try Looks so good i might die All i know is everybody loves me Get down, Swaying to my own sound Flashes in my face now All i know is everybody loves me Everybody loves me Well I Play the music don't stop till i turn gray Stars like Don Suzan never fade, He had a beautiful child, named her Desiree *******lyricsmusicvideo.blogspot**** Hope I'll remember the good things that i'll never say Cause you don't have to make a sound They got what you need Like you say Oh my! Feels just like I don't try Looks so good i might die All i know is everybody loves me Get down, Swaying to my own sound Flashes in my face now All i know is everybody loves me Everybody loves me Everybody Everybody Oh Everybody Everybody Don't need my health Got my name and got my wealth I Stare at the sun Just for kicks all by myself I Lose track of time So I might be past my prime But I'm feeling oh so good YEAH! Oh my! Feels just like I don't try Looks so good i might die All i know is everybody loves me Get down, Swaying to my own sound Flashes in my face now All i know is everybody loves me Everybody loves me! Don't you know you wanna Everybody Everybody Everybody WHOOOOA! YEAH!
29 Jan 2013
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*******www.facebook****/NaokiRamon Skype: Ramon.Juura Picture: *******www.wallpaper4me****/resize_wallpaper.php?id=3354 1. S3RL - Little Candy Raver 2. Nightcore -- Breathe Without You 3. Nightcore -- Bring It Back 4. Nightcore -- Flying High (On The Wings Of Love) 5. Nightcore -- Get Back (ASAP) 6. Nightcore -- I Dream 7. Nightcore -- Lucky Star 8. Nightcore -- Open Up The Dancefloor 9. Nightcore -- Promised Land II 10. Nightcore -- Rainbow 11. Nightcore -- Right Here Waiting 12. Nightcore -- Sayonara 13. Nightcore -- Silent Heart 14. Nightcore -- Unfaithful 15. Nightcore III Heart of Gold 16. Nightcore III -- I See The Light 17. Nightcore -- My Girl 18. Techno Dream Trance -- White Melody 19. Trance -- Beautiful Child 20. Nightcore -- Crazy Beatz 21. Trance -- Get Ready to Bounce 22. Dancecore Allstars -- When The Suns Come Out 23. Akira Sun -- The Nightcore Files Vol.1 -- Track 1 ☆Subscr♫be☆ _____________
24 Apr 2013
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