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That's an amateur homemade working of one of my favourite songs.I hope you like it.
12 Jun 2009
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Shadow has gone through a lot, from rediscovering who he is, to trying to determine which side best suits his loyalty. In all that time, Rouge has looked at Shadow from a distance, waiting through all his pain, being there for him, whatever disaster falls, she'll be there for him. Hope you enjoy.
5 Nov 2009
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Look for Kady Z's debut EP "One Million Pieces" out everywhere March 6th. Out on iTunes now. Official Website: *******www.kadyzmusic**** Twitter: *******www.twitter****/kadyz Faceook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Kady-Z/143766159035920?sk=wall
16 Mar 2012
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15 Nov 2007
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For everybody on youtube from Germany, who can't watch this . :) This is an inspiration video for the CSI Competition :) It's only one character and who ever wants to enter can get inspiration from this vid :)
24 Sep 2010
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I do not own the anime or the clips or the music contained in this video. They are the property of the copyright holders. I did not make any profit from the production of this video, and never will.
9 Jun 2009
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A selection of ambigram tattoos for girls by Mark Palmer. Find all these and a lot more at *******www.wowtattoos****/tattoos-for... The designs are in this video (in order): - Choice / Destiny - Beautiful / Disaster - Neves / Seven - True Love - Hope - Live / Life - Jackson / Miracle
21 Jul 2010
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Music and Lyrics by None Like Joshua © 2010. Follow the Math off of Maniac Devices, available 10.10.2010. Please comment and subscribe. Listen. You know the future’s coming at you an Unstoppable blast. -What could make you think that you were part of the past. - everything you learned will only start to collapse. - Exponential growth is seen as falling too fast. You know the future’s coming at you an Unstoppable blast. -What could make you think that you were part of the past. - everything you learned will only start to collapse. - Exponential growth is seen as falling too fast. Start to collapse Part of the past Can’t stop the blast. Hard to adapt. Follow the math To think the earth is just a small speck in the vastness. Like particles in ashes. Imagine the fabric of space and the time isn’t even happening. Hieroglyphic Mayan text to Cybernetic dialect. Lie detectors by inventors Of the only dire end To the world. Beautiful Disasters Everywhere. In the air. Under there. 2012 can he tell? Only coming faster. Nostradamus Supersonic Waves from the sun Some bionic force From a gun. At the push Of a button Nothin of it Start to run. Underground Bunkers now. Nuclear attacks And a New fear attached. Oh, did you hear that? I think it’s time Need a peace Of the mind. Judging day. Left behind. Step in line. Deaf and blind. To the truth. What’s the use? Superhuman Don’t exist. What is this? Holy shit. They assume. Day of doom. Armageddon. False invention. All deception Reoccurring Saying sooth. And then they say to pay your dues. Rocking this. Apocalypse. Dropping it On the beat. Not a feat. Telling lies. Deadly eyes. Only source In your mind. Critical Analysis. Literal Anonymous. Hazardous To the health. Who the hell Is in charge? Disregard Minotaur. Anticipating Day of death. Finder’s keeper’s. Looting stores. Do it for The stupid wars On the earth. Fall of man Dawn of birth To an age. Turn the page You could say Who cares?
4 Aug 2010
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23 Aug 2017
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