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Some photos of Halle, even some paparazzi shots. If you liked this one check out my Jaime Pressly!
3 Mar 2008
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he most desired hot actresses of the film fraternity just know how to create trends, the recent being the very hot backless trend. Here are a few of the most hot and sizzling actresses of Bollywood who rule the heart of their fans through their skin show, attractiveness and sex appeal.
14 Jun 2010
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Catapult - Accelerated Learning Program This summer K-12 program is the fastest way learn online. For those who need to catch up or move ahead in school, this catapult program is the way to do it. 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11 Jun 2007
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beautifull chinese girl sings
2 Dec 2007
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Some sexy closeups of that fine model and dream girl. This slideshow will make you sit up and notice this hot babe, guaranteed!!! Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Jul 2008
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funny videos, tips,tricks,hacks free mobile downloads, best, beauty, sex
6 Apr 2008
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funny videos, tips,tricks,hacks free mobile downloads, best, beauty, sex
14 Mar 2008
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he like to bike in pond. look fun
25 Sep 2007
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Most beautiful city in Canada
4 Jul 2007
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This is a nice idea to provoke your friend
9 Sep 2007
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funny videos, tips,tricks,hacks free mobile downloads, best, beauty, sex
14 Mar 2008
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yeah, she really rushing for work.
11 Sep 2007
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – The Different Aspects of God - P1/2 September 27, 1994 Singapore. Episode: 1711, Air Date: 22 May 2011. Script *My dearest Master,after initiation,if I'm asked or required to cook meat for my family,what shall I do?Please enlighten me on this. Thank you! You are vegetarian,that is your right. But your husband has also the right to choose what he wants to eat,even if it's poison. Because if you don't give poison to him,he will sue you!That's the trouble. And so,if you cannot talk to him about the vegetarian diet,the benefit of being a vegetarian,or a loving way of life - if he doesn't agree to it - then you must cook meat for him,all right? *Dear Master,I always wonder how to love others wholeheartedly and vice versa. You mean how others will love you wholeheartedly?(I think so.) Well,that's not your business. You can love people,but people might not love you. So,the best thing is to just love them,no expectation. Then we will not feel hurt. But it's difficult in a marriage. Well,it's very difficult to love some people that you do not know. So,the best is you love someone that you know,wholeheartedly and devotedly as best as you can,sincerely; no need to show off too much. But if you love someone,just say so,and show it,because sometimes people think “I love him,” “I love her. I don't have to say it,she'll know,” “he'll feel it. Feeling and hearing are different. We have many organs -smelling,seeing and hearing,so they love to see,hear as well. Even if you tell your husband a hundred times a day,he'll probably still like to hear it more. Especially women. Women are supposed to be the beautiful sex,the beautiful side of nature,but they're very insecure,so the husband should say I love you every day,the more the better. Say it with a flower,with a diamond if you can afford it,with gold or whatever,with love,with words,or with sometimes,just some small things,like what she wants. She loves these clothes or even a T-shirt,and print a big heart on it and bring it home for her. Print her name on it - capital letters!And then the family will become happier. Some people think they don't need to talk about it because probably to the woman,for example,most men do not show emotion. But this is why sometimes the marriage doesn't last,or will not feel very solid,does not feel very secure,because the husband does not show it. And it is better we show each other that we appreciate each other,before it's too late. Most of the people wait until the person is already lying in the coffin and come there with a big flower - the bigger,the better. Sometimes you put money together to buy a very big one and put it in front of the coffin,and cry their heart out,Oh,before you died you did this and this,and I did love you so much and so... Who's hearing?Nobody. Maybe the soul is still hanging around,and then that makes them even suffer more and say,Why didn't you say so before?Then I wouldn't die so early! But then probably it's too late; the body's already nailed in the coffin and the silver cord that connected the body and the soul is already broken,so they cannot fix it again. Up to now I have not heard of any specialist who can fix the silver cord. And,therefore,if the person really dies,he dies. Except those who die,what they called “near-death experience.” Clinically dead,but not really dead. It means the silver cord which connects the body and the soul has not been severed. So anyhow,if you love someone,show it,all right?Just love those you know. Love your family members wholeheartedly and sacrifice for them whenever necessary,and do everything you can in your power to help them and to let them know that you love them. And to other members of mankind,you just show your love universally and help whoever needs your help. And that is the way of love.You don't have to hug everyone on the street,just to show your big heart. I have a niece,she does that. My niece,she has no father and mother. She's an orphan but she hugs anybody on the street. All the children,the dirty and the beggar,or anybody,just smile and then she'll come and hug them. You can do that if you want to. When I see the poor people,I like to hug them more. I don't know why. Something pushes you,something inside just makes you feel you want to do it and you don't even think,you can have no time to think about it,at that moment. But when I see the poor person -not only money but their fate,their miserable condition - I don't mind anything. I could kiss them,hug them all day long,no problem. Or the prisoners,sometimes,the people who are more dreaded,I just don't think. I cannot think anymore at that moment. I just feel they need something,they need my love. ButI've just something urging inside,makes you do it spontaneously,and that is the time you should show. At that moment,it's really true love:you cannot reason anymore; you cannot tell you to stop or you cannot tell you to do it; you cannot tell you why you hug him. No more reason. No more thinking. Just do it. Such a kind of happening,that you know that is the true love. This is the spontaneous love. There's nothing to talk about. Otherwise,if we sit here and reason about how to love people,that's nonsense. You can't teach anybody to love anybody. So try your best. And you can write a name on love. Go around and show it. *Who is God?How do you define Hirm,if possible? God,Hiers name is G-O-D. That's the English people's name for Hirm,and there are so many other names. Some people told me that it's a “She,” it's not a “He.” So what can I do about it?Should I tell you that's a “She” or should I tell you that's a “He”?If I tell you that's a “She,” the men won't like it. If I say it's a “He,” the women will complain. Only I know; if you ask me about my experience,I can vaguely tell you. But,otherwise,I have no hundred percent definition for you about God. As far as I know,God has two aspects - my own experience,what I see inside - God has two aspects,invisible and visible. Invisibility is the power that embraces the whole universe. Everywhere you will sense this power at work. Otherwise,the tree would not grow, not from water alone,not from sunshine,not from fertilization but from this God power. That's why sometimes some people can hear trees talking together. Or,you can see the plants,the vegetables,when they're ripe,they say,Please come and eat me so that I can make evolution. That's how they grow,they transform. Besides all the trees and all the things in the universe,there is a great power. Besides our physical body,besides the things we know from the worldly knowledge,from our teachers and friends,there is a great power which knows everything before learning,which existed before we were born,and will still continue to exist after we die. This is what we call the invisible aspect of God. It looks after all things silently but mightily,very powerful. And the other,visibility,aspect of God is that when this so-called power manifests in a physical world,or in another less physical world in the universe,for the benefit of the race of the people of that planet or that plane of existence. And that time we can see God in flesh or in whatever form that this power chooses to condense and manifest at that moment. At that time people say,God has come to Earth. For example,like people say Jesus is God,or Buddha was a manifestation of Vishnu-Vishnu or Brahma are the Gods in India -so at that time they say,God manifests Hirmself and dwells among man. And also,when we go to some higher plane of existence. For example,now we're living in the physical plane of existence so everything is physical. Everything we can touch,everything we can see,we can catch. This is called physical. And another plane of existence has no physical appearance. So sometimes if you go to their level,you can see them just like I see you now. But if we,as a physical person,come up,we cannot catch them,we cannot see them. Sometimes they stand in front of us,we cannot see them. Even as some people practice in this physical body,but they can also disappe
22 Jul 2011
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Demetric Pruitt's first music video produced & directed by christopher purnell from purnell picture show! this song is telling three story's of different trials letting each listener know that no matter what trial you face Jesus is always here to lift you of the ground! Amen enjoy
29 Nov 2011
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funny videos, tips,tricks,hacks free mobile downloads, best, beauty, sex
14 Mar 2008
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