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Todd breaks down this week's newest releases to DVD and Blu ray, featuring: Mutant Girl Squad, This Means War and what's new to Netflix instant streaming.
23 May 2012
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Michelle Williams is the latest former cast member to want a Dawson's Creek reunion… Sure, he character may be dead, but the idea is very much alive!
13 Jul 2012
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Trailer of the 2006/2007 show drumfanfare Irene/Lucia from Beek (The Netherlands) performs.
27 Feb 2007
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Just an advice, my friends : in any critical situation, be cool ! Drink a beek and take a good decision...
26 Aug 2007
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Elissa's new song "Betmoun" from her newest album "Ayame Beek 2008" the video is mine, hope you enjoy it
3 Jan 2008
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7 Feb 2008
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Download free Movie *******www.bestmoviesoftware**** actual events, FORMOSA BETRAYED is the story of FBI Agent Jake Kelly's (James Van Der Beek) investigation of the brutal murder of a Taiwanese-American professor on U.S. soil. With the help of his
7 Jan 2010
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Download free Movie *******www.graboidplayer**** Inspired by actual events, FORMOSA BETRAYED is the story of FBI Agent Jake Kelly's (James Van Der Beek) investigation of the brutal murder of a Taiwanese-American professor on U.S. soil. With the help...
9 Jan 2010
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Wanneer een konvooi van circuskabouters door het bos rijdt, valt er een mandje van één van de aanhangwagens. Het mandje komt in een beek terecht en drijft weg van het konvooi. In het mandje ligt de baby van de kabouterclowns… Even later vindt Kabouter Lui het mandje. Hij is meteen dol op de baby en wil voor hem zorgen, dus hij trekt ermee naar zijn kaboutervrienden. Plop is echter heel fanatiek bezig met het maken van een nieuwe soort Plopkoek. Binnenkort komt de fijnproefkabouter immers naar het Kabouterbos, en Plop wil door hem erkend worden als ‘Kabouter-Koekenbakker van de Eeuw’. Plop wil daarom vooral met rust gelaten worden nu, en heeft geen oren naar het verhaal van Lui. Door een paar misverstanden denkt Plop dat Lui ook zijn eigen koeken aan het maken is. Lui denkt op zijn beurt dat Plop kabouterbaby’s in zijn koeken wil verwerken. Daarom houdt Lui de baby zoveel mogelijk verborgen voor Plop. Hij zal zelf wel voor de baby zorgen, wat de nodige hilarische toestanden met zich meebrengt. Krijgt Plop het getuigschrift van “Kabouter-Koekenbakker van de Eeuw”? En blijft de baby bij onze kaboutervienden? En wordt Lui niet moe van de Kabouterbaby?
17 Feb 2010
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Critique DVD du film Castle in the Sky par Gilles pour www.actualite-dvd**** et www.dvdfrenchonly. Le film de Hayao Miyazaki est distribué par Disney et la version anglaise comprend les voix de James Van Der Beek, Anna Paquin et Mark Hamill.
9 Mar 2010
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Purchase song off iTunes here: ************/us/artist/the-piano-guys/id498030399 Lyric Translation here: *******thepianoguys****/portfolio/dont-you-worry-child/ We feel lucky to be able to shoot videos in so many stunning destinations around the state of Utah. Our friends at the Utah Office of Tourism helped introduce us to the unique location we used for this video. We hope you'll Like their Facebook page here ******* to learn more about what Utah has to offer. A Special thanks to Override Films for the RC Aerial Video *******www.OverrideFilms**** *******www.Facebook****/OverrideFilms *******www.Vimeo****/OverrideFilms *******www.YouTube****/FlyingSensors Follow Shweta Subram's sites: ********www.facebook****/shwetasubram ********www.twitter****/shwetasubram ***********/user/shwetasubram Story behind the music and the video: While shooting our video "Lord of the Rings" Steve's steel cello was damaged. When we reattached the fingerboard the strings were too close to the surface and this caused a buzzing sound when plucked. The Sitello was born -- a cross between an Indian sitar and a cello. This sparked an idea. We love incorporating ethnicity into our arrangements -- it helps us keep our music fresh, opens our style to new influences, and helps us appreciate and respect other cultures. (We believe music should be an integral part of the world peace equation!) :-) As we were contemplating an Indian-style cover we happened to sit next to a woman from India on a plane ride home from one of our concert tours. She was excited and recommended several sources for inspiration and ideas, including a very talented artist named Shankar Tucker (***********/user/TheShrutibox) whose YouTube channel featured a collab with an Indian vocalist named Shweta Subram. Shweta immediately stood out to us -- her smile was so genuine and contagious. She naturally emitted such an amiability in her stage presence that we were drawn to her performance. Her voice effortlessly depicted an Indian classical vibe while still being completely accessible. We contacted her and by the gift of Providence her PR agent was a self-proclaimed "big fan" of ours and had shown Shweta some of our videos just days before. We selected Swedish House Mafia's tune "Don't You Worry Child" primarily because of its message. We loved the spiritual essence of the chorus -- we agree that Heaven has a plan for everyone and that it's better than any plan we could come up with on our own. As Shweta selected Hindi lyrics for our arrangement she extended this spiritual theme. In fact, the lyrics in the intro come from a traditional Hindi prayer. Our alternative title "Khushnuma" means "happiness" and "no worries." See all the lyrics and their translation here: *******dev2.thepianoguys****/our-videos/ In writing the music we studied traditional Indian instruments (especially the sitar, the pungi, the tabla, and the tumbak). Among the artists we studied was the legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar and his daughter Anoushka. We began by building the beat you hear in the chorus -- which served as the groundwork for the tune. Then we worked at recreating qualities of the pungi flute, the pitched tabla drum, and the sitar with steel, wood, carbon fiber, and electric cellos. We added piano licks that were inspired by both the traditional Indian scale and the Western Classical style -- blending the two, as we like to do in our music. Shweta's vocals are what truly gave our whole arrangement an authenticity and refined beauty. Her talent and her contribution were inspired. We'd like to thank the Sri Sri Radha Krsna Temple for letting us film there -- learn more about their temple here: *******www.utahkrishnas****/ We'd also like to thank Troy Tasker and Shaun Jeffery for helping us scout out the Little Sahara Dunes and Bryce Payne for loaning us his trailer to make it possible! Credits "Don't You Worry Child" originally performed by Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin -- written by STEVE ANGELLO, JOHN MARTIN, ; MARTIN LINDSTROM, MICHEL ; ZITRON, SEBASTIAN INGROSSO, ; AXEL HEDFORS Published by SONY/ATV, UNIVERSAL -- POLYGRAM INT, KOBALT MUSIC ThePianoGuys arrangement produced by Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson Arrangement written by Al van der Beek, Steven Sharp Nelson, Jon Schmidt & Shweta Subram Hindi Lyrics by Shweta Subram & Abhay Jodhpurkar; English translation and adaptation by Shweta Subram & Steven Sharp Nelson Performed by Steven Sharp Nelson: electric, acoustic, carbon fiber, and steel cellos, cello-percussion, percussion, vocal textures Al van der Beek: percussion, back-up vocals, vocal textures Jon Schmidt: Piano And Guest Artist Shweta Subram: lead vocals Recorded, mixed and mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios in Utah, U.S.A. Produced & Filmed by Paul Anderson & Shaye Scott Edited by Shaye Scott, Paul Anderson & Tel Stewart Piano Stunt Coordinator: Jeremy Crawford
31 Jul 2013
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