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The clip newton's air freshener factory tour from Beethoven (1992) Air fresheners are the 12th fastest-growing area in household hygiene. Fascinating! All of these use a two-dip process that guarantees a longer smell life. Smell this. That smell nice? If we get the right amount of capital, we can take this place to the top. I don't just mean successful. I mean dominant. Here's a favorite. Look at this. New leather. That's cute. I could use that in my Beemer. I could use it in my Beemer! A lot of people could use 'em in their Beemers. I wouldn't want to hang it from my rearview mirror. Tacky! No, there's Velcro on the back. People hide them. A lot put it under their dashboard. Ingenious! Bravo, Newton. Kudos. Thank you.
28 Nov 2011
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