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This is a song of audacious hope, with a protest verse for which I thought military photos might offer irony. Instead, I found that using public domain art by service members (as credited) for the whole thing, it was better, and the video took on a whole new level of meaning from the lyrics alone. Just wish I had a better voice to sing it.
17 Nov 2008
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What do you get when you plug a guitar into a cigarette packet - Filtered ROCK
3 Aug 2009
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when i saw this clip i couldn't believe my eyes
31 Dec 2006
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This video will direct you to a website where you will be able to recieve free money to play poker, absolutly no deposit needed, no credit card nothing. Just free money! Even if you dont play poker sign up and cashout the money! Everyone wants free cash. Right? I couldnt believe my eyes when i found www.nodeposit100.2ya**** TELL YOUR FRIENDS give everyone you know some cash!
17 May 2007
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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them! Shoes with spinners! Yes they actually spin when you walk.
23 Oct 2007
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Download Song Here: thought i was the only one who knew just how to have fun now my greatest fantasy is right in front of me lets throw out the toilet what a waste of space poop on my face holy shit! literally 100% free just kidding thats gross why eat poop when you've got toast?! i couldn't believe my eyes the first few seconds were pretty nice the thought of me throwing up? impossible! they ate that shit like A POPSICLE what the hell was that someone give these women their dignity back has poop become the latest snack? SHITS WACK! haha get it?! forget bulimia! watch 2 girls 1 cup! i guarantee you will throw up! holy shit literally! what the FFF.... HOLD UP You think these bitches might be hard on a dick but instead they poopin in cups and garglin shit half a billion views, this is horribly wrong somebody tell these women that they morals is gone i got sent a link, but its the fact that i followed it instead of flushin it, the broad actually swallowed it man watch the video its evil what she do MAN I don't eat SHIT people I eat food!! poop! if you eat it does it come out food? im never gonna take another poo Tom(blue shirt)- Click and Save As to save song ALSO
27 Jan 2008
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An image from NASA taken on the surface of Mars Many said it was alike of Human on mars Is it an alien some one even said it was big-foot. What do you guys think? The Times of London said, NASA scientists have been puzzled by the peculiarly life-like image. NASA has made no comments on the matter. The Sun thought it to be Gene Hunt, the sexist, drunken time-traveling detective on "Life on Mars,a BBC crime series. "I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what appears to be a naked alien running around on Mars," writes one blogger. “Ah, the human eye can be tricked so easily.” NASA's robotic rovers landed on Mars in January 2004 to search the red planet for evidence of water and possible past life. One blogger sees a different benefit. “It’s definitely Big-foot," he writes. That's why we've not been able to find him on Earth
27 Mar 2008
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Boy teleports the card and swaps with another. Amazing. Cant believe my eyes. Trick revealed in next video.
12 Jul 2008
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UNBELIEVABLE, I can't believe my eyes such a 4 years old boy can do this awesome stunt like a NBA player...
20 Jan 2009
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i coudlnt believe my eyes when i first saw these ...Enjoy...
13 Jun 2008
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Watch the chair move as a real ghost goes by! Watch it crawl on the ground. What is it? I couldn't believe my eyes! You will be scared! Ready? Here we go... Be prepared. Watch the chair move ! Scaaaaary! ha ha ha ha
12 Sep 2008
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While visiting my sons room I could not believe my eyes. There he was just a head stirring at me.
19 Jun 2013
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