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The perfect way to end your weekend... Below Zero. Each week Below Zero showcases the many layers of chillout from 8pm-12am on Sunday nights. The show features sophisticated and mood-enhanced tracks including down-tempo groove, future jazz, electronic rock and chilled beats. Host Mason Rothert takes you there along with the weekly pick by none other than Julian Lennon. The show also features a weekly guest DJ mix in the last hour.
I went down to Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota to marvel at the sea smoke in the below zero temps. When I was driving out of the parking lot, noticed that the Aerial Bridge was going up and made a u-turn and saw the marvelous Presque Isle, a 1,000 foot laker, heading into the harbor. The almost full moon was rising, the sun was setting, the lake was ice covered — with even a heart shape on the side! Crew was happy, mini die hard crowd was happy and it was the most magical New Years Eve moment I’ve ever seen in my 33 years living in Duluth!
2 Jan 2018
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Laurel&Hardy-Below zero
8 Aug 2011
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Based on true events, BELOW ZERO is a thriller with a 'Fargo' feel. It is the story of 'Jack the Hack', a less than average, but once successful screenwriter who now faces writer's block. Desperate to meet a career-saving deadline and lock out the distractions of his troubled life, Jack arranges to be left alone and locked inside a meat cooler, with only vegetarian meals and his imagination to inspire him. As the temperature drops, the lines between reality and fiction blur, and Jack's script comes dangerously to life. Will he make the most important deadline of his career? Or is Jack 'just a hack'? While writing the script, the actual screenwriter and producer of BELOW ZERO, Signe Olynyk, arranged to have herself physically locked in the meat freezer of an abandoned, remote slaughterhouse. That's partly how this story developed. It was filmed at the same location.
26 Jan 2012
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-20 Degrees in Minnesota.
20 Mar 2008
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this is what happens when you throw boiling hot water into the air in Wisconsin these days. Most of the water evaporates before it hits the ground! It got down to 30 degrees below zero with a forty five degree wind chill on this day, frosbite sets in within a half hour!
6 Feb 2007
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Check out Maintenance Engineering's Snow Angels. The Maintenance Engineering Sales Managers, President Curt Kesselring, and VP Dennis Leno all make snow angels on January 8, 2010, in chilly Fargo, ND. Temperature was -9°F (yes, 9 below zero) at the time! One brave soul does it only in his gym shorts! Yikes! You guys rock! Maintenance Engineering video. Check us out at****
26 Jan 2010
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Laurel And Hardy ~ Below Zero
13 Aug 2011
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25 degrees below zero outside, and communal work very poorly
20 Dec 2012
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this is again a great example of what happens when you throw a half a gallon of boiling hot water in the air in Wisconsin. Most of this water evaporates before it hits the ground.
6 Feb 2007
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This guy thinks he's going fast enough to board across the pond...never go slow when the water is below Zero.
8 Jul 2008
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This is what happens when you blow bubbles when its -5 degress F outside. They freeze on the ground, on the wand, and in the air. Its dark and the camera isn't very good but you can still see what's happening.
20 Jan 2008
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This is what you get when you throw near boiling water in to the air when it is 5 degrees below 0 "F". The water freezes instantly and make a great cloud of steam.
9 Feb 2009
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It is cold in Chicago, just check this out to see! Plus try and figure out why something doesn't freeze?
15 Jan 2009
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My friend Berto freezes his tongue to an intercom while waiting for me to get back from work. Jakob recorded the whole thing. This was shot at Minnesota State University Moorhead, MSUM, when the temperature was probably below zero. If you look close enough, you can see that the pop was frozen immediately when it touched the intercom! Also, if anyone from Coca-Cola is watching, we could make this an advertisement! (Volt, it can save your life!) I don't know what I'm more amazed about, that Berto froze his tongue on an intercom, or that he stuck it on a dirty intercom that is never washed... Please visit my new website at Anyways, the font for is called vtks untitled, and it was created by Douglas Vitkauskas, who has a website where he sells these and gives them away, which is *******www.vtks****.br/ Have fun!
10 Jan 2008
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Just a quick blip of insight, a sketch to an afternoon in Alaska at 25 below zero F. This young bull moose, his twin sister and mom spent the afternoon basking in the meager sunlight, down from the frigid mountainsides to the more forgiving lowlands of the Matunuska-Susitna Valley, to graze on the woods and frozen buds of our private forest in our Wasilla yard. Wish all could be here to witness such a spectacular sight! Peace and Wonder !! Allie XXX
11 Feb 2009
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