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Rest In Peace Bernie!
21 Mar 2017
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Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders
2 Mar 2017
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Trump vs sanders.
11 Feb 2017
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Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders
11 Feb 2017
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Trump is not a scientist.
10 Feb 2017
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Bernie Supporter being told no
15 Jan 2017
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Christine causing problems
29 Dec 2016
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"Don't Go Breanking My Heart" (Bernie Taupin / E. John) - Elton John y Kiki Dee (Año: 1976).-
4 Aug 2016
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*******www.redcarpetreporttv**** Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host Traci Stumpf were invited to come out to cover the 27th American Cinematheque Award Benefit Gala honoring Jerry Bruckheimer who was toasted by friends and colleagues at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Bruce Willis presented the award to Jerry Bruckheimer with several pre-taped and in-person tributes from Justin Bartha, Cuba Gooding Jr., Wayne Gretzky, Armie Hammer, Marg Helgenberger, Sir Ben Kingsley, Dame Helen Mirren, Luc Robitaille, Jon Turteltaub, Jon Voight Diane Warren, Hans Zimmer, Eric Bana, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Martin Lawrence and Judge Reinhold. About the Week Long Tribute The American Cinematheque is also holding a mini-career retrospective of the work of Jerry Bruckheimer from December 13 - 16 at the Aero and Egyptian Theatres. Bruckheimer will appear in person with a double feature of THE ROCK and BAD BOYS on Saturday, December 14 at 7:30 PM. He will sign copies of his brand new book Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes - Four Decades of Filmmaking in the lobby of the Aero at 6:30 PM. The retrospective will also include a Tom Cruise double feature of TOP GUN and DAYS OF THUNDER in 70MM, ENEMY OF THE STATE, BLACK HAWK DOWN, THIEF and AMERICAN GIGOLO. A complete schedule can be found here: *******www.americancinemathequecalendar****/content/lightning-strikes-a-jerry-bruckheimer-retrospective. Get the Story from the Red Carpet Report Team - follow us on Twitter and Facebook at: *******twitter****/TheRedCarpetTV ********www.facebook****/RedCarpetReportTV *******www.redcarpetreporttv**** ***********/MingleMediaTVNetwork About Jerry Bruckheimer Jerry Bruckheimer has for 40 years produced films and television programs of distinction and quality, in the process becoming the most successful producer of all time in both mediums. Bruckheimer’s films have earned worldwide revenues of over $16 billion in box office, video and recording receipts. In the 2005-6 season he had a record-breaking 10 series on network television, a feat unprecedented in nearly 60 years of television history. His films (19 of which exceeded the $100 million mark in U.S. box office receipts, three of which are on the all-time top ten list and two of which surpassed a billion dollars in international box office) and television programs have been acknowledged with 41 Academy Award® nominations, six Oscars®, eight Grammy Award® nominations, five Grammys, 23 Golden Globe® nominations, four Golden Globes, 118 Emmy Award® nominations, 22 Emmys, 30 People’s Choice Awards nominations, 15 People’s Choice Awards, 12 BAFTA nominations, two BAFTA Awards, numerous MTV Awards, including one for Best Picture of the Decade for "Beverly Hills Cop" and 20 Teen Choice Awards. For more of Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report coverage, please visit our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook here: ********www.minglemediatv**** ********www.facebook****/minglemediatvnetwork ***********/MingleMediaTVNetwork ********www.twitter****/minglemediatv Follow our host Traci on Twitter at ********twitter****/TraciStumpf Distributed by OneLoad****
13 Dec 2013
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Bernie Clark Yoga Hanumanasana: The Splits, See Full Length Video Here: ******* Bernie Clark leads this class which works towards the goal pose called Hanumanasana: the Splits. To perform the splits there are three main areas of the body that need to be woken up and warmed up: the hamstrings; the quadriceps and hip flexors; and the lower back. We will work these areas gently at first and then more deeply. Props: blocks
29 Nov 2013
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British soldier Bob Humphries never received a reply to all the love letters he wrote to his childhood sweetheart while stationed in France during WW II. He just assumed she'd lost interest in him. For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
26 Jul 2013
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Come fly with Colton and his pocket dragon! Colton is a ten-year-old boy who finds an egg that he keeps safe and warm until one day it hatches, revealing a baby dragon. Join Colton and his pocket dragon as they go off on flying adventures. Together they will find and save Iggy the bigfoot, Skylar the dinosaur, Tansy the abdominal snowman, and Bernie the orangutan. They will explore a haunted house and encounter the Master Dragon. Together they will find tree monsters, snow monsters, gargoyles, wolves, snakegons, ghosts, and a gigantic mole. Come tag along with Colton and his pocket dragon on their adventures. To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.authorhouse****/Products/SKU-000606484/Coltons-Pocket-Dragon.aspx
18 Jun 2013
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Healthcare is a quickly changing industry with new legislation and technology continually being introduced. Bernie Stoltz has spoken at over 3000 events. *******www.fortunemgmt****
23 May 2013
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A story so unbelievable it must be true... An assistant funeral director's relationship with an elderly widow leads to tragic consequences in this black comedy directed by Richard Linklater. Based on real events in the small Texan town of Carthage in the 1990s, the film tells the story of well-liked local mortician Bernie Tiede (Jack Black), who befriends sour-faced widow Marjorie Nugent (Shirley MacLaine), whose wealth is only matched by how much she's reviled by the townsfolk. As their relationship deepens, the pair quickly become inseparable. But as Marjorie begins to become increasingly dependent on Bernie, he soon finds his kindness repaid by her constant possessiveness and abusive behaviour. With Bernie stretched to breaking point, Marjorie's prolonged and unexplained absence from public view quickly leads to tongue's wagging, and the suspicions of local district attorney Danny Buck (Matthew McConaughey).
26 Apr 2013
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HTC-Highroad rider Bernie Eisel takes time out before the start of the 2011 Paris-Roubaix to talk about his expectations for himself, his team and race-favourite Fabian Cancellara. ‪*******www.cyclingnews****‬
3 Apr 2013
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Matthew McConaughey looks back at the success of 'Magic Mike' that might result in a nomination for him as 'Best Suporting Actor' at 2013 Oscars. He also looks back at 'Bernie' and explains his extreme weight loss for 'The Dallas Buyers Club'
2 Apr 2013
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