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25 Dec 2007
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No Country wins Best Picture, Britney wins a visit with her boys and Lindsay wins 8 Razzies!?! All this coming up on BSW channel**** I’m Amy Paffrath for BSW channel**** bringing you the freshest Hollywood gossip. Last nights Oscar ceremony brought all of Hollywood out for the celebration. The writers strike threatened to put a stop to Films biggest night, but just last week the show got the green light and everyone was happy. The ladies of the evening looked radiant in red, while the men, surprise! Wore tuxes. Must be so boring to be a boy. Best Actor winner Daniel Day Lewis also got the red red carpet memo, this man cleans up real nice. But the film that swept the awards was the Cohen Brothers western romp No country for old me. It was awarded statues for Best picture, best direction and best supporting actor Javier Bardem. Marian Cotiard nabbed the Best Actress award for her work in La Vien Rose, a film more people might actually check out now that she’s won every award for the role! Across town at the Indie spirit awards Angelina Jolie showed up sporting a tell tale baby bump. Though she still hasn’t officially come out and admitted it, it looks she is indeed carrying yet another genetically perfect creature. Jolie was up for best actress in A Mighty heart, but nothing could stop the teen pregnancy comedy June. The flick got top honors at the Indie awards grabbing best actress for Ellen Page and best screenplay for stripper turned writer Diablo Cody. There were enough awards to go around this weekend and Lindsay Loan was not left out. Finally getting the recognition she deserves, LiLO was named Worst Actress for her box office dud I Know Who Killed Me. She actually won the Razzie twice, she played dual roles in I know who killed me and she played them equally horribly. The Golden Rasperberrry awards a given out each year on Oscar weekend. While Lohan definately made a clean sweep with 8 wins, Eddie Murphy followed close behind with 3 wins for Norbit. She might not have shiny new award to polish, but Oscar weekend proved to be a good one for Britney Spears. She finally got to have a face to face visit with her sons. Something she hasn’t been able to do since Jan 3. The visit took place a Spears Beverly Hills mansion and lasted only 3 fully supervised hours. IT might have been short lived but Brit will have to take baby steps when it comes to making contact with her babies. IT was reportedly Jamie spears Brit’s dad who is responsible for making the visit happen. It is not known when little Sean Preston and Jayden James will see mommy again. Maybe if she listens to her papa it will be sooner than later. I’m Amy Paffrath for bswchannel****. Keep coming back for all the freshest Gossip. oscar, academy awards, awards, hollywood, film, britney spears, lindsay lohan, juno, no country for old men, spirit, blood, pitt, jolie, k-fed, a mighty heart, academy award, academy awards, angelina jolie, awards, baby bump, best actress award, best picture, bomb, box officer, bradd pitt, britney, britneyspears, Bros, celebrity gossip, ceremony, cohen brothers, custody, daniel day lewis, diablo cody, duds, ellen page, fads, films, gossip, hollywood, hottie, indie spirit awards, javier bardem, jayden james, juno, k-fed, kfed, kodak, kodak theater, lilo, lindsay lohan, marian cotiard, mommy, movie news, movies, news, no country for old men..., norbit, ooops, oscar weekend, oscar weekend recap, oscars, outtakes, pregnant, pt anderson, rasberrys, razzies, red carpet, rumors, sean preston, stars, statue, stripper, Television, there will be blood, tuxes, tv, upskirt, winners losers, worst actress, worst picture
27 Oct 2009
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see the worlds best pictures , which is best?
10 Mar 2008
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Some more of the wourds best pictures.
11 Mar 2008
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With the Oscars looming on February 22, Paraphrase Theater presents the best picture nominees. Your opportunity to watch all the nominees in 2 minutes. *******www.236****
17 Mar 2008
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worlds best pictures 3 this time its animals
23 Mar 2008
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best picture, 'Slumdog Millionaire' (HD) by barriolatino webs com
6 Apr 2009
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Oscars 2009'' best picture, 'Slumdog Millionaire' (HD) by barriolatino webs com
28 Mar 2009
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19 Jun 2009
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best pictures of 2009 ( please rate me good) thanks
19 Sep 2009
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The Oscar Fix, Episode 5 of 5: Back by popular demand! Eric and JD from Scene-Stealers**** pick the winners for the upcoming 2010 Academy Awards. In this first episode, Eric and JD predict the winner in the newly-expanded 10 movie Best Picture race. Oscar Picks Predictions 2010 Academy Awards.
24 Feb 2010
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*******musicaltales****/fantasycommunity/photographerphotogallery If you are an a bird lover and an art enthusiast then you might want to see the best pictures of birds here in Photographer Photo Gallery. Find out the best animal pictures such as the bird photo collection in this photo gallery blog. Visit now and enjoy browsing through the best pictures of birds. Distributed by Tubemogul.
12 Nov 2010
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Tongue-in-cheek musical tribute to the ten Best Picture Oscar nominees of 2010-2011, to the tune of Best Song nominee "I See the Light" from Tangled. Movie clips are copyrighted by their original production companies and presented here for parody, educational and tributary purposes.
7 Mar 2011
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Tongue-in-cheek musical tribute to the ten Best Picture Oscar nominees of 2010-2011, to the tune of Best Song nominee "I See the Light" from Tangled. Movie clips are copyrighted by their original production companies and presented here for parody, educational and tributary purposes.
28 Feb 2011
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BY JENNIFER MECKLES Your'e watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. For all you movie buffs out there -- what is the only thing better than watching the Oscars? How about watching adorable kids re-enact the nominees? THE KING'S SPEECH: (AOL) “Repeat after me. She sells...” “Shshshshshe sells” “She sells” “Shhhhshhhsh” “You’ll never be a good king in time for World War II!” AOL's series “The Kids Act Out” created a parody for five of the Best Picture nominations. These pint-sized actors playing out Oscar roles have gone viral. BLACK SWAN: (AOL) “I think I’m going crazy!” A writer for TIME really liked the Social Network parody, saying these characters best fit their role: “Unlike the original movie, where adults act like children, AOL's version... features children acting like adults acting like children... This video is serious proof that kids just make everything better.” SOCIAL NETWORK: (AOL) “Mark, we were best friends!” “Were!” “Admit it!” “You stole it!" “I disagree!” “Pay us!” “Facebook changed the world!” “We were best friends!” “Great snappy dialogue.” The best part of that video? Mashable says its all in the delivery: “...[Social Network’s] Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue is given a whole new dimension when uttered by a cast of folks who haven’t quite nailed the intricacies of enunciation yet.” And about that enunciation -- see how well the Fighter kids nail the Boston accent: THE FIGHTER (AOL) “One day you will be like your big brother.” “Dickey, get away from him!" “Stay outta this Charlene!” “You-ah noo-aat family!” [Unintelligible Boston Accents] “Stop, I just want to fight!” The Washington Post reaches out to the Academy -- urging it to consider the clips before making the big decision: “Academy voters: Do not -- I repeat, do not -- decide which film deserves the Oscar for Best Picture until you watch the videos... Because you haven't fully processed the meaning behind the nominated films until you've seen them summarized in clips... that star little kids.” … Like in this parody of 127 hours, where a mini James Franco sums up the whole movie in just one line: 127 HOURSE: (AOL) "This is gonna be gross.” Creative Loafing said: “Smilestimes for at least a week.” And MovieFone is just happy to have a viral video that doesn’t drive us all crazy. “This adorable Internet trend is one we hope never fades out.... If you ask us, these super-cute little ones give tremendous, maybe even Oscar-worthy, performances.” Finally, the Weekend Today hosts just couldn’t get enough of the cuties: MELISSA FRANCIS: "I can’t wait to see those two do the Black Swan, right? Jenna, I like that move, right?” JENNA WOLF: “‘Oh no!’ -- That was great acting, right? Not overacting at all! That is so cute, sooo cute. ‘You are my best friend.' So adorable!” We want to hear your Oscar predictions -- kiddie version or real -- weigh in, in the comments section. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos Get more multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
1 Mar 2011
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The second montage from the 2011 Oscars for the 10 Best Picture nominees.
14 Mar 2011
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