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One of the best pranks ever! These people are asked to look after the control lever - watch what happens when they move it! (*******
25 Jan 2007
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THIS IS BY FAR THE FUNNIEST CLIP "PRANK" you will ever witness, i can 100% guaranty it! i challenge any one to prove me otherwise. THIS IS so funny that i still today after viewing for so long cant stop laughing!!!
30 Dec 2008
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THIS IS BY FAR THE FUNNIEST CLIP "PRANK" you will ever witness on youtube, i can 100% guaranty it! i challenge any one to prove me otherwise. THIS IS so funny that i still today after viewing for so long cant stop laughing!!! remarks: BE CAREFULL WHEN GETTING "TO" DRUNK ROUND A FRIENDS ON A SUMMERs NIGHT!' BASICALLY SOME FRIENDS WANT TO CATAPOLT THERE "DRUNKEN" FRIEND INTO THE POOL WHILE HE'S ASLEEP IN A CHAIR, WATCH AND SEE THE RESULT!!!!!!!!
18 Jan 2010
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Use the Power of a Condom to make one of the best pranks ever.With the help of a water bottle you can leave your victims wet. Watch this video to find out how. Narrated by "MEXI" the squirrel
26 Sep 2008
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20 Apr 2010
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This is old but, Probably one of the best pranks ever, Search "Scare Tatics" and you can find dozens of them.
12 Mar 2008
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yah my funny prank my friend taped him in the bathroom i video taped the begining of it not the shower part where the censoring happens if your annotations are off(this was on youtube first) then there is no uncensored version at my WEBSITE!pervert that was a typo! sign up for hackerz 101 all kinds of stuff on my site!for every user gets 2 my coke rewards cap codes(3 points)till i get 10 users then it's 1 code!so hurry!!when i get 20 users i will have a drawing for 10 points just for signing up! then when 100 users 100+ points will be given away!! the site is mainly about hacking and video editing tips so join now!just email me if you want ur codez!
10 Feb 2009
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phone prank...
28 Sep 2007
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people pull a cruel joke on other citizens while out in the park!! Soo Hillarious!!
13 Jan 2010
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14 May 2008
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My friend gets excited after winning $10,000, before he realizes the truth.
2 Feb 2009
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The Best Web Videos Show nominee of this couple that pranks each other and, this time the girlfriend hurts more than his feelings.
12 Mar 2010
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