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No cash deposit? Deposit Assure gives you the final piece of the puzzle to close the sale. One of the biggest hurdles faced by homebuyers today, is having access to a cash deposit to secure their purchase. Deposit Assure provides a smart alternative to a cash deposit – deposit bonds. How deposit bonds work: A deposit bond is a substitute for the cash deposit required when purchasing a residential property. You simply pay the full purchase price at settlement. Deposit Assure is out to change the game. Based in Melbourne, Australia, our mission is to make it easier for people to buy property. (it really is that simple). To make our vision a reality, we work closely with homebuyers, mortgage brokers, conveyancers, lenders and developers. Bringing together direct access to our deposit bond service with quality expert advice and resources, we give you and your clients everything you need to secure a property purchase. And we don’t stop looking for new and better ways to do this.