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******* This is the BETA Trailer for the best Lineage 2 Interlude PVP Server in the world. Server Description: Rates 50X, Special Farm Zones, Special Raid Boss System in Tower of Insolence Floors, TVT Events Every 4 Hours, Custom Raid Boss Weapons, Custom L][ Brahma Armors, Special Trade Area, NPC Buffer, Growing Community and many more. Server just started BETA Testing on 15 October 2009. On 1st of November L][ Brahma goes LIVE. If you wanna feel the ultimate PVP Experience L][ Brahma is the place for you.
17 Oct 2009
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The beta for Microsoft Office 2010 is here and we've had a chance to check out the latest version. Though the changes are more incremental than they are major, there are some useful new enhancements worth noting in this revision.
20 Nov 2009
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★ facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/TgirlQueensland/99810984544 twitter: *******twitter****/tgirlqueensland my site: *******www.tgirlqueensland****/dare myspace: *******www.myspace****/tgirlqueensland HOW TO SUPPORT ME ★- Favorite My videos. ★- Comment on My videos. ★- Post My videos to your blog, MySpace and other sites. ★- Post video responses to My videos. ★- Check daily for updates. ★- Subscribe to both GirlQld & TgirlQueensland ★- Make your own GirlQld Puppy fan page. To everyone who supports me, and the future this Channel, thank you! Thank you for your kindness, and the inspiration your support brings. REMEMBER TO ★ Respect both humans and animals. ★Treat others with as much as or more kindness than they give you and others. ★ Peacefully stand up for what you believe is right. ★Be whatever you wish to be. Most YouTube viewers will be aware of the "improved" channel design. The new beta channel design has been unpopular with many users. Dear YouTube: Please do NOT force us! Allow users to choose wich of the two designs they want to operate under. YouTube Blog "New Channels Coming Soon": • *******tinyurl****/YTNewChannels --- How to spread/mirror a video: • Remember to rate, fave, and comment on this vid. • Click on "send video" (below the video) and send it to all of your contacts on YouTube. • To repost a video on your channel, copy the URL for this video and then go to *******keepvid**** and paste the URL into the box on that page. Then click the "download" button. Two links will then appear below - right-click the 2nd link and choose "save target as". • Go to your YouTube account and upload it to your channel. Don't forget to copy and paste the info in the description box. --- Original videos: DeltaAtheism, MinybuddieCP Editing: FFreeThinker Music: "Zajed Impetus" by Matthew Benz ---
24 Nov 2009
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*******www.besttechie**** - I'm going to attempt a new thing, so tell me how you like it in the comments. Every Friday I'll make a quick video of the top 5 or so tech stories of the week and recap them with my own thoughts. I'm still tweaking the format and approach, but give me some feedback and feel free to send me news stories! Apple Mac Pro Upgrade: *******news.cnet****/8301-13579_3-10409370-37.html Intel 48 core: ***********/news/articles/6650-intel-announces-48-core-single-chip-cloud-computer Chrome Beta (Mac): *******www.techcrunch****/2009/12/03/chrome-for-mac-beta-launch/ Mozilla Revenue: *******news.cnet****/8301-30685_3-10401777-264.html No Firefox OS: *******news.cnet****/8301-30685_3-10401867-264.html Cloud Computing: *******news.cnet****/8301-13505_3-10408562-16.html
5 Dec 2009
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Boxee, a way for you to watch TV and other content on your computer and your TV, has had the same "look" for quite some time. They surprised everyone when they released the new beta version that sports a sexy, improved interface. A Internet breaking news video series by butterscotch****.
9 Dec 2009
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Google Chrome for the PC has been out for quite some time, but Mac users have been waiting patiently. The wait is over! Google Chrome for Mac Beta has been released and it's looking good! A Internet breaking news video series by butterscotch****.
9 Dec 2009
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This video is a quick review of the Chrome Browser Beta for OS X. I always appreciate your comments and thoughts on this exciting new browser. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Dec 2009
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hey this is mattyboy14 (beta) he wont show his rare ness or beta hat much so yeah..........
6 Jan 2010
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*******wowcataclysmbetatest**** - SIGN UP FOR A CHANCE TO TEST WOW CATACLYSM! wow cataclysm beta wow beta footage world of warcraft wow cataclysm cataclysm beta class
7 May 2010
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*******wowcataclysmbetatest**** - SIGN UP FOR A CHANCE TO TEST WOW CATACLYSM! World of Warcraft Cataclysm BETA sign-up *OFFICIAL* WoW world of warcraft beta alpha wotlk cataclysm sign up arena pvp
1 Feb 2010
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How to get a free legit key for Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC BETA, totally legit and legal at *******
26 Feb 2010
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Download these free Starcraft 2 beta keys at *******tinyurl****/yzh4bf3 Hurry and download these 200 beta keys before they are all used up! Get yours free while they last! Enjoy participating in the beta test of one of the most anticipated games of the decade! Simply fill out a few quick surveys and your download will be ready for free. I received these keys from Blizzcon. Have fun in the Starcraft 2 Beta Test!
27 Feb 2010
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