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READ THE WHOLE SUMMARY BEFORE WATCHING. Okay so here's the deal in this video: Lucas dies in a car accident, and Haley has trouble accepting his death. Her husband Nathan, her friend Peyton, and even Lucas's mom Karen tries to help Haley accept the death of Lucas. So basically this video is Haley remembering all the great times she spent with Lucas, and trying to get through it herself, but soon realizes she needs help. The colored clips are present time. The grayscale clips are Haley's memories. YES I KNOW LUCAS IS REALLY ALIVE, I'M OBSESSED WITH ONE TREE HILL. BUT FOR THIS VIDEO KIETH IS ALIVE AND LUCAS IS DEAD. I MADE THIS VIDEO TO SHOW HOW CLOSE LUCAS AND HALEY ARE. SO PLEASE NO MORE COMMENTS ON THE FACT THAT LUCAS IS STILL ALIVE. I KNOW HE IS! Disclaimer: I do not own anything. One Tree Hill belongs to the CW/WB and creator Mark Schwahn. Songs: When the Stars Go Blue by Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz (Galeotti) and The Good Kind by The Wreckers. Clips: nh-truelove****; lucasandpeyton****; emerald-beauty****/treehilldreams
24 May 2009
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