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Request From: Primero431 (Still working on some requests slowly lol & this was 1 of the ones picked! Hope you like it). Well it's been awhile since my latest video, sorry guys. I've been on a bit of a hiatus & unfortunately my entire summer is gonna be crazy. Ill still try to create a vid every now & then but it def won't be like it was. Description: After a month hiatus I'm back and to top things it's a vid about my OTP from One Tree Hill!! I'm still flipping out about their ending in S7...It was so perfect :D. I love them, that is all. The story lines in this video are really all over the place lol. I had a set idea when I first started it but because of how specific the song is, well, that didn't work out too well. So I basically had to change gears and just focus on some of the bigger struggles Nathan/Haley go through as a couple. I focused on S2 when Haley leaves to go on Tour, the S5 temporary split, & the events that happen after Haley's mom dies. The ending cuts off a few seconds early...uploading error because my file is fine. YT fails again but alas I hope you all enjoy!! Feedback is always appreciated! No Copyright Infringement Intended Video is for Entertainment purposes only
6 Aug 2010
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Just a vid with some Naley moments..lovely
4 Aug 2011
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A Bethany Joy video I made to the short sample of her (cover) song "Shiver" that is on her unreleased album. The video is basically about Joy being Joy, the actress, the singer, the person. I've used clips from tv shows, concerts, interviews and more. Lyrics: Wade in water Who's that young girl Dressed in red Wading in the water Must be the children That Moses led, said God's gonna trouble you Wade in the water Find something real Like mountains in the ocean Something other than beneath me I can feel Like my body in the river Make me shiver all over Make me shiver all over Make me shiver all over with love
20 Jan 2012
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This video shows what happened with Haley James-Scott and her husband Nathan Scott in the Season 4 of One tree hill while they were expecting their first son, James Lucas. The baby was named after his mother's maiden name "James" and his uncle "Lucas" (who is also the best friend of her mom). PLEASE, leave a comment!!! The songs are "You'll never be alone" by Anastacia and "The world spins madly on" from the One tree hill Soundtrack. /The first part of the video is my older vid./
5 Jun 2012
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Bethany Joy Lenz - Halo (The Black Dragon Clip 2006) *******bethanyjoygaleotti.heavenforum****
11 Aug 2012
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READ THE WHOLE SUMMARY BEFORE WATCHING. Okay so here's the deal in this video: Lucas dies in a car accident, and Haley has trouble accepting his death. Her husband Nathan, her friend Peyton, and even Lucas's mom Karen tries to help Haley accept the death of Lucas. So basically this video is Haley remembering all the great times she spent with Lucas, and trying to get through it herself, but soon realizes she needs help. The colored clips are present time. The grayscale clips are Haley's memories. YES I KNOW LUCAS IS REALLY ALIVE, I'M OBSESSED WITH ONE TREE HILL. BUT FOR THIS VIDEO KIETH IS ALIVE AND LUCAS IS DEAD. I MADE THIS VIDEO TO SHOW HOW CLOSE LUCAS AND HALEY ARE. SO PLEASE NO MORE COMMENTS ON THE FACT THAT LUCAS IS STILL ALIVE. I KNOW HE IS! Disclaimer: I do not own anything. One Tree Hill belongs to the CW/WB and creator Mark Schwahn. Songs: When the Stars Go Blue by Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz (Galeotti) and The Good Kind by The Wreckers. Clips: nh-truelove****; lucasandpeyton****; emerald-beauty****/treehilldreams
24 May 2009
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