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Clips of Between the Buried and Me performing at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on January 9, 2010.
10 Jan 2010
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Arjen Anthony Lucassen Ayreon The Source 2017 Mascot Label Group James LaBrie (Dream Theater) como "Historiador" Tommy Karevik (Kamelot, Seventh Wonder) como "Líder de la Oposición" Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me) como "Químico" Simone Simons (Epica) como "Consejera" Nils K. Rue (Pagan's Mind) como "Profeta" Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia) como "Capitán" Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) como "Astrónomo" Michael Mills (Toehider) como "TH-1" Russell Allen (Symphony X) como "Presidente" Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus) como "Deplomático" Floor Jansen (Nightwish, ex-After Forever) como "Bióloga" Zaher Zorgati (Myrath) como "Predicador"
18 Jun 2017
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Band performs 3 songs and an interview. Sounds like Strung Out, Rise Against, Johann Pachelbel, Strike Anywhere, Between The Buried And Me, Good Riddance, Protest The Hero, Crotchduster, Death By Stereo, Dragonforce, All That Remains, A Willhelm Scream, Gorgasm,Andy Mckee, Unearth, Skyline Collapse, The Swellers, Necrophagist, Face To Face, Gorilla Biscuits,
8 Jun 2007
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"I.V." by X Japan, released as part of the 20 free DLC songs for purchasers of RB2 on 11/6/2008, and played by S1ckH4nds in Rock Band 2 on Expert Bass in Local Band Tour mode on 11/4/2008. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a high score run, and was simply done in order to show the note chart for consumers interested in purchasing this piece of downloadable content to expand their Rock Band experience. If you feel the need to comment on any perceived substandard performance, please don't bother; I already know I suck. :P This run was done as a sightread without any prior knowledge of the chart. Tracks released on 11/4 (11/6 for PS3) -- Presidents Of The United States Of America Pack 01 (440 MSP / $5.49, or 160 MSP / $1.99 per track) - The Presidents Of The United States Of America "Dune Buggy" - The Presidents Of The United States Of America "Feather Pluckn" - The Presidents Of The United States Of America "Ladybug" Standalone DLC singles (80 MSP / $.99 per track for a limited time) - Fall Out Boy "I Don't Care" - Hinder "Use Me" Free downloadable content for registered buyers of Rock Band 2 - The 88 "Sons and Daughters" - Authority Zero "No Regrets" - Between the Buried and Me "Prequel To The Sequel" - The Cab "Bounce" - The Chevelles "Get It On" - The Cocktail Slippers "Give It To Me" - Dealership "Database Corrupted" - Endeverafter "I Wanna Be Your Man" - The Ghost Hounds "Ashes To Fire" - Hollywood Undead "Young" - Kutless "The Feeling" - The Len Price 3 "If I Ain't Got You" - Lesley Roy "I'm Gone, I'm Going" - Opiate for the Masses "Burn You Down" - Semi-Precious Weapons "Magnetic Baby" - Shaimus "Like a Fool" - Thenewno2 "Crazy Tuesday" - Tickle Me Pink "The Time Is Wrong" - Underoath "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures" - X Japan "I.V."
21 Oct 2009
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this is Paul Waggoner from BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME guitarist solo project.. give some comment here are the track listing 1. Paul Waggoner [BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME] - Boot Dagger Boogie 2. Kris Norris [DARKEST HOUR] - The Life and Times of Sir Walter Sickert 3. Dave Martone - "Hybrid Angels" 4. Ron Thal (aka "Bumblefoot") [GUNS N ROSES] - Disengaged 5. Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler [DAATH] - "The Unwavering Collapse" 6. Shane Gibson [KORN] - Artichoke Samurai 7. Devin Townsend [STRAPPING YOUNG LAD] - Nerd Alert 8. Chris Poland [OHM] - "L.D.E." 9. Ola Frenning and Christofer Malmström [SOILWORK/DARKANE] - Hydra 10. Mike Orlando - "Stomped" 11. James Murphy [TESTAMENT] - "Maiden Voyage" 12. Hugues Lefebvre and Yann Mouhad [ANTHROPIA] - Schrödinger's Cat Paradox this link to rapidshare (320kbps) *******rapidshare****/files/209248883/Guitars_That_Ate_My_Brain_redkord.part1.rar *******rapidshare****/files/209544465/Guitars_That_Ate_My_Brain_redkord.part2.rar
7 Sep 2009
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Mordecai by Between The Buried And Me
5 Nov 2009
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Alaska by Between The Buried And Me
9 Nov 2009
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Obfuscation by Between The Buried And Me
6 Jan 2010
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Add &fmt=18 for stereo sound & High Quality. Lyrics posted below as well. Selkies: The Endless Obsession by Between the Buried and Me (Full Song) Off the album Alaska Some other guy used a winter picture, and I thought it went really well with the song, so I did too. But he didn't post the whole song. (Slip into something more comfortable...proceed into space) Innocent individuals..***ncerned about nothing but happiness...progress becomes easy due to this social situation. Unfortunate turn of events..***llapse this idea of the childish thought. No judgment towards one another, no social status to compare...all as this change...exploit the idea of innocence..goddamn television god..***rrupt me...separate us...groups of difference seem to comfort what we once didn't think of...this show was in their head for years...enjoy this life of wonder and imagination...for it will be torn down. You will be torn down... time to hate, kill, fight, conquer... this is human life at its best...we'll televise this event... you can learn how to live, breath...then finally die. (The sweet relief is a must) We can speak obsession...we can love the endless *******www.myspace****/survivethecrash By the way this video is no excuse not to buy the song so go buy it.
26 Aug 2011
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Order Here: *******www.metalblade****/btbam Between the Buried and Me's "Telos" from the album "The Parallax II: Future Sequence".
27 Apr 2013
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Buy Here: *******www.metalblade****/btbam Between the Buried and Me's video "Astral Body" from the album "The Parallax II: Future Sequence". Directed by Wes Richardson - Directed by Wes Richardson *******
17 Oct 2013
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Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. punk, hardcore, indie and alternative music video site, BlankTV****! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube! Free! Uncensored! Retarded! BlankTV****!Director: Shane Drake
17 Sep 2010
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Interpretation 1
14 Oct 2012
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My roommate loves this solo to the song "Ad a Dglgmut" by Between the buried and me. Every time he hears it he envisions spider man I created this :)
7 Sep 2009
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i made this because im bored long live to Castlevania. music: Alaska - Between the buried and me
27 Apr 2010
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Blake Richardson of Between the Buried and Me recording Obfuscation off their new record "The Great Misdirect", in stores October 27th, 2009.
9 Nov 2011
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