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16 Mar 2011
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Join a community of mature gamers and find tips and tricks for Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 over at *******www.BattleStrats**** Join in on the discussion over at the BattleStrats Forum - *******www.battlestrats****/forums
27 Feb 2010
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***********/watch?v=a1pSyGU-Vfs One of the biggest blockbuster movies of this past summer, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. This movie picks up after the events that took place in the extremely successful first enstallment of the franchise, Transformers. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen offers everything an action lover would want in a summer hit, great special effects, especially the CGI robots, fight scenes, explosions, and lots of fast paced action as the heros race around the globe to avert the latest crisis. This movie, while maybe not as good as its predecessor, is still a perfect combination of action and sci-fi that will entertain any fan of the first movie.
29 Apr 2010
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In most -if not all- videos about them playing the recon class in close quarters, people tend to forget that the (by far) coolest weapon in their arsenal is c4. I made this little montage to show how awesome it can be to be an offensive recon and just -> blow stuff up! :D This is no pure frag/skillvideo and I am by no means an expert player... so expect to see some deaths, too ;-) Quality is not the best, cause fraps eats away at my fps like the Cookie Monster munchs them cookies...^^ This is my first time making and editing a gamemovie, so bear with me... I know it's not the best you've ever seen. :D Well... have fun watching, enjoy the ride and go out there on the battlefield and try it yourself! (my stats: *******bfbcs****/stats_pc/marvomaniac ) ...somehow it's all pixelated and blurry... nothing like the original file :/
15 May 2010
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WARNING: This video may contain content inappropriate for noobs. (TKC) C0lby *tkc.clanservers***** I got kill streaks from alot of the fire zones on each map I did so watch the full thing and dont forget pop it in 720p, and full screen it for a more pure experience. Enjoy! and tell me how you like it. Songs: Crystal Method "Magic Carpet Ride (Remix)" TrickDaddy ft. CeeLo "In Da Wind"
18 May 2010
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27 May 2010
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*******evadlive.wordpress**** I take out the easy mode M95 and shoot people in the face
10 Jun 2010
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Sniper class or Wookies, are difficult to master but in the right hands they can be utterly devastating!
12 Aug 2010
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Self vs Self - Pendulum Fuck you youtube. Learn the difference between copyright and fucking fair use you pussies.
26 Sep 2010
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11 Jan 2011
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9 mins of carnage
30 Mar 2011
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Jake and me playing some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 This is just one of many moments
5 Nov 2011
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Jake and me playing some Battlefield Bad Company 2 One of many moments
5 Nov 2011
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Jake and me playing some Battlefield Bad Company 2 One of many moments
5 Nov 2011
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7 Nov 2011
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4 Jun 2009
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