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Gregg Valentino. that have largest biceps in the world aprox 28 inch biceps size
30 Jan 2009
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*******www.TrainFightWin**** This technique is a bicep cutter from the rubber guard for when your opponent is attempting to pull his arm out from "chill dog." Instead of just losing the rubber guard all together, you have the option to transition into this submission.
31 Jan 2009
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*******www.leehayward**** Two of the best exercises for working the brachialis and building nice bicep peak are the overhead cable curl from the lat pull down machine. And the reverse grip low pulley cable curl. These exercises really target and isolate the biceps and help develop more muscle fullness and shape. The brachialis muscle is right under the biceps and when it is fully developed it will help push the biceps up higher adding to the overall muscle peak. Do these exercises at the end of your bicep workouts as a finishing movement. Start with a heavy power exercise first, such as the standing barbell curl or dumbbell curl, and then move on to the overhead cable curls, and then do the low pulley cable reverse curls. 3-4 sets of about 10-15 reps per set will really give your biceps a great muscle pumping workout.
22 Apr 2009
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FREE NEWSLETTER: *******TheBestWayToExercise**** FREE BLOG: *******TheBestWayToExercise.Blogspot**** Pulling movements use the back (latissimus dorsi), but they also use the biceps (biceps brachii). Moving the elbow down or behind you uses the lats; flexing the elbow uses the biceps. Pulling movements have both actions happening simultaneously and so you have no choice but to use both muscle groups. However, there are two suggestions to help isolate the back muscles: First, NEVER work the biceps before working the back. A good rule of thumb is to always work the biggest muscle groups first. If you fatigue the biceps first, they will not allow you to use much resistance while working the back because they are also involved in pulling movements. Train back, then biceps, and preferably on the same day. Second, ALWAYS focus on using the lats in pulling movements. This can be accomplished by squeezing the shoulder blades together during the first part of the movement and focusing on pulling with the elbows (not the hands). Your hands should just be "going along for the ride". Pinch the shoulder blades and then pull the elbows back. Visualize your hands as hooks, dragging the weight. Examples of exercises in which you can use this principle are: Nautilus Compound Row, Hammer Strength Row, Hammer Strength Pulldown, Chin-ups, Seated Row, Lat Pulldown, etc. (bascially any type of pulling motion). For more tips and tricks, please visit: *******TheBestWayToExercise****
8 Apr 2009
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*******www.LeeHayward**** In this video clip I'm demonstrating a bicep and tricep super set combo with low pulley cable curls and tricep cable push downs. This is an awesome way to pump up the arms. I like to do these exercises at the beginning of my arm workouts. I'll do 2-3 super sets with about 1-2 minutes rest in between. Afterwards I'll move on to some isolation movements such as preacher curls, concentration curls, tricep extensions, etc. to finish off my arm workout.
21 Apr 2009
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*******www.patriciacrocker**** Patricia pumping up her biceps with standing barbell curls at Global Gym.
23 Apr 2009
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Resistance band bicep curls. Demo is using the red (#2) band. Buy bands from http:/www.AbsoluteGoldUK****/shop.html
15 Jun 2009
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Instructional video on how to do alternate dumbbell curls with correct form. It puts real focus on each bicep because you do one arm at a time, thus it is a very good exercise for your biceps. Visit hellosixpackabs**** for more videos, advice, exercises and workouts.
22 May 2009
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Barbell Biceps Curl 55 kg - 8 reps. Barbell Biceps Curl 65 kg - 6 reps.
22 May 2009
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*******hellosixpackabs**** - Instructional video that demonstrates how to do Alternate Hammer Curls exercise for your Biceps Muscles. It's my favorite bicep exercise, because it exercises your forearms as well. For more instructional videos, advice, workouts, exercises, tools and guides visit Hellosixpackabs.
1 Jun 2009
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*******HelloSixPackAbs**** - Instructional video demonstrating how to do Concentration Dumbbell Curls as a Biceps Exercise. This is an excellent bicep exercise, because it eliminates all other arm movement and puts all the focus on your biceps. For more exercise instructions, workouts, guides and all the tools you need to start working out visit Hellosixpackabs.
4 Jun 2009
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Body Building One on One Bicep We will train together, just me and you doing various routines. Today we work bicep, doing Barbell curls and Dumbbell curls. For more training videos visit www.splaxon****. You can contact me at www.noglokel**** with any fitness or bodybuilding questions you may have.
6 Nov 2009
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*******www.leehayward**** This is a cool bicep preacher curl superset combo that will increase bicep peak. And as you can see in the video Trish has some big female biceps that look good and also help with functional strength and athletic performance.
26 Jun 2009
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www.weightgaining**** Dreaming to have big biceps like those you see with the Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding? Forming big biceps need a lot of determination and discipline. Learn how to gain weight plus firm muscles the easy way..NOW!
4 Aug 2009
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Bicep curl variations to help you sculpt amazing arms! Find health & fitness videos, articles and recipes at WithAmyMac****
8 Jul 2009
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Learn How to do Bicep curls with a barbell with fitness training expert Scott White: *******www.personalpowertraining***********www.myweightworld***********www.bodybuildingworkoutvideos****
8 Jul 2009
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