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Pedal-A-Watt will produce juice from your pedal pushing efforts! Vic Aguilar aka UpBeatnik
13 Mar 2009
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from *******pedalpowergenerator**** By following the steps in this video you will easily be able to assemble your own DC pedal power bicycle dynamo generator - 300 Watts, 12 volts DC, 15 Amp Peak.
20 Feb 2011
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Using an alternator, mountain bike and an inverter, we can run a human-powered 220 Watt food processor! Ahhh...the power!
10 Feb 2012
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This is a 24 volt Generator attached to a bike. Permanent Magnet Motor.
26 Jun 2009
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This video shows how the momentum from a flywheel can power an alternator on its own , for a brief period of time. It was easy to make. I started with a disguarded excercize bike with a flywheel, two sprockets from other regular bicycles,and a (blue) mini bicycle turned upside down , with the axles bolted together. And a disguarded motorcycle hub . I used the same chain that came with the blue bike. And put a threaded rod through where the pedals were , with sealed bearings that i got from Lowes. The threaded rod was 3/4(0.75) inches in diameter , but the bearings and the hub are 17mm (0.669 inches) so i filed it down by hand. After a few hours of filing i got the bearings and the hub to all fit on the threaded rod, and bolted it together. On the alternator end , you can see a front bicycle sprocket with chain, that goes to another sprocket that is physically attached to the hub on the flywheel with three small machine screws.So when the flywheel is spinning the alternators are spinning , but the rider does not have to be pedaling constantly you can not see in the video that i have just stopped pedaling. The alternators are axial flux , the one closest to the chain and sprocket is not finished in the video, the outer alternator( with the coils visible) is now a windmill . There are 12 coils and 16 poles(32 magnets total) on that alternator and 24 poles(48 magnets total) on the one thats not finished.Still not finished but now it has some coils on it , so it sorta looks like the other one. Both alternators have the same diameter magnets(0.875 in) and the coil diameter is twice the magnet diameter.
1 Jul 2011
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