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Justin Bieber drives fans wild in Australia as girls risk their lives to get a glimpse of the teenage singer.
3 May 2011
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There is something demonic about that Justin Bieber fella... Today we find out a bit about that! Plus learn to spit flies, create demon eyes and we punch Josh in the wiener!
19 Apr 2012
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Tha Basement Boys give a shout out to the most talented girl in the world. Tha Basement Boys are on Facebook!!! *******www.facebook****/pages/Tha-Basement-Boys/113215345374675?ref=ts With your flowing locks and your angelic voice, didn't want to like you but i got no choice You're a superstar girl, one of a kind see you on tv and i can't get you off my mind Sometimes i dream that me and you are playin basketball you're like Kobe, i'm like Pau Gasol let's team up and make it rain like a monsoon natural disasters, earthquake and typhoon From the first time i saw you, you drew me in then i heard you're voice, and i was like DAMN this chicks a good singer too, a double winner the kind of girl you wanna bring home to mom for dinner i'll be your breadloser, you'll be my breadwinner maybe one day you'll let me rap on a track with ya but i won't hog the spotlight, cuz you're the best all this talking about you, i confess i got Bieber, I got Bieber Fever, the only cure is you please remedy my flu Ms. Bieber yo, i'm blowin double smoke rings, they almost look like b's that's like the first letter of your last name, please it's like geese louise it's getting out of hand you're Bea Arthur i'm Rue McClanahan I'll sue your management if they don't let me backstage check the guestlist from the front to the back page I know you probablly hear this like a million times a day you should have won best female video at the VMA's Now i know i'm not the only one i'm just one of many but, i want you to know that as a fan, i'm not just any i watch your videos and i check the comments i've responded to the haters... with some violence how can all these dudes hurt my girl (damn) it's like your only fans think that you're a lesbian or a boy... but i know you're not, in fact, I think Justin as a girls name is fucking hot Bieber, I got Bieber fever, the only cure is you, please remedy my flu Ms. Bieber. X2
15 Aug 2010
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Justin Bieber is on top of the world! Hear all about his No. 1 album, collaboration with Sean Kingston, and life in the spotlight.
10 Apr 2010
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31 May 2010
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Visitors to Coney Island predict Justin Bieber’s future and weigh in on Shaq’s challenge to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champ, on Episode 82 of Predicto TV.
14 Aug 2010
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15 Aug 2010
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Justin Bieber drives girls wild on the Birmingham concert stop of his UK tour.
7 Mar 2011
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Bieber had a private Meet N Greet at Lucky Strike. We even have a crush on him.
25 Aug 2011
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Justin Bieber causes more chaos during his stop-off in Japan.
10 Jul 2012
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A radio station in New Zealand have made a competition for when Justin Bieber comes to NZ.
17 Sep 2013
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BY CHANCE SEALES If you hate the name Justin Bieber – or even worse, Bieber Fever – you’ve been warned. The mop topped 16-year-old cleaned up at the American Music Awards—winning all four categories he was up for. ABC shows – Bieber wasn’t the only one excited. CHANG: “Usher admitted to crying after Justin Bieber beat him out for two awards, but they were tears of pride he said, ‘cause his protégé signed onto his label awhile back.” STEPHANOPOULOS: “Boy, that’s the definition of a win-win for Usher and Justin Bieber.” ROBERTS: “That’s right. If you can’t win, the guy that’s helping make you money—let him win!” The news was everywhere! Not that that’s a good thing. KTTV’s Dorothy Lucey seems a little embarrassed. LUCEY: “Steve, I’m very concerned about you. Do you…have a Bieber fever? Oh my gosh, I feel badly for you who say to me, ‘please, no more Justin Bieber stories,’ cause this morning we have about 10. Okay, so I’m just telling you right now.” EDWARDS: “Add me to the list, please.” LUCEY: “He’s the artist of the year! How did that happen? Anyway, he is.” A writer for Examiner**** has an idea of how he pulled off a win over Gaga, Eminem and Usher. Fast fingers. “Bieber did his fair share of tweeting out to his over 6,000,000 fans on Twitter, asking for them to vote for him. He also posted on his official Facebook page, ‘CLICK and VOTE - Last Chance. Thanks’… It worked!” So how’s Justin handling all the accolades? CNN asked the tough question…. and barely stops short of giving him their own award for awesomeness. BIEBER: “I like to stay calm and collect, but inside I’m like (pounds on chest)…I can’t believe what’s happening; it’s been an amazing night for me. I’m just going to go party and have and stuff.” HAMMER: “See, he’s remaining humble, but he’s still remaining a kid, which I really like.” Yep – just like a normal, humble kid. Speaking of kids – HLN looks at the plusses and minuses to the big awards night – even though Bieber’s a Bieby. MEADE: “Justin Bieber…Uh, ahhh! now the youngest person ever to win the artist of the year at the American Music Awards.” VAN DILLEN: “He better make his money now, cause when his voice changes (I wonder!). Yeah, you are (high voice) the one (low voice). MEADE: “Hahaha, not quite the appeal, huh?” Bieber also won best album, along with male and breakthrough artist of the year. So – do you think his career—and voice—are bound to crack?
23 Nov 2010
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