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Big Daddy Cool performs an old classic of juggling & magic taught to him by W.C. Fields! The Triangle of Terror!
21 Jul 2011
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Big Daddy Cool & The Swing Kittens return with The Swing Magic Revue June 16th at the Palace Theater in Gallatin, TN! Full details at www.bigdaddycoolshows****
21 May 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews PLAYSTATION HOME for JULY 2010 (there will most likely be another soon, watch Twitter for info!) This CGR review has gameplay from PS Home during the weekend of July 4th, 2010 showing the 4th of July and Canada Day decorations and celebrations in Playstation Home. You won aFourth of July (4th of July 2010) or Canada Day t-shirt just by visiting, so check back on holidays! Classic Game Room reviews The Midway which is a collection of carnival style mini games for 99 cents and amazingly isn't worth it. CGR gets the Big Daddy suit from 2K games and Bioshock as well as a proper underwater lair. Fun all around, Playstation Home has so much more potential than Sony 3D so why isn't it being treated with the proper respect? I'd rather buy Big Daddy suits and disco dance than spend 30 seconds watching 3-D video with glasses.
28 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews BIOSHOCK 2 for Xbox 360, also for Playstation 3 PS3. Return to Rapture as a Big Daddy and tear the place apart with a drill, minigun and new Plasmids! Fans of the original will enjoy this one because it's more of the same but more of the same is fine by me as long as it's Bioshock. While CGR has a few gripes and complaints, I dig this game like a ditch and welcome any adventure in Rapture. This CGR review of Bioshock 2 has gameplay from Bioshock 2 for Xbox 360 (and PS3 is similar) showing Bioshock 2 game play during the reviewing process of the review of Bioshock 2 as it is reviewed.
2 Aug 2012
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Me onstage performing a parody of the old country song, "Gonna Hire A Wino" with my 12-string guitar.
18 Aug 2007
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Me onstage telling a very true story about when I used to weigh almost a quarter of a ton and drove around in a Saturn SL2 - NOT a car known for its roomy interior! PS...I've since lost over 100 lbs and still losing!
18 Aug 2007
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It's a love song of a different sort...
18 Aug 2007
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An orginal song written and performed by myself onstage at BONKERZ Comedy Club in Altamonte Springs, FL. It was the first show I had used my new Ovation Double-Neck Guitar 12/6!
22 Aug 2007
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Bioshock Halloween
2 Nov 2007
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Excerpt from Jon Hammond's daily radio program HammondCast on KYOURADIO: Dr. Schoenfeld is the author of four books: Dear Dr. Hip Pocrates, Natural Food And Unnatural Acts, Jealousy: Taming The Green-Eyed Monster, and Dr. Hip's Down-To-Earth Health Guide and worked with Dr. Albert Schweitzer in Lambarene, Gabon. Jon and Dr. Schoenfeld speaking about the 'Golden Years' of 60's in SF and his work with Dr. Schweitzer. ©2008
24 Mar 2008
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Post shower a lovely big rainbow was on show in the local sky, it looked very nice.
29 Apr 2008
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World renowned artist, and the pride of the Underground, Jeff Gaithe has been at it, creating art that is for over 30 years - he's a Underground God, one of our all time favorite artist and a fella you need to go to if you need art that'll grab folks by the neck. Remember, GG Allin had Gaithers art tattooed on the back of his head.. his art is the hardest of the hardcore - enter at your own risk!!!
20 Jun 2008
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