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The clip Big Enos and Little Enos trying to delay the sheriff Part 2 from Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 (1983) with Jackie Gleason Well, put a little lipstick on, I'll drop you off at a gay bar. What are we stopping for? It's time to take out some insurance, teach those county mounties a lesson. I don't get it. I mean, they certainly lost enough time as it is. We're winning, ain't we? We're winning, son, but winning isn't everything. What is? Winning dirty, boy. What's the matter with you? Sorry, Daddy. I lost my head. Shame, Little Enos. Ashamed, Daddy. Look, Daddy, here they come. They're coming, all right. They put up a roadblock, Daddy. Daddy. They aren't going to stop! Hold on tight. This might be a little bumpy. This was a brilliant idea. Don't worry, Son. I've got something up my sleeve. I hope it's a chocolate chip cookie, Daddy. You can dunk my doughnuts if it ain't a great idea. It seems to be flooded. No shit. Buckle up, Junior, we're going to make a lot of time now!
24 Nov 2011
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