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Learn how to do a big hip throw in this free martial arts video from master Judo instructor Richard Acuna
20 May 2009
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Improved Quality. Thicker Hips. super figure in saree.
30 Jul 2013
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► FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/DjStarSunglasses Tracklist: 01. T.I. Feat. Lil Wayne - Ball 02. Tyga Feat. Lil Wayne - Faded 03. Clubcrushers ft YG - Im Good ( Clubcrushers Remix ) 04. Tyga - Bouncin On My Dick ( Feat. Dash D Cadet ) 05. Kid Ink - Live It Up feat Mann 06. Trey Songz Ft. T.I. - 2 Reasons 07. YG Feat. Tyga, Snoop Dogg & Nipsey Hussle - Snitches Ain't ... 08. Red Cafe ft Omarion - We Get It On 09. Rihanna Ft. Chris Brown - Birthday Cake ( Remix ) 10. Red Cafe Ft. Diddy & Fabolous - Money Money Money 11. Tyga Ft. 2Chainz - Do My Dance 12. Tyga - Swimming Pools 13. Tyga - Bitch Betta Have My Money feat YG 14. 2 Crooked I - Everythang ( remix ) ( prod. by DJ Dila & pTbbeatz ) 15. FiNaTTicZ Feat. Tyga - Dont Drop That ( Thun Thun ) 16. Jay Sean Feat. Tyga - Sex 101 (2012) 17. Tyga - Rack City 18. SpaceBoyz ft. Maliq - Activity ( All About the M#$chi ) 19. Kid Ink - Last Time 20. Tommy Gunz - Cocky Shit [ Prod by Dj Julez Flavour & Johnny Good ] 21. Trey Songz - Check Me Out ( Feat. Diddy & Meek Mill ) ► DOWNLOADS: *******www.facebook****/DjStarSunglasses THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF "FAIR USE" IN TITLE 17 § 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." For promotional use only ! Bei diesem Video handelt es sich um eine eigenständig erstellte Montage, die urheberrechtlich geschütztes Material beinhaltet. Nach §51 des deutschen Gesetzes über Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte (Urheberrechtsgesetz) ist die "Vervielfältigung, Verbreitung und öffentliche Wiedergabe eines veröffentlichten Werkes zum Zweck des Zitats" zulässig, wenn "einzelne Stellen eines erschienenen Werkes der Musik in einem selbständigen Werk der Musik angeführt werden." Die Veröffentlichung hat keine kommerzielle Absicht.
5 Jan 2014
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Album slank terbaru feat the big hip. Seperti Para Koruptor
21 May 2009
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The Big HIP
8 Feb 2009
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SLANK to Nihon no bando, THE BIG HIP no corabolation alubamu ga sinhatsubai simasita. Okaimotome wa CD shop, matawa amazon***.jp de! This song featured in Slank's collaboration album with Japanese band, The Big Hip. This is the latest album released in June 2008 tittled "Slank The Big Hip". This album featured 12 songs in 3 languages...Indonesian, Japanese and English. available at:***.jp ... slank the big hip japanese rock roll j-rock indo kawaii ai shiteru ...
8 May 2009
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400,000 views and 230 video responses over the contest's four weeks! Time to announce the winners: 1. TomBobBlender's Mario Paint Medley ***********/watch?v=8p91tjBSKpc 44,247 views, 392 comments, 612 favorites 2. samtron5000's latest 'Games You Don't Play' entry for EarthBound ***********/watch?v=tFOfQeu_NXc 19,034 views, 237 comments, 95 favorites 3. FGMonkey's Earthbound: The Story After the Story ***********/watch?v=bdNb_vRrnp4 24,956 views, 52 comments, 59 favorites 4. Megaman765's There will be cookies Zoom! ***********/watch?v=mJeloyCHLkg 12,707 views, 155 comments, 136 favorites 5. PkBlizzard's Smash Bros video ***********/watch?v=ue3ATP65jOg 26,830 views, 29 comments, 16 favorites 6. MajorasMask9's Diver City video ***********/watch?v=msz-4xHkNUo 12,829 views, 16 comments, 5 favorites ---------------- With those out of the way, we'd like to recognize some of the videos which were really good but didn't get quite so many views. To recognize their effort we've decided to award prizes to them as well. The creators of the following 10 videos will be receiving Fobby figurines! 1. RockCandys - Ness v Sonic ***********/watch?v=25MFqmFco7w 2. elfkittykt - Giygas Lair ***********/watch?v=hJrbL9ZDrZM 3. OneDamnSpicyKitten - Ness vs Link ***********/watch?v=ZsKZDCkEdVE 4. mangovision - Hinawa's Lullaby ***********/watch?v=Qxadmre9k_E 5. msprout - Runaway Dreams ***********/watch?v=KHq7wHskzf8 6. ardwick - earthbound: animated series ***********/watch?v=BhtJ7lD1Ngc 7. PKKidsProductions - To Save the World ***********/watch?v=0dlphbCcBWk 8. kirbykrew - Ness' Last Hope ***********/watch?v=b0aebEq-srY 9. wefeelgroove - you can call me mother ***********/watch?v=ts33PATrKNI 10. ZarlaSheenaza - Unfounded/Smashing ***********/watch?v=JPfU3FCibRE ---------------- There are a handful of Honorable Mentions whose creators will be getting special Tube'N badges on the Starmen.Net Forum: ZorakStart's Earth Man ***********/watch?v=SYUJXmaT3ZM Megaman765's Jeff likes big hips ***********/watch?v=0E44lMv8_90 xfisjmg1's Lucas Petition ***********/watch?v=4uNUC7b9Xa4 LentFilms's PK Scream'N ***********/watch?v=26Mn6RQ0kwY TBustah's We're not gonna take it ***********/watch?v=FwrgWDJw-3I eemee 's MOTHER 3: The Movie *******youtube****/watch?v=9dMQ5FQLX4E StarmanSuperDX's Mr. Saturn drugs ***********/watch?v=-a8bCin27q8 SpectrumPiticus's Ness explores Onett ***********/watch?v=y6R0oXc9tjc SandTfilms's EB: The Story of my Life *******youtube****/watch?v=Nu08qIlAX5E PsychicKid's EarthBound: How it Changed my Life ***********/watch?v=G2TsmZvRrNY ---------------- IF YOU'VE WON A PRIZE... You need to send me your mailing address! Send a message through YouTube to the starmennet account containing your mailing address. If you don't send it from your YouTube account I can't send your prize! IF YOU CAN'T CLAIM YOUR PRIZE... You can actually give it to someone else. We're setting this up because some people are too young, their parents have watched too much Oprah, they've already won a prize, whatever. In these cases, we'll give you a badge+avatar on the forum and you can 'donate' your gift to anyone else who entered the contest. ---------------- That wraps it up for now. We'll be seeing you guys around... As long as EarthBound and MOTHER 3 are unreleased in America, there's plenty of work left to be done ;) -------------------------- Fun fact: The Tube'N Announcement video is the third most-responded video of all time in YouTube's tech section. That's pretty amazing, but we want to aim for #1! To that end, we're inviting everyone to submit your EarthBound videos as responses to the original Tube'N Announcement! ***********/watch?v=Q7hCNq85afY It doesn't matter when your video was made or what its about, as long as its EarthBound-related :) -------------------------- Props to the Ploqazxswm for his work on the video! Check out his channel, he does all kinds of crazy crap: ***********/user/Ploqazxswm
6 Nov 2009
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It's a 22" corset, which I can almost completely close at my waist and rib cage. Unfortunately, I have some pretty big hips, and this cookie cutter corset is not going to be able to close completely around that. My natural waist is around 26" (My giant hips are 38"). Since I'm naturally pretty curvy, this corset doesn't do it justice. I want the curves, not just tiny torso. It shrinks my ribcage quite a bit. Anyway, thanks for viewing my video~ The corset is from timeless-trends, since I get tons of messages asking.
25 Jun 2011
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Download Page: *******badmin.trinityforcepodcast****/ It is what it is. Beat by Thomas Prime (You want links? I got links): *******thomasprime.bandcamp****/track/old-skool-instrumental ********www.Facebook****/ThomasPrimeMusic ********www.Twitter****/ThomasPrime ********www.Youtube****/DJThomasPrime ********www.ThomasPrime.Bandcamp**** Lyrics: Ashe - She's my queen, lady of my dreams She seems cold but she's sweet as ice cream Always got my back when I need assistance Long range looker, stunning from a distance Sona - Great listener, cute face, soft eyes Fully stacked like a ten kill mejais Can't persevere cause it's just too much She makes me crescendo with just a quick touch Kat - Instinct and passion with a deadly sense of fashion Puts the cute in execute and ass in assassin Demands focus, beauty of a lotus And when she makes her entrance everybody takes notice Janna - So supportive, skills so focused Blows me away, can't resist cause it's hopeless Wind at my tail she's the wind in my sails On a rating from 1 to 10 she's off the scale Shyvana - A dragon goddess, her armor is modest Breathes fire though so you know she's the hottest I can take a bite if she wants to trade She's not the only one who's specced to invade Ahri - Foxy lady, fly like the 80s Big hips and slim waist turn my intention shady Spirit rush and I freeze, she gets the first strike And she can land a charm on me anytime she likes Riven - Battle bunny, sweet like honey Brighten up my day like it just got sunny Don't carrot all that the outfit is bursting Broken sword but she proves mine is working Sejuani - Power and grace, she'll drop you like bass If Ashe is my queen then Sejuani is my ace She's got the curves that I like no playing I'd like to boar between her thighs, if you know what I'm saying Caitlyn - Grants me clemency, got so much chemistry If she's the sheriff I'm a volunteer deputy I came to take her mind, body and soul and I showed her last night I got an ace in the hole Irelia - I like her style, her class and her smile She always gets me worked up, her skills versatile I lane with her every time I get the urge She might be nerfed but she still makes my Blade Surge Leona - Shines brightly, smiles at me politely She's the dawn but I take her out nightly Fully armored and she's still a living legend Cause she can make my sunrise in a split second They're the ladies of the league and I love'm all Noxian, Demacian, asian, white, large or small I joined up for one reason and it's not to fight #1 player, Taric the Gem Knight
19 Apr 2013
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Check out the next big hip-hop sensation, Cray-Z, with his soon-to-be hit single "Wabby Wabbo." Read more here: *******www.gamespot****/961689
3 Aug 2013
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The Kottonmouth Kings are indie music vets, hailing from Orange County, California. While they are well-known among the rock/motocross and weed scenes, each member of the group are big hip-hop heads. Hence, the hip-hop influence you hear in their music. Member D-Loc is definitely a big hip-hop head, who has gone on to release at least three solo projects, the latest being Subnoize Collabos, which dropped in December. As a fan of hip-hop, D-Loc chose to record a special track/music video for fans, over Chris Brown's hit single, "Look At Me Now." D-Loc's version is called "Rollin Papers." "I'm from California and they play this on the radio all the time! When I first heard it the beat, I thought to myself, 'This sh** is sick!' Chris Brown, Busta and Lil Wayne verses were all dope," said D-Loc. "I basically just wanted to bust on the beat for all our fans and flex my skills a bit. The video was real simple, one camera shoot about rollin' papers, because I'm always getting that paper and rolling. This track was a lot of fun to do and I got a lot more coming!" This track does not appear on any project, as of yet. However, if you want more from D-Loc, you can cop his three solo project now, over at iTunes.
31 Aug 2013
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TWEET YOUR BUTT DRAWING TO #DRAWABUTT YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ***********/user/kgude TWITTER: karlgude Also how to draw a BIG butt, a skinny butt, a butt with big hips and a butt with big thighs. Also, a butt from the side. by Karl Gude See more of my drawing videos (and other tutorials) here: ************/user/kgude
29 Nov 2013
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