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*******www.crylisa**** Cutest and Biggest Cat In The World
1 Apr 2008
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The world biggest birds ever found.
28 Oct 2008
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*******diet**** Biggest loser Contestant Maggie King sits down with Diet****'s Sarah and discusses her weight loss journey. Find out what happens behind the scenes and all the gossip. Fat Camp diet lose south beach jillian michaels
10 Apr 2008
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The World's Biggest Airline is created and the Pope visits America but received a less than cordial, find out why coming up right now on Get the Daily**** Hi, I'm Dana Ward here with your world news roundup. Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines merged this week to effectively create the world's largest airline. Delta announced that it has bought the Minnesota-based carrier for $3-billion. The move comes amidst high gas prices, consumer discontent and union disputes that have plagued the industry. These factors led to hug loses by airlines totaling up to $35-billion from 2001-2006. Because of these economic woes, and increased competition from European and Asian carriers, airlines have faced pressure to consolidate in hopes of gaining market share and reducing competition. With news of this merger and the recent closure of 3 US carriers, some expert say that airfares will likely increase as gas prices go up and competition dwindles. The Pope visits America this week, but questions surrounding his protection of pedophiles have been rehashed. Pope Benedict was accused of protecting some 19 bishops who have been accused of child abuse by the director of 'bishop accountability****', a group that follows child abuse cases in the church. The 19 bishops that the group was referring to were in their words "credibly accused" of child abuse but have not been charged with any crime, stripped of their titles, or even censured by the church. The Pope did not deny these charges during his flight to America, but did say that he was "deeply ashamed" over the scandal and that pedophiles would "absolutely be excluded from the ministry". And another twist in the Detroit mayor fiasco. The Detroit city council refused to allow Mayor Kilpatrick to present his annual budget to them on Monday. The move follows 3 days of hearings in which the mayor's lawyers were questioned by the lawmakers. The council, which had voted 7-1 in favor of the mayor resigning, was criticized by the mayor for "playing judge and jury in the court of public opinion". Kilpatrick has been charged with perjury and obstruction of justice in lying about an affair he had with a staffer. He has also been accused of using $8-million to cover-up his actions. Kilpatrick presented his budget to reporters and 3 council members later in the day. I'm Dana Ward for getthedaily**** thanks for watching and check back tomorrow for the latest news and updates.
16 Apr 2008
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Ali Vincent won The Biggest Loser. Wouldn't it be sweet to see her in her own reality romance show? Maybe when she gets fat again, she can go on Celebrity Fit Club.
7 May 2008
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*******diet**** find out how Biggest Loser Maggie King prepared for the season 5 finale final weight in. Watch her weight loss workout with Charles here.
18 Apr 2008
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Biggest Loser Finale & Is Katie Couric Getting Canned?!? Your Television News Brought To You By Getthedaily**** - Your Online Source For News.
30 Sep 2008
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18 Apr 2008
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This is the biggest snake human game.
25 Apr 2008
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A fountain within the biggest shopping centre of Portugal in Viseu. It looks with a blue fish and it has 2 strong geisers passing through all floors and refreshing the visitors. Thos shopping has a bar made of Antartic Glass, there's only other in Sidney (Australia). Unmissable ...
26 Jun 2008
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Two of OurStage****'s biggest Dispatch fans won the opportunity to attend an intimate show by Braddigan. They also got to watch the sound check and sit in on a backstage interview. It was an amazing night these fans will never forget! OurStage****
15 May 2008
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making the biggest drawing in the world with gps
22 May 2008
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Meet Adalie Faith! She has the biggest eyes ever and she knows how to use them. Addie is six months old and loves to coo and laugh and bat her huge blue eyes. Prepare to fall in love with this child...
27 May 2008
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This wave, Belharra, is in the French Basque Country. Seb St-Jean and Fred Basse got the 2nd place in the Billabong XXL Challenge 2003 (Biggest wave of the year).
4 Jun 2008
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making the biggest drawing in the world
4 Jun 2008
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While there's plenty of advice out there to help you solve problems you face in your business, doesn't it sometimes seem the answers are too broad to really help? After all, there's nobody that knows the specific problems you face better than you. Answers need to address the issues head on, and to do just that, we've developed this new series of shows. In the Biggest Problem in Business series we'll be talking directly to thousands of real businesses, identifying the issues, and bringing the best answers to the most pressing questions. Every week yourBusinessChannel will identify the most popular questions asked in a particular field, questions that will be answered by one of our top business experts! This is a unique opportunity for you to ask your own questions and get answers that will work for you, from the people who have faced overcome the same issues to succeed! With the Biggest Problem in Business series to launch this coming July, there's plenty of time to get your questions together! You'll be able to watch the shows and hear the answers to issues in every field, information which will help you even more, because whatever problems you face, chances are others are facing them too! To find out more about getting your biggest business problem solved today - watch the show or visit
5 Jun 2008
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