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its a pleasure watching this bikini blonde reel in a big shark
5 Oct 2017
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We all have seen people dancing on the beach, kids playing on the beach or sexy women taking sunbathe in bikinis but you can't miss this if you want to see a starfish dancing on the beach.
10 Oct 2017
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From Anand Bhatt's Rock Star Recipes It’s my duty to get on a soapbox here: I was watching the Food Network, where this drink was being featured on an episode, and I heard Giada De Laurentiis actually say the word “LASSIE” – like the dog! I almost threw my glass at the TV. I understand most “closet racists” are at home thinking, that’s not racist – she didn’t say the N word or ask someone to pick any cotton or shoot someone because they had a hoodie on. But you see, it IS racist in the sense that it is so culturally insensitive to not learn how to pronounce a word correctly. It actually takes Effort to be this ignorant. I’ll explain why: It’s not that she couldn’t pronounce it, it’s that it’s apparent she didn’t even try to learn how before talking about it on television. If you’re going to enjoy something handed down from a given culture, you should have some respect for that culture itself. It is not difficult to say (LUH-See), and that’s UH as in “Duh” in case you or someone you know is having trouble remembering it ;). ABOUT LASSI Lassi is a popular Indian & Pakistani yogurt based drink. It is made by blending yogurt with water (or milk) and spices. Lassi is often flavored with ground roasted cumin. There’s also Sweet Lassi, which is yogurt and water/milk blended with sugar or fruits (Mango Lassi seems to pretty popular in Indian restaurants here in the States). What to know how to make one?? YOULL NEED: • 1 3/4 cups fat-free plain yogurt • 6 cubes of ice, crushed • 1 1/2 cups of …. Google Rock Star Recipes Anand Bhatt to see more
6 Oct 2017
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brazilian ring girls
6 Oct 2017
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The human bowling bikini :)
15 May 2006
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Sexy Daphne Bunskoek in Bikini
1 Nov 2006
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Two gilrs dancing salsa in Bikini.
23 Nov 2006
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Katja vs Paul, Katja in een lekkere bikini in en zwembad
11 Feb 2007
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Great day on the beach, lots of babes in bikini NOT
5 Mar 2007
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Insurance Salesman by day. . . bikini photo shoot reflector holder by night. Meet Steve, the luckiest guy in the world whose job it is to hold the reflector on the Bikini**** photo shoots!
5 Mar 2007
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Drawing a hot bikini girl. Any future volunteers are accepted :) lol
12 Mar 2007
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S'il y a bien quelque chose que vous ne puissiez mieux apprendre de Mary, c'est bien de draguer in English. Bikini's Collège est le Guide interactif de la drague internationale. Un Grand Concours Photos pour élire la reine de promo, sur *******www.bikiniscollege****
21 Mar 2007
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