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Bill folds by itself; Extremely Amazing!
7 May 2007
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Follow these easy steps to make a 6 inch Ruler out of a Dollar bill
9 May 2007
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Comedian Bill Squire tells some jokes.
8 May 2007
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This is Incredible! Try Using a $100 Bill! Impress the Ladies
11 May 2007
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This is Incredible! Try Using a $100 Bill!
11 May 2007
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about Bill....
13 May 2007
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Bill Gates discusses hardware innovation past, present and future at the annual Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Los Angeles.
17 May 2007
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bill gates e il media center
8 Jun 2007
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This PBS special is officially called, "The Net At Risk" and it's part of the Bill Moyers series, "Moyers on America". An excerpt from the Moyers on America/Net At Risk site: "The debate is hot, the language heady, the metaphors many. Op-ed pages alternately bemoan "The End of the Internet" or curse "Net Neutrality Nonsense." Allegations fly about the stifling of free speech, the holding back of progress and corporate hegemony. Indeed, network neutrality has become something of a cause celebre in the digital world, pitting a slew of high-profile Internet content providers and consumer-advocacy groups against major phone and cable companies, and federal lawmakers against each other. But what exactly is net neutrality, and why does it seem to have everyone from Google and Yahoo! to Verizon and AT&T concerned? In a nutshell, the issue involves the transmission of data over broadband networks (e.g. DSL or cable internet services). As the number of sites on the Internet continues to grow and the quality of data becomes more sophisticated-encompassing video and audio files and other multimedia applications-broadband service providers (generally cable and phone companies) are seeking to regulate how material flows to users through their increasingly taxed networks. For most large providers, this has come down to one general desire: They could establish a tiered system of content delivery in which companies with data-heavy content can pay a fee to the providers in return for "special treatment" in transmission. An analogy: For those companies that pay the fee, their content would breeze through the fast-pass lane at the toll bridge, reaching users more quickly; those who don't pay will be stuck in the crowded, slow-moving line, and users will have to wait longer for their content to load." For more information: Moyers on America: *******www.pbs****/moyers/moyersonamerica/index.html
11 Jun 2007
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Bill Burr with David Letterman Jun 2007 How can you tell someone that you are laughing because you're imagining yourself punching a woman's muffins. street fairs - girlfriend
18 Jun 2007
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Smashing Windows 98 Computers Bill Gates
19 Jun 2007
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Squirrel Kill Bill
25 Jun 2007
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