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[MV] Brown Eyed Girls(브라운아이드걸스) _ KILL BILL(킬빌) (Dance ver.) :: iTunes DL : ************/us/album/black-box/id680436035 Brown Eyed Girls who captivated the public with the best sound and musicality make their comeback. The 4th album 'SIXSENSE' released in 2011 had been loved a lot with their outstanding performance and the high notes. In their 5th album [BLACK BOX], they attempt to change again. The title track 'KILL BILL' starts with the addictive whistling sound in the intro like the old cowboy movies. This pop song in exciting shuffle rhythm comebines the modern sense with retro sound. The lyrics about revenge against the man and Miryo's breathtaking rap reaching the climax are the points to enjoy. They had to prepare for this album for a long time, containing Brown Eyed Girls' musicality in the early stage as well as their new side. The 5th full album [BLACK BOX] is expected to display their potential and power once again. ▶ LOENMUSIC FB : *******www.facebook****/LOENMUSIC.official ▶ LOENMUSIC TW : ********twitter****/LOEN_MUSIC ブラウン・アイド・ガールズ_KILL BILL 最高のサウンドと音楽性を打ち出して強い力で大衆を引き付けたガールズグループBrown Eyed Girlsが帰ってきた。 2011年ハイノートと圧倒的なパフォーマンスでファンたちの関心と愛を同時に受けた4thフルアルバム[SIXSENSE]に続いて、5thフルアルバム[BLACK BOX]でもう一度変身を試みた。 タイトル曲「KILL BILL」は、イントロは昔の西部劇っぽい中毒性の強いホイッスルサウンドで始まって、レトロなサウンドに現代的な感覚が交わった楽しいシャッフルリズムのポップ曲だ。 男への復讐を内容にした歌詞と、楽しいリズムと共に息が止まるかのようにクライマックスに走るミリョのラップも鑑賞ポイントだ。 Brown Eyed Girlsの初期の音楽の色から新しい姿まで多彩なジャンルで作られる5thフルアルバム[BLACK BOX]は、 長い間準備してきただけに彼女たちの底力をもう一度見せてくれるアルバムになるだろう。 최고의 사운드와 음악성을 내세우며 강한 포스로 대중들을 사로잡은 걸그룹 Brown Eyed Girls가 돌아왔다.2011년 하이노트와 압도적인 퍼포먼스로 팬들의 관심과 사랑을 동시에 받았던 정규 4집 앨범'SIXSENSE'에 이어 정규 5집으로 다시 한번 변신을 시도한 [BLACK BOX]를 발매했다. 타이틀 곡인 KILL BILL은 인트로에 예전 서부영화 느낌이 물씬 나는 중독성 강한 휘슬사운드로 시작되며, 레트로 사운드에 현대적인 감각이 잘 결합된 신나는 셔플리듬의 팝 곡이다. 남자에 대한 복수의 내용을 담은 가사로 신나는 리듬과 함께, 미료의 랩 또한 숨이 멎을듯하게 절정을 향해 치닫는 것이 감상포인트 이다. 오랜 기간 준비한 만큼 Brown Eyed Girls의 초창기 음악 색부터 새로운 모습까지 다채로운 장르로 꾸며질 정규 5집 앨범 [BLACK BOX] 는 그녀들의 저력을 다시 한번 보여 줄 앨범이 될 것이다,
17 Oct 2013
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Planes, Trains & Automobiles Movie Clip - watch all clips ******* click to subscribe ******* Neal (Steve Martin) loses control and goes on an obscene rant to the car rental lady (Edie McClurg). TM & © Paramount (2012) Cast: Steve Martin, Edie McClurg Director: John Hughes MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: ******* Join our Facebook page: ******* Follow us on Twitter: ******* Buy Movie: ******* Producer: Bill Brown, Michael Chinich, John Hughes, Neil A. Machlis Screenwriter: John Hughes Film Description: Were it not for its profanity-laden opening scenes, John Hughes' Planes, Trains and Automobiles might have been suitable family entertainment: certainly it's heaps less violent and mean-spirited than Hughes' Home Alone. En route to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with his family, easily annoyed businessman Neal Page (Steve Martin) finds his first-class plane ticket has been demoted to coach, and he must share his flight with obnoxious salesman Del Griffith (John Candy). A sudden snowstorm in Chicago forces the plane to land in Wichita. Unable to find a room in any of the four-star hotels, Neal is compelled to accept Del's invitation to share his accommodations in a cheapo-sleazo motel. Driven to distraction by Del's annoying personal habits, the ungrateful Neal lets forth with a stream of verbal abuse. That's when Del delivers the anticipated (but always welcome) "I don't judge, why should you?"-type speech so common to John Hughes flicks. The shamefaced Neal tries to make up to Del, but there's a bumpy time ahead as the mismatched pair make their way back to Chicago, first in a balky train, then by way of a refrigerator truck. We know from the outset that the oil-and-water Neal and Del will be bosom companions by the end of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but it's still a fun ride. The best bit: a half-asleep Del thinking that he's got his hand tucked between two pillows -- until his bedmate, Neal, bellows "Those aren't pillows!" "planes trains & automobiles","steve martin","edie mcclurg",comedy,"screwball comedies","john hughes","neil a machlis","michael chinich","bill brown","despair videos","disrespect videos","airport videos","neal page","car rental agent","movie clips",movieclipsdotcom,#AMG:V++++38289,/m/0p_47,/m/065mm1
29 Dec 2013
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