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The clip Billy Prickett Already Knows from The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) What? Okay, thanks, Daisy. He's at our farm. Hey. Hey, look, there's Prickett. So? He can help us. He don't care about Hazzard. He's getting paid to be here. Oh, man, you're wrong. He's from here. You out of your goddamn mind? Hey, Billy. Boss Hogg's gonna strip-mine Hazzard. Just hold your horses. Who's stripping? He's playing you, man. He paid you to come and race- Just save your breath. I already know. You already know? But this is your hometown. I hate to break this to you, Bo-Bo... ...but this place is a shithole. If it wasn't a strip mine, it'd be a strip mall. Kind of like one of them outlets where everything's reduced prices and... Hell, they don't even have an Outback Steakhouse down here. Am I right? Right as pie, Billy. Saddle up, Dil. Look at the bright side, Bo-Bo. At least you didn't have to race me today. Because I would've left that little Tonka toy you drive at the starting stripe. Tonka. I'm gonna kill him. Hey, hey, hey! What about Uncle Jesse? Wanna ride this stag? You wanna rodeo with this clown? Uncle Jesse's old, Luke. He's had a good run. Besides, if he passes, God have mercy on his soul, we get the farm. I'm just playing with you, man. Let's go get him.
24 Nov 2011
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