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If you have hex data in an excel file that needs to become a hex or bin file to burn to an eeprom, check this video out. It is the easiest way to do it from an xls / csv file to a bin file, using only Excel and xvi32, a freeware hex editor
11 Mar 2009
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*******www.recovering-deleted-files**** Is your recycle bin empty? You have come to the right place. By downloading specialized software you can recover your recycle bin in minutes. Download the program for free by visiting: *******www.recovering-deleted-files****
9 Apr 2010
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A short tutorial provided by IP2Location (*******www.ip2location****) on how to query IP address from Windows Command Line without network connection. Firstly you need to download the IP2Location Application database from *******www.ip2location****/ip2location-application.aspx. It is the free standalone software which allows you to detect the Country, Region, City, Latitude, Longitude, ZIP code, ISP, Domain name, Time zone, Connection speed, IDD code, Area code, Weather station code and Weather station name of any IP addresses and display all these information in the Windows Command Prompt. IP2Location Application is available in 3 platforms. There are Windows .NET 1.1 or later in GUI Interface, Windows Command Line Interface and Perl in Linux / Unix / Windows in Command Line Interface. Once you have chosen your platform and downloaded the IP2Location .BIN database, you just need to specify the path of IP2Location .BIN data file with the IP address you want to query, you will see the geolocation information of the IP address you entered being displayed in your Windows Command Line. To get our free IP2Location Application Database to query any IP addresses on your own desktop, please visit *******www.ip2location****/ip2location-application.aspx for more information.
1 Jul 2009
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*******www.recovering-deleted-files**** Do you have an accidentally deleted recycle bin? You have come to the right place. By downloading specialized software you can recover your recycle bin in minutes. Download the program for free by visiting: *******www.recovering-deleted-files****
9 Apr 2010
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Download Link: *******efemki****/baseball-superstars-hack/ Facebook: www.facebook****/EfemkiGame How To Download: *******efemki****/sample-page-2/
2 Apr 2013
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Written Tutorial: 1) Find your mpdata which should be with your savegame.svg 2) Open it in the tool (make sure it's still with the KV.bin file) 3) Pick your prestige (No more than 8 digits for XP)
25 Feb 2010
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Download link here: *******urlcrew****/Gordoen421548/Super_New_Coins_Hack_Restaurant_City Gourmet King Ingredient: 1. Download the required bin files from any of the links above. 2. Open fiddler and go to autoresponder. [read fiddler tutorial first if unclear] 3. You will need to replace 3 files. 4. The rule editors required: regex:(?insx)^.*perk\.bin$ regex:(?insx)^.*restaurant\.bin$ regex:(?insx)^.*avatar\.bin$ 5. Click SAVE 6. Go into Restaurant City. 7. Check your fiddler and make sure all 3 files is highlighted in gray. This means it has been replaced. 8. Once loaded, go into your restaurant and keep decorating saving decorating saving.... till you see the Food King near your planting ingredients area. (Watch video at the end of this post if you do not know how to find Gourmet King.) 9. Click on him and you should see the 5000 coins bag as shown in my screenshot. 10. Yea.. I know steps are not that newbie-friendly. But been posting fiddler cheats for months.. Make some effort and read my previous posts if you still do not know how to replace files using fiddler.
7 Oct 2010
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Download this hack here: ******* Want more cheats and hacks? Visit this website: *******cheatsandcracks.wordpress****/ Instructions: 1. Install The Official Game From The Playstore 2. Download The Save Data & Copy It To "SDcard/Android/Data/com.fgol.HungryShar­kEvolution/files" 3. Overwrite Or Delete The Current "HSE_SaveData.bin" File 4. Launch Game & Enjoy.
16 Mar 2013
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hey guys its patrick! so i have received numerous comments and messages to make a tut on psx so here it is, imma show you how to get psx, how to make it work and i will give you a very good rom site for your ps1 games. for the bios file scph1001.bin file message me and i will send it to you. i promise! first download this .txt file this list contains games for psx that works and does not work, of course it is not all the games out there but i know it will be helpfull so you will not waste ...
13 Apr 2009
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Please note that this is NOT a firmware hack for a lite-on drive. It is just a way to retrieve the key from the drive for use with another drive. Getting the key is awesome and its more than enough even without the ability to reflash the liteon. - i quote from the yaywoop instructions - ******* ***********/iriez/N00B_LiteOn_Flash_with_VIA.pdf Notice: The Tutorials have been done many times and were often successfull, however we cannot guarantee the success and so dont take any responsibility for any damages that might be caused by it, you do it on your own risk!!! Flash Your Lite-On for Free Wednesday 24th of December 2008 Views: 33742(04.05) - 36668(20.05) - 58234(25.08) Author: yaywoop Hi everyone. Here is a sequel to my Lite-on key for free tutorial :) This is how I did it. It worked for me. it should work for you if you follow the instructions ;) To make it super clear these are the steps involved: 0. make a DIY tool to dump the key (or buy a CK3 etc..) 1. prepare your drive, the tray must be half open, SATA cable connected to your pc and rs232 adapter in place 2. dump key.bin , Identify.bin and inquiry.bin and create a dummy.bin file 3. patch ix15-liteon.bin with your dummy.bin to create your CFW.bin 4. erase your drive (only do this if you are sure you have the correct key extracted ) 5. reboot the drive and flash it with your CFW.bin 6. if all goes well, go play some backups ! So first thing first: make the rs232 hardware this is the hardest part, and where most people stuff it up! you need an NPN transistor and two resistors ( 10K and 1K ). which can both be found in old hardware. Computer monitors, VCR's, TV's and radio's are treasure troves of resistors capacitors and signal transistors. alternatively you can buy these parts from an electronics shop. The circuit is a Simple signal inverter, which is required to convert between TTL and RS232 levels. its not strictly rs232 levels (+/- 3V), but most serial ports probably won't mind. if you are worried about this, here is an alternative circuit or try a Max232 or Max3232 circuit (much more complex to construct). Old Siemens serial phone cables have max3232 circuits inside. So start off by finding an NPN transistor. practically any signal NPN will do. some transistors to look for/buy are the BC546 BC547 BC548 BC337 BC338 C945 PN2222 2N2222 if you are salvaging the transistor ; To de-solder it heat two pins at a time with your soldering iron and wiggle it free, have some fresh solder on the iron to help melt the solder. try not to heat the transistor for too long, they are easily damaged by heat. The 10K resistor will be marked brown black orange (gold) The 1k resistor will be marked brown black red (gold) resistors are 1/4 Watt (or more) You can always test with a multimeter after you de-solder it if you are unsure. Key Dumping from Windows Key Dumping from DOS Flashing in DOS Flashing in Windows using JUNGLEFLASHER ******* I am grateful for the knowledge which was shared with me. My first video upload at all. I had no previous skills and have heard of the words DUMP SPOOF & SWAP in December 2008 for the first time. I therefore slept between plumber solder & soldering irons a couple of nights. It was worthwhile in my opinion. By the way, The CK3 Probe Add-on for the Xecuter Connectivity Kit 3 ( Lite or Pro ) is a tool that makes the process of extracting a key from a Lite-On drive totally solderless , without this tool the user would have to bridge the TX and RX points on the drive board with a soldering iron before they could use the CK3 to read from the drive
6 Sep 2009
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Ps1 games Ps1 / Psx to PSP ps1 ps1 playstation Putting Psx / PS1 on PSP How to put Psx / Ps1 games on your PSP * tutorial * (PSX ON PSP COMPAIBILITY LIST ) link *******www.gamerspress****/index.php?title=PSX_on_PSP_Compatibility_List 1. PSP with custom firmware 3.52 m33 or higher I have 3.90 m33-3 . Sonys original Firmware does not work with these files I will be making on this video However If you dont have custom firmware you can Buy Ps1 games from the Playstation Store If you would like to Install custom firmware on Your PSP U need a PANDORA BATTERY and a MAGIC MEMORY STICK 2. Any Ps1 CD can be used for this just make sure there not heavily scratched. You can also Download Ps1 iso , IMG , or bin files and use them with POPstation. 3. To extract the Image From A Ps1 CD You will need to Download . Slysoft CloneCD *******static.slysoft****/SetupCloneCD.exe 4. To Convert the IMG , ISO , Bin .. Ps1 games into eboot.pbp ( thats the PSP game format) You will need to Download POPstation GUI this is POPSTATION GUI 2 the one i use in the vid *******www.psp-hacks****/download.php?id=994 the newest popstation GUI 3 *******endlessparadigm****/forum/downloads.php?action=download&did=24 if you Cannot open the 7zip file download 7zip : *******www.7zip****/ After downloading CloneCD and POPstation Grab any old Ps1 game you might have Put it on your Computers DVD/Cd drive Start Clone CD The PS1 game will load up and then you will have to press ( Read to Image File ) Select your CD-reader There will be a list of options Pick (GAME CD ) Browse and Save IMAGE to your Desktop Press Ok And wait a couple of Minutes when cloneCD is done you should have 3 files on your desktop IMAGE , Image. Sub , and image.ccd , Delete image. Sub and image.ccd those files are not needed ( the important file is the IMAGE) Start Popstation GUI Browse for the IMG file on your desktop and double click on it after that select Output Directory and pick your Desktop You can customize the Eboots appearance icon and backgrounds by making .PNG files with Microsoft Paint or any other picture editing software. The thumbnail icon ICON0.png = 144 x 80 The background Image PIC1.Png = 480 x 272 The Gameboot.png = 480 x 272 (Gameboot.png pops up when you start the game) To add sound onto an eboot you will need a program called ( GOLDWAVE ) and the ( .AT3 ) Codec installed on your Computer Put all the Pictures were they belong Preview the eboot to check if everything looks alright download PS1 icons : *******pixelstation.pixelreview****/ OR *******endlessparadigm****/forum/showthread.php?tid=3436 After all that is done Press GO and wait for the IMG to convert Ok now that POPSTATION is done it will ask if you would like to transfer the Files directly to your PSP press *NO* ! Exit POPstaton You should have 2 Files on your desktop Named ( Eboot and KEYS ) Now connect your PSP to your computer . Go to My computer and pick your PSPs drive letter My PSPs drive is removal disk ( L: ) Yours might be different Once youve opened go to PSP then GAME make a New Folder in the GAME folder And name it what ever you like just make sure the name is not to long. It should be like this Removable disk / PSP / GAME / Digimon 1 ..or w/e you named it Now DRAG & DROP or COPY and PASTE EBOOT + KEYS into the folder you created DONE! Now Disconnect your PSP from your computer ON your PSPs XMB Menu go to the GAME icon/ Memory stick Ps1 game metal gear solid , harvest moon How to put Digimon world , Digimon world 2 & 3 Digimon card battle , digimon rumble arena , Crash team Racing (ctr) Spyro , Legend of Dragoon , Final Fantasy VII 7 , croc , Tomba! , Grand Turismo Resident Evil 2 Breath Of fire 3 Legend of Mana , driver doom ..... PLZ GIVE MY VID A GOOD RATING AND FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS
7 Sep 2009
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this video wil show you on a noob friendly way how to instal JOYSENS 1.42b ON YOUR PSP FAT AND SLIM ! A MUST HAVE PLUGIN ! BEFORE YOU DO THIS READ THE VIDEO DISCRIPTION BELOW! ________________________________________ TO DO THIS YOU WIL NEED CFW! cfw = customfirmware , firmware is the systemsoftware of the psp and cfw is the hacked fw to hack the psp you must use a pandora set (pandora battery and pandora magicstick) see youtube for tutorials , if you don't have cfw then this wil NOT work! ________________________________________ HERE A LIST WICHS SHOWS WICH CFW'S ARE COMPITABLE: this wil only work on 1 of the following cfw's: -3.71m33 -3.80m33 -3.90m33 -4.01m33 -5.00M33 - 5.50 Gen B if you don't have 1 of the cfw above you can try to let it work BUT REMEMBER: -if it works please tel me -if not to let it work ust update or downgrade to 1 of the cfw's above and instal it again -if it bricks your psp I am not responsible (to unbrick see video below the video discription) ________________________________________ DOWNLOAD THESE NEEDED FILES download JoySense 1.42b from here: *******dl.qj****/General-Apps/pg/12/fid/17545/catid/151 ________________________________________ IMPORTANT INFO ; MUST READ THIS! 1. ORIGENEL JOYSTICK FUNCTION DISABLED -when you enable joysens the joystick takes over the directional buttons wich means t5hat its true function is dissabled 2. HOW TO USE JOYSENS AND RECOVERY LE: okay follow these intructions: - disable joysens - enter recovery le -go to setting-recovery config-other and change the menu hotkey to homethen exit pres home if recovery le pops up you did it right now enable joysens and done :) _______________________________________ ALL ISOS/BIN FILES SHOWN IN MY VIDEOS ARE LEGALLY RIPPED FROM MY UMDS/PS1 GAME DISCS ________________________________________ UNBRICK YOUR BRICKED PSP! ***********/watch?v=qoCD7WuZZ0o ________________________________________ SEE MY CHANNEL FOR MORE PSP VIDEOS: ***********/vincentwiliamphilips ________________________________________ SONGS USED IN THIS VIDEO: 1st Alex Gaudino Ft Shena - Watch Out 2nd Samba remix 3st Disco summer ________________________________________
8 Oct 2009
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Please read and follow the instructions completely before posting a comment. If it does not work for you after a few attempts, make sure that you are using ChickHEN R2, with the relevant slim (3000) or phat (1000/2000) tiff files in the CORRECT LOCATIONS. This is a guaranteed way to get ChickHEN R2 Homebrew to actually WORK ON MOST ATTEMPTS on your PSP-300x (many people are having problems as it is very difficult to initiate.) INSTRUCTIONS::::: Download ChickHEN R2 from: *******pspslimhacks****/chickhen-r2-for-frimware-503-released/ and follow the instructions. I have some random images (14 to be exact) PLUS the 5 ChickHEN files (inc. slim.tiff for 300x) in the PSP/PHOTOS/ChickHEN folder and the h.bin file in the root. Then, when all your files are in place, follow these simple steps to get it to work almost every time! Try this: 1) go to photo on XMB 2) scroll down to Memory Stick (you will see ChickHEN - xx Images) 3) Press X 4) Immediately scroll to the bottom of the list 5) Press Left to exit 6) Press Right to enter directory again 7) Repeat and continue (do this quickly) Enjoy your fully functional PSP! If you are having problems, make sure that your PSP model and firmware is compatible! Make sure you have the files in the right place, and make sure you have read and followed the instructions carefully. You can also try disabling UMD autostart and UMD cache in the settings menu. I can provide no assistance other than what is already written. Credits: Homebrew Enabler - (Davee) Team Typhoon 5.03 Tiff Exploit - MaTiAz Music can be found through the website: *******www.hyperoctave**** Check my other videos, website and links. :)
7 Jan 2010
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How to install a non-microsoft hard drive into a new xbox 360 slim 4GB version. If you didn't want to spend an extra 100 dollars for the 250gb xbox you can do this have for around 35-40 dollars. The drive I used was a western digital scorpio blue, 250GB. If you want to do this hack you have to use a western digital scorpio blue drive. I've leanred that you can actually go up to a 500GB drive but I don't see why anyone would need that much storage. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Program to make USB Bootable: ******* HDDHACKR Program: ******* HDSS.BIN file for 250GB drive: *******digiex****/attachments/downloads/download-center-2-0/consoles-homebrew/
17 Feb 2011
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