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If you have hex data in an excel file that needs to become a hex or bin file to burn to an eeprom, check this video out. It is the easiest way to do it from an xls / csv file to a bin file, using only Excel and xvi32, a freeware hex editor
11 Mar 2009
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*******www.recovering-deleted-files**** Is your recycle bin empty? You have come to the right place. By downloading specialized software you can recover your recycle bin in minutes. Download the program for free by visiting: *******www.recovering-deleted-files****
9 Apr 2010
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A short tutorial provided by IP2Location (*******www.ip2location****) on how to query IP address from Windows Command Line without network connection. Firstly you need to download the IP2Location Application database from *******www.ip2location****/ip2location-application.aspx. It is the free standalone software which allows you to detect the Country, Region, City, Latitude, Longitude, ZIP code, ISP, Domain name, Time zone, Connection speed, IDD code, Area code, Weather station code and Weather station name of any IP addresses and display all these information in the Windows Command Prompt. IP2Location Application is available in 3 platforms. There are Windows .NET 1.1 or later in GUI Interface, Windows Command Line Interface and Perl in Linux / Unix / Windows in Command Line Interface. Once you have chosen your platform and downloaded the IP2Location .BIN database, you just need to specify the path of IP2Location .BIN data file with the IP address you want to query, you will see the geolocation information of the IP address you entered being displayed in your Windows Command Line. To get our free IP2Location Application Database to query any IP addresses on your own desktop, please visit *******www.ip2location****/ip2location-application.aspx for more information.
1 Jul 2009
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*******www.recovering-deleted-files**** Do you have an accidentally deleted recycle bin? You have come to the right place. By downloading specialized software you can recover your recycle bin in minutes. Download the program for free by visiting: *******www.recovering-deleted-files****
9 Apr 2010
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Download Link: *******efemki****/baseball-superstars-hack/ Facebook: www.facebook****/EfemkiGame How To Download: *******efemki****/sample-page-2/
2 Apr 2013
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Written Tutorial: 1) Find your mpdata which should be with your savegame.svg 2) Open it in the tool (make sure it's still with the KV.bin file) 3) Pick your prestige (No more than 8 digits for XP)
25 Feb 2010
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Download link here: *******urlcrew****/Gordoen421548/Super_New_Coins_Hack_Restaurant_City Gourmet King Ingredient: 1. Download the required bin files from any of the links above. 2. Open fiddler and go to autoresponder. [read fiddler tutorial first if unclear] 3. You will need to replace 3 files. 4. The rule editors required: regex:(?insx)^.*perk\.bin$ regex:(?insx)^.*restaurant\.bin$ regex:(?insx)^.*avatar\.bin$ 5. Click SAVE 6. Go into Restaurant City. 7. Check your fiddler and make sure all 3 files is highlighted in gray. This means it has been replaced. 8. Once loaded, go into your restaurant and keep decorating saving decorating saving.... till you see the Food King near your planting ingredients area. (Watch video at the end of this post if you do not know how to find Gourmet King.) 9. Click on him and you should see the 5000 coins bag as shown in my screenshot. 10. Yea.. I know steps are not that newbie-friendly. But been posting fiddler cheats for months.. Make some effort and read my previous posts if you still do not know how to replace files using fiddler.
7 Oct 2010
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Download this hack here: ******* Want more cheats and hacks? Visit this website: *******cheatsandcracks.wordpress****/ Instructions: 1. Install The Official Game From The Playstore 2. Download The Save Data & Copy It To "SDcard/Android/Data/com.fgol.HungryShar­kEvolution/files" 3. Overwrite Or Delete The Current "HSE_SaveData.bin" File 4. Launch Game & Enjoy.
16 Mar 2013
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