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For JV partner, Call Robert Sams At 310-492-9294 Fun is Right here!!! . Learn from Ashley... Girls between the ages of 12 and 19 have an estimated $87 billion in buying power, according to market research firm TRU, and (Ashley Qualls)'s attracts millions of them each month. Advertisement * Related Stories * The CEO Who's, Like, 17 Slideshow: The CEO Who's, Like, 17 Meet the founder of -- a teen who transformed her hobby of designing MySpace layouts into a boomingly lucrative online business. * How a Teenager's Hobby Became a Booming Online Business No rich relatives? No professional mentors? No problem. Ashley Qualls, 17, has built a million-dollar web site. She's LOL all the way to the bank. :) * Her Space: A Guide to Ashley's World "It's all about giving girls what they want," is the way the 17-year-old explains her success. * Teen Traffic Here's how is ranked by Quantcast, which analyzes traffic to more than 20 million sites. Sponsored Sections Hiring Center Oprah Winfrey is the undisputed queen of US television and now she's aiming to be the talk-show star of cyberspace as well. Online video sharing site (YouTube) and Harpo Productions Inc on Friday announced the debut of the (Oprah channel on YouTube). Winfrey, the highest paid TV celebrity in the United States, said she had had her own TV show for about 22 years but this would give her an exciting, new avenue. "What's going to be on this channel? Exclusive video including video I made myself just for YouTube... what's coming up on my show from time to time, we are going to be telling you, and also what happens backstage and during commercials and more," she said in a YouTube video. Winfrey said the channel would also show videos sent in by viewers. The (Oprah Winfrey) Show has been the No. 1 talk show in the United States for 21 consecutive seasons, produced in Chicago but shown in about 134 countries. Figures from estimated the Winfrey, who also runs a publishing business, earned an estimated $US260 million between June 2006 and June 2007. To here a one of our MLM Gold Mine training calls, go here and get the info for our live call oprah winfrey oprah winfrey show (oprah show) oprah winfrey biography oprah magazine hoodia oprah oprah book club oprah winfrey web site oprah rosie shawn.hornbeck hornbeck oprah shawn oprah oprah winfrey picture ashley tisdale ashley furniture ashley force sshley harder ashley ashley madison ashley scott ashley monroe ashley force pic ashley judd mary kate and ashley mary kate and (ashley) olsen millionaire next internet the joel comm reality tv show audition auditions casting call video web money contest prize presidents President facts trivia knowledge united states u.s. USA Jefferson Washington Lincoln sgr club stuff, zealand news, new zealand newspapers, regional news, international, world,New Zealand sport, sports news, weather forecasts, business, infotech, technology, travel, rural, independent newspapers,christchurch press, dominion, evening post, auckland news, wellington news, christchurch news, zeland, newzealand,current events News results for oprah winfrey youtube BBC News Oprah expands empire with YouTube channel - 5 hours ago MORE POWER: (Talkshow queen) Oprah Winfrey has expanded her media empire with her own YouTube channel. Oprah Winfrey is the undisputed queen of US television ... YouTube - OPRAH WINFREY show audience My intention is to be in the audience of the OPRAH WINFREY ... YouTube - David Letterman & Oprah "Late Show - Super ... Late Show ad featuring David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey ... Oprah Winfrey Videos - Oprah Winfrey Video Clips This is a tribute video for Oprah Winfrey and her work in South ... Talkshow voor Engels. Sydney Banks' Letter To Oprah Winfrey. ... Dave Chappelle On Oprah Winfrey Show 2.3.06 YouTube Oprah Winfrey expands reach with YouTube channel Lifestyle ... Oprah Winfrey Show Launches YouTube Channel - Advertising Age ... Oprah Winfrey's YouTube Brand Extension Oprah Winfrey Joins YouTube Net News Publisher for Uncle Bobby Oprah Winfrey Tyson Skateboarding dog Esmee Denters Chad Hurley Steve Chen Dirty P. Diddy Evolution Dance Judson
4 Jan 2008
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24 Jan 2008
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Clinton, Obama get fiercely personal Democratic South Carolina debate heats up MYRTLE BEACH, SC—The smoldering acrimony between the Democratic presidential front-runners flared openly as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama traded charges in a debate Monday about who is dishonest, who is cowardly and who is doing the bidding of reviled special interests. The debate was the most fiercely personal of the election season as the candidates showed the strains of a long and bitter campaign. At one point, Obama and Clinton raised their voices over each other to be heard. Each even attacked the other's biography. Obama dismissed Clinton for working as "a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart" during the 1980s while he was a community organizer on the streets of Chicago's South Side. Clinton countered by blasting Obama for doing legal work he did for Tony Rezko, a developer and campaign donor to Obama since indicted on corruption charges, while she joined her husband in struggling against the Republican-controlled Congress during the 1990s. Smarting from charges former President Bill Clinton has made that Obama has not been consistent in his opposition to the Iraq war and that Obama had spoken favorably of Republican policies, the Illinois senator accused the New York senator and her husband of misleading the public. The only polite treatment of the evening was reserved for the members of the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, the hosts of the Martin Luther King Day event, who were seated in the front row of the auditorium and to whom the candidates made frequent reference. Some influential African-American leaders are staying out of the fray right now and have refused to endorse a candidate in the days leading up to this weekend's South Carolina primary, where roughly half the Democratic electorate is black.
9 Oct 2008
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An ode to the burger. A biography in photos.
23 Jan 2008
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29 Jan 2008
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ressam avni arbaş biyografi biography artist resim nazım hikmet
7 Feb 2008
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Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions Tapes Reviewed by ABC News Show Clinton As a Loyal Company Woman By BRIAN ROSS, MADDY SAUER and RHONDA SCHWARTZ Jan. 31, 2008— In six years as a member of the Wal-Mart board of directors, between 1986 and 1992, Hillary Clinton remained silent as the world's largest retailer waged a major campaign against labor unions seeking to represent store workers. Clinton has been endorsed for president by more than a dozen unions, according to her campaign Web site, which omits any reference to her role at Wal-Mart in its detailed biography of her. Wal-Mart's anti-union efforts were headed by one of Clinton's fellow board members, John Tate, a Wal-Mart executive vice president who also served on the board with Clinton for four of her six years. Tate was fond of repeating, as he did at a managers meeting in 2004 after his retirement, what he said was his favorite phrase, "Labor unions are nothing but blood-sucking parasites living off the productive labor of people who work for a living." Wal-Mart says Tate's comments "were his own and do not reflect Wal-Mart's views." But Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton and other company officials often recounted how they relied on Tate to lead the company's successful anti-union efforts. An ABC News analysis of the videotapes of at least four stockholder meetings where Clinton appeared shows she never once rose to defend the role of American labor unions. The tapes, broadcast this morning on "Good Morning America," were provided to ABC News from the archives of Flagler Productions, a Lenexa, Kan., company hired by Wal-Mart to record its meetings and events. A former board member told that he had no recollection of Clinton defending unions during more than 20 board meetings held in private. The tapes show Clinton in the role of a loyal company woman. "I'm always proud of Wal-Mart and what we do and the way we do it better than anybody else," she said at a June 1990 stockholders meeting. Clinton would not agree to be interviewed on the subject but now says she no longer shares Wal-Mart's values and believes unions "have been essential to our nation's success." The videotapes do show that Clinton used her role to push for more environmentally friendly policies and better treatment of women. "We've got a very strong-willed young woman on our board now; her name is Hillary," said Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton at a 1987 stockholders meeting in describing Clinton's role in pushing for more women to be hired in management positions. Critics say Clinton's efforts produced few tangible results, and Wal-Mart is now defending itself in a lawsuit brought by 16 current and former female employees. "I don't doubt the sincerity of her efforts, but we don't see much evidence that conditions for women at Wal-Mart changed much during the late 1980s and early 1990s," said Joe Sellers, one of the lawyers suing Wal-Mart on behalf of the women. Wal-Mart declined to comment to ABC News about the lawsuit, but the company has said previously that it is confident it did not discriminate against female employees. According to the New York Times, Sen. Clinton "maintains close ties to Wal-Mart executives through the Democratic Party and the tightly knit Arkansas business community." The May 20, 2007 article also reported that her husband, former President Clinton, "speaks frequently to Wal-Mart's current chief executive, H. Lee Scott Jr." and held a private dinner at the Clinton's New York home in July 2006 for him. He did not directly respond when asked why she did not quit the board over the conpany's anti-union efforts. "Wal-Mart was Arkansas's largest employer when Sam Walton asked Sen. Clinton to join the board," he said. "As the first woman to join Wal-Mart's board, she worked hard to make it a better corporate citizen." In its statement, Wal-Mart described Sen. Clinton as "a valuable contributor" who "pushed us to be a better company." WI, Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton fights, Barack Obama, workers, unions, American jobs, overseas, foreclosures, NAFTA, trade agreements, corporate lawyer
14 Feb 2008
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DEE DOOLEY - A Love Story written & animated by sin sin DEE DOOLEY - A Love Story is about a man who still looks like Easter DEE DOOLEY - A Love Story written & animated by sin sin DEE DOOLEY - A Love Story is about a man who still looks like Easter Island and anyway, it's not gossip, it's a true story. sin sin biography Dubbed 'digital terrorists' by The Irish Times sin sin is an international pan media group of artists working under the auspices of their beloved leader, The Fat Controller. Members of sin sin produce films, theatre, music, pan media performances, gallery installations, web art, animations and illustrations, poetry, lyrics, short stories and comics. sin sin was commissioned by New Moves at The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow to write and perform their touring live show, Star Dot Star - Post Techno Revue. They are currently working on a new piece for theatre, Hospital For Skeletons which premiered at The Amsterdam Fringe Festival, in August 2007. Over the last year sin sin's short films have been shown in over 25 film festivals worldwide including screenings in America, Russia, Canada, Romania, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Croatia, France and England. Their animated short, Inside The Dishwasher was featured in the Art Animation Gallery at Siggraph 2006 Computer Animation Conference, Boston. The Fat Controller says 'The media is your only friend' for further information about sin sin see or contact
23 Feb 2008
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CemeterySpot contains a content rich Internet memorial, online cemetery, web site and blog. Please contribute and leave comments on our Articles, Forums and Blog. CemeterySpot has user-generated memorials that include a sensitive and loving Biography, Tributes area, photo Gallery, Family Tree and Guest Book. CemeterySpot provides free Resources which include valuable links about cemeteries, cremation, education, embalming, final arrangements, funeral homes, funeral services, grave sites, grief counseling, grief support, memorials and professional associations. Visit us often, participate and make CemeterySpot your spot.
29 Feb 2008
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3:54 "Cheeseheads Under Favre" cell phone wallpaper! brett favre brett favre rookie card brett favre biography brett favre pictures brett favre jerseys brett favre bio brett favre autograph
9 Feb 2009
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2:15 website forum Gallery, Biography, Filmography, For Fans Galeria, Biografia, Filmografia, Dla Fanów
25 Mar 2008
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The Music video Blak Tornado's "Quadrat in the Tree" from the album, An Unnecessary Biography, available from and iTunes.
30 Mar 2008
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9 Apr 2008
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Cathay Che is a New York based travel writer who has blazed her way through about 50 countries (so far). She is also the author of the book, Deborah Harry: Platinum Blonde, the only authorized biography of the iconic Blondie frontwoman. She was a contributing editor at Time Out New York from 1995-2004, and is now a contributing editor at LEXUS magazine. She has been happily contributing her uncensored travel blog, TRAVEL JUNKIE: Addicted to a Taste of Strange, to for sixteen months. She has also written for,, Brides,, Everyday With Rachel Ray, Budget Travel, Mens Journal, Details, Interview, InStyle, The New York Post travel section, The Honolulu Advertiser,, and Glamour. As a performance artist, Che has appeared in New York at The Kitchen, PS 122, Dixon Place, WOW Cafe, Exit Art and The Public Theater. Her first media-related job was as the on-air movie reviewer for the cable TV show, Party Talk, from 1993-1996. Courtesy of cathayche on Visit cathayche in the MOLI View.
25 Apr 2008
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Queen Noor and picturel biography
17 Jun 2008
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Former Scranton Mayor, David Wenzel, is now a published author. His debut work, Scranton's Mayors, is a collection of 29 mini biographies devoted to the men who have guided the city from 1866 to the present day. Wenzel first conceived the idea for the book three years ago when he was asked to give a talk on the Mayors of Scranton for the Mall at Steamtown s History Month. Wenzel was particularly interested in providing a written record of recent events from the past 40 years. The terms of Mayor James Walsh, Mayor Eugene Peters, Mayor Eugene Hickey, Mayor James McNulty, Mayor Wenzel, Mayor Jim Connors and current Mayor Chris Doherty are highlighted. Wenzel thoroughly researched the career of each mayor. The Scranton Times opened up its archives and the Albright Memorial Library and the Lackawanna Historical Society provided assistance. Personal interviews with former mayors and their families give the work a human touch, while memorabilia from past campaigns bring long ago election battles to life. Scranton's Mayors DAVID J. WENZEL ISBN:0976507269 8.5" x 11", paperback 188 pp 2006 Purchase your copy at:
23 May 2008
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