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Bipolar Disorder is not what your pscyhiatrist says it is. Watch and learn. Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Jun 2008
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*******www.MPowerUniversity**** offers info on Bipolar disorder. It is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a category of mood disorders defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally . Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in a person’s mood, energy, and ability to function . Over 10 million people in America have bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depression or manic-depressive illness . This video explains what it is, four different types, signs and symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment. A comprehensive source for information about bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression. Bipolar disorder involves extreme mood swings. With proper treatment, people with bipolar disorder can lead normal lives. . Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, is a medical illness that causes extreme .
7 Aug 2009
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Visit ******* and grab the 5 Part Free E-Course on Bipolar Disorder Treatment. There are many people who are suffering with Bipolar Disorder. Even some of the famous personalities suffer from this disorder. Don't worry, Bipolar Disorder can be controlled.
2 Mar 2009
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How can I solve my Bipolar Disorder? Answer: Information, and yuo can find it here. There's a natural remedy for almost any common health ailment or condition. It's never to late to learn how to get healthy.
23 Feb 2010
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Just a quick how to recognize the symptoms og bipolar disorder.
21 Mar 2010
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Here's what to do if your family member denies having bipolar disorder or another mental illness. HealthyPlace**** Expert Bipolar Patient and author, Julie Fast.
15 Jan 2011
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Disney star Demi Lovato opens up and admits she suffers from bipolar disorder.
24 Apr 2011
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*******www.symptomsofbipolardisorderinadults**** Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Adults. Visit Us for more Info.
17 Jul 2011
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*******www.AdviceOnBipolarDisorder**** Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a life-long illness affecting the chemistry of the brain. In classic cases, it causes severe mood swings from manic episodes of extreme highs to depressive episodes of debilitating lows, with relatively normal periods in-between.
20 Jul 2011
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*******www.AdviceOnBipolarDisorder**** A person diagnosed with bipolar disorder oftentimes has episodes. These episodes are divided into four types: depression, mania, hypomania, and mixed mood. Each episode exhibits different symptoms. Below is the detailed information about the symptoms of bipolar disorder based on episodes.
20 Jul 2011
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*******www.AdviceOnBipolarDisorder**** Since bipolar disorder cannot be detected easily, you must be observant of the things happening around you. A lot of people are not aware that they have the illness, or are afraid to accept such fact. What the person should do is to take action. He must consult a medical professional or a specialist that can diagnose his condition accurately.
20 Jul 2011
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Dr. Eric Braverman answers a question about what is Bipolar Disorder. It is symptom description for Manic Depression and most are treated with Drugs.
2 Aug 2011
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There are different ways that the symptoms of bipolar disorder might be triggered.*******schizophreniasymptoms****/bipolar-symptoms/
9 Oct 2011
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*******www.bipolardisordersymptoms****/ For Treating Patients With Bipolar Disorder - *******www.bipolardisordersymptoms****/rispiradone.html
11 Nov 2011
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*******www.bipolardisordersymptoms****/ The Bipolar Disorder System- Ways Of Helping Someone To Cope Up With Bipolar Disorder. - *******www.bipolardisordersymptoms****/the-bipolar-disorder-system.html
21 Nov 2011
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Get the facts on Bipolar Disorder with this 100% accurate animated video. Part of Focus Apps' Understanding Disease: Psychiatry series, the Bipolar Disorder app explains this mood disorder characterized by episodic shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels. Those with bipolar disorder experience periods of deep depression alternating with periods of mania or mixed episodes. Explore the nature of bipolar disorder and the need for ongoing medication.
6 Nov 2012
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