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The Robin -bird song - download to your phone at: *******www.ipodity**** The Robin The UK's favourite bird - with its bright red breast it is familar throughout the year and especially at Christmas! Males and females look identical, and young birds have no red breast and are spotted with golden brown. Robins sing nearly all year round and despite their cute appearance, they are aggressively territorial and are quick to drive away intruders. They will sing at night next to street lights. Where to see them Across the UK in woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens. When to see them All year round. What they eat Worms, seeds, fruits and insects.
6 Apr 2009
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bird song playing beatbox
21 Apr 2009
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06 June 2010 — Figures suggest that 41% of British adults regularly play online farming games, with nearly two thirds of those playing for up to five hours a week. But whilst these games may be fun, research suggests that they are in fact disconnecting us from what happens on a real farm. • Those who play online farming games were twice as likely as those who don't to think that cotton is farmed in Britain. • Over 11% expected to find rice growing on a British farm. • One in four wouldn't expect to find chickens on a farm in this country But it's not just those playing online games that are disconnected with the countryside. Sadly, one in ten families have never visited a working farm, and worryingly nearly one in five said that it is easier to stay indoors than visit the countryside with 7% thinking there is nothing to do there. The research commissioned by LEAF, organisers of Open Farm Sunday (13 June), also reveals that: • 'Tweeting' has taken on a new meaning for many people. 7 in 10 adults relate the term to messages sent on Twitter, compared to just 1 in 10 who associated to bird song. • Over half of respondents didn't know what is meant by the term 'Beetle Bank' -- 1 in 10 thought it referred to a collection of pop memorabilia or a compound where old cars are stored. In reality, 'Beetle Banks' play a vital role in providing habitat for a range of farm wildlife and insects, and is actually 'a strip of grass in a field', correctly identified by only 13%. Organised by LEAF, Open Farm Sunday is an annual event where over 400 farmers across the UK open their gates to the public and offer a real insight into life behind the farm gate. From tractor and trailer rides, to sheep shearing and pig racing, and not forgetting the picnics and BBQs, there really is something for the whole family to enjoy. Events up and down the country take place on Sunday, 13th June, to find information on a participating farm near to you, log onto www.farmsunday****.
7 Jun 2010
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Truth Happens Dance on the grave of DRM with this awesome cartoon mash-up challenge. www.truthhappens****
3 Sep 2007
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singing a bird song
28 May 2008
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The FSX Humming Bird Edge 540 with an upgraded engine with a high pitch motor giving the Zivko engine a humming/bird noise, hint the name Humming Bird. Song is by the Fall Out Boys : From now on were enemies Made By Martin Productions Site: FSX The humming bird Site: *******
17 May 2010
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You have to watch the 5 videos to notice the different voices she had, from the lower (the first videos) to the higher (the last videos) notes she could perform. "A voice as powerfull as earthquakes and as soft as bird songs" "Una voz tan potente como temblores y tan suave como musica de aves"
8 Apr 2010
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Recordable parrot wireless doorbell novelty wireless doorbell, with a parrot that will either give a bird song when the doorbell is sounded, or will play back up to 6 seconds of prerecorded sounds. a wonderful gift idea, this parrot wireless doorbell is easy to install as it does not require any wiring or electronic know-how. simply fix the transmitter outdoors, and have the parrot receiver indoors within 15 meters, and the loud 2w speaker will sound every time the wireless doorbell is pushed. make your home that much more interesting with esaleschinas great wireless recordable doorbell parrot. China Wholesale New Electronic Gadgets Parrot Wireless Doorbell Specification Doorbell Transmission: Wireless Bird Call Chime 6 Seconds Recorded Chime Range: 15~20 Meters Power Source: Transmitter- 1xAAA Battery Receiver- 3xAA Batteries Sound Output: 2W Dimension: Transmitter- 75x43x22mm (LxWxD) Receiver- 260x195x95mm (LxWxD) Manufacturer Ref. : FZ09001 Other Features: Strong anti-interference wireless transmission China supplier: Email : fangzhengcnhotmail**** Skype ID : chanceller819 *******chinagift.en.ecplaza****
28 Jan 2011
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Go on a birding adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and find out where some of those bird songs and calls are really coming from. Filmed during last year's Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage.
23 Feb 2010
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Bird Song & Colourful Tree Photography
26 Dec 2010
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Beautiful Sundown in London with Bird Song
26 Dec 2010
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Click to SUBsauce: ******* *******www.twitter****/tweetsauce **sources and bonus links below** music by ***********/JakeChudnow ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Big Bird song: ***********/watch?v=pr5er4ueWBQ John Denver's "Ballad of Richard Nixon": ***********/watch?v=zC9U_PvC8Fs SHORTEST CONCERT by White Stripes: ***********/watch?v=2vYlHTGsmso Shortest video on YouTube: ***********/watch?v=9uDgJ9_H0gg other REALLY short videos on YouTube (involves cats): ***********/watch?v=tPEE9ZwTmy0&list=PL1EBE78CC528B52E8 Muhammad Ali "me / we" discussion: ***********/watch?v=JXQ_IjzWN7A cool visual uses of words: *******www.marcofolio****/other/15_cool_word_illusions.html "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn": *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/For_sale:_baby_shoes,_never_worn shortest poem website: *******www.worldsshortestpoem**** Lines on the Antiquity of Microbes: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Lines_on_the_Antiquity_of_Microbes Paul Hartal rhyming couplets: *******www.poemhunter****/poem/the-seven-shortest-poems-in-the-world/ "me / we" discussion: *******www.englishforums****/English/WorldsShortestPoem/vrrkk/post.htm Definition of poetry: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Poem Aram Saroyan: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Aram_Saroyan Aram Saroyan (examples of his work): *******eclipsearchive****/projects/ARAM/aram.html lighght: *******www.artspace****/aram_saroyan/lighght#newZoom lighght tattoo: *******lovelyarc.tumblr****/post/44072792488/cybele-knowles-has-held-the-reins-over-at-the one-LETTER poems: *******thewholegardenwillbow.wordpress****/2012/01/04/one-letter-poems-for-aaron-belz-after-aaron-belz/ "l/y": *******dbqp.blogspot****/2007/06/measuring-worlds-shortest-poem.html jwcurry "i" poem: *******www.thing****/~grist/l&d/grumman/egrumn.htm discussion of world's shortest poem: *******www.englishforums****/English/TheWorldsShortestPoem/bnppz/post.htm RW Watkins "Le Vide (For Yves Klein)": *******dbqp.blogspot****/2005/06/xyz-of-literature.html silent musical compositions: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/List_of_silent_musical_compositions artistic briefness records article: ******* The Book of Disquiet: *************/Book-Disquiet-Penguin-Modern-Classics/dp/0141183047 "everything stated or expressed by man is a note in the margin of a completely erased text. From what's in the note we can extract the gist of what must have been in the text" - Pessoa
1 Sep 2013
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Download the full song for free there: ******* I made with Garageband without sheet music, only by ear, enjoy!
16 Aug 2011
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Join the Audience!! Facebook *******Facebook****/tobyturnerfans Twitter *******twitter****/tobyturner Spotify ******* Thanks for Favoriting/Liking!! It helps a lot! Shirts (US) l *******tobuscus.spreadshirt****/ Shirts (EU) l *******tobuscus.spreadshirt****/ And also with signed DRW posters! *******www.forhumanpeoples****/products/tobuscus-drw-poster Outro Music "Gimme That" by DJ Alex S. Get it on iTunes! ***********/us/album/tobuscus-dubstep-remix-gimme/id430366221 ------------------------------------------- Minecraft Playlist: ***********/playlist?list=PLA1421D3B844DCA12feature=view_all More Minecraft: ***********/playlist?list=PLD2AF1F32D0D17F67feature=view_all Order Tobuscus zip hoodies here and get a free slap bracelet! *******tobuscus.spreadshirt**** This also works for European orders (hereapos;s the euro store) *******tobuscus.spreadshirt**** Sign up for a Gamefly free trial HERE - *******gamefly****/tobuscus Playlists: ***********/user/TobyGames/videos?view=1 Main Channel - *******youtube****/Tobuscus Daily Vlogs - *******youtube****/tobyturner Toby Sucks at Minecraft Part 324 Tags: Minecraft day first playthrough part intro cinematic pc machinima gameplay commentary normal difficulty lets play
2 May 2013
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That's right. ALL the theme songs from the Angry Birds series, including Angry Birds Seasons 1 & 2. I'm working on the version now. With every new episode in AB Seasons, I add it to the new video. I'll also be adding more songs than the ones shown in this video.
19 Jul 2013
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23 Jun 2011
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