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Relax to the sound of Beautiful Bird Songs.
19 Aug 2012
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Florence And the Macnhine Bird Song~ Lungs I do not own song Rate Subscribe Comment
5 Jul 2013
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1 Hour of Relaxing Sounds of Nature, the Soothing Sound Bird Song and a Tranquil Waterfall. Use these Peaceful Sounds of Flowing Water and the Dawn Chorus for Relaxation, Meditation, to help you get a Restful Sleep, or as a relaxing Aid for Study.60min. of uninterrupted Sound for Study. Please share this video with anyone you think may find it useful to relax with. Thank you very much for watching, commenting, rating and supporting this and my other relaxing videos. This video is filmed and produced by myself, Johnnie Lawson. I am a visual Artist living and working in the North West of Ireland. Thanks to Magurm, sean.townsend Benboncan, inchadney and acclivity who have generously granted permission to use their sound recordings under creative commons attribution, www.freesound**** CHANNEL:- ***********/user/johnnielawson VIDEO:- *******
18 Jul 2013
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This Bird song is the end result of an epic collaboration we made about birds and music! SUBSCRIBE for more Weebl ► ******* Thanks to everyone involved in making this. FIND MORE WEEBL!! Visit Weebl's STORE ► ******* Follow Weebl on Twitter ► ******* LIKE Weebl's Stuff on Facebook ► ******* If you like what we're doing then check out our website for GAMES and MORE: ► *******weebls-stuff**** WHAT IS WEEBL's STUFF? Animations, sketches and songs by the Mr Weebl and the Weebl's Stuff Team. You can also buy the music for the animations on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. If you like what you've watched then please subscribe. ** FAQ ** Q: What do you use to animate?A: Mostly Flash and a bit of After Effects. Q How do you make your music?A: Reason/Record by Propellerheads. Melodyne by Celemony. Cubase (rarely) by Steinberg. I also use Adobe Audition for voice editing and a SE2200a mic.
8 Sep 2013
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This is one of a series of videos designed for various needs:- as a calming sound to play in the background while studying or as a soothing sound to play while you sleep. These videos can be used for many relaxation requirements, let me know how you use this video. With each video there will be a tip to help you with your studying or how to achieve a relaxed sleep. With this video I have included the first of the tips on how to get the most out of your study sessions. For the second 8 Hour video in this series and Study Tip No.2 ***********/watch?v=rzM7R6Vzp4s For the third 8 Hour video in this series and Study Tip No.3 ***********/watch?v=2G8LAiHSCAs For the fourth 8 Hour video in this series and Study Tip No.4 ***********/watch?v=txvn1jQk1hM How to Study Effectively Quality focus is necessary for effective study. It's difficult to make headway in any learning program without an effective study plan. If it is exams you are studying for, quality focus is what will get you those extra marks, potentially elevating you into the next grade. Set aside a quiet place where you can work regularly. This place should be dedicated to study, free of potential distractions from friends, family and even pets. Keep the space simple and tidy, get rid of clutter. Your chair should be firm and comfortable to help avoid back problems and neck strain. Make sure that your study area is well lit and has an ambient temperature where you can focus. The quality of focus determines the quality of understanding, thus enabling you to apply what you learn. Regular work in such an environment helps form good, effective study habits, improves concentration and focus. Minimize distractions, as they waste precious time and cause tension. Cómo estudiar con eficacia Es necesario para el estudio eficaz atención de calidad. Es difícil avanzar en un programa de aprendizaje sin un plan de estudio eficaz. Si se trata de exámenes que están estudiando para, el enfoque de calidad es lo que te llevará a las marcas adicionales, potencialmente elevar al grado siguiente. Aparte un lugar tranquilo donde se puede trabajar con regularidad. Este lugar debe ser dedicado a estudiar, libre de distracciones potenciales de los amigos, la familia e incluso mascotas. Mantenga el espacio simple y ordenado, deshacerse del desorden. La silla debe ser firme y cómoda para ayudar a evitar problemas de espalda y dolor de cuello. Asegúrese de que el área de estudio está bien iluminado y tiene una temperatura ambiente donde se puede enfocar. La calidad de la atención que determina la calidad de la comprensión, lo que le permite aplicar lo que aprende. El trabajo regular en un entorno de ayuda a formar buenos hábitos de estudio eficaces, mejora la concentración y el enfoque. Reduzca al mínimo las distracciones, ya que perder un tiempo precioso y causar tensión. Relax 8 Hours-Relaxing Nature Sounds-Study-Sleep-Meditation-Water Sounds-Bird Song © Johnnie Lawson All rights reserved Additional sounds are by Inchadney and Benboncan from Freesound**** and have a Creative Commons Attribution Unported 3.0 (CC BY3.0) License. They can be downloaded from the following links:- *******www.freesound****/people/inchadney/sounds/123720/ *******www.freesound****/people/inchadney/sounds/74244/ *******www.freesound****/people/inchadney/sounds/54918/ *******www.freesound****/people/Benboncan/sounds/73039/ Channel:- ***********/user/johnnielawson Video:- *******
14 Dec 2013
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*******musicelf**** Listen to 2 hours of relaxing birds songs in early morning forest. Clean bird recording, no background noise, wind or loud water stream. Birds are very relaxing to hear especially when you live in a city and hardly hear birds singing. Listening to birds while working, studying, writing, meditating, exercising can be very relaxing. Just close your eyes and imagine your in a beautiful spring forest with all the lovely flowers, trees rustling in the wind and the birds singing. See our channel for more relaxing music and sound effects. Commenter Tip: To put this on repeat, watch it here on yourepeat****: ******* Thanks to Benboncan, Inchadney and Kyster.
29 Apr 2014
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Soothing bird songs. Don't forget to leave a comment or rating. Recordings by Klankschap. If you liked this, be sure to try out these videos: 12 hours of ocean sounds: ************/watch?v=DcspsA8KqvI 10 hours of underwater music: ************/watch?v=xTZUsgU3qEc 10 hours of wind chimes: ************/watch?v=6FCZ8azY_wU
13 Jan 2015
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Directed By Bernard Derriman Animated by Andrew Collins, Lily Dell and Ian Harrowell
10 Mar 2010
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Track is entitled 'Country Garden - Beautiful Birdsong, Nature, and Wildlife Sounds' on the Nature Sounds CD by Calmsound
21 Mar 2012
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Conservation scientist Peter Marra has discovered that urban surroundings actually change how birds call out. Bill Plante reports the changes may also impact the chances of the bird finding a mate.
22 Aug 2012
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Kookaburra - *******www.muffinsongs**** (more songs) Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree Merry, merry king of the bush is he Laugh, Kookaburra! Laugh, Kookaburra! Gay your life must be Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree Eating all the gum drops he can see Stop, Kookaburra! Stop, Kookaburra! Leave some there for me *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Kookaburra_(song) Little Bird's Song - *******www.muffinsongs**** (more songs) A little bird has come to me twit twit and it sings song to me why don't you follow me up to the stairs of clean white clouds tra la la la la la la look at all the shining lights it's coming from the blue tides of sea tra la la la la la la look at all the pretty lines seven colors of the rainbow just follow me to the blue sky if you could see the world beyond the clouds you will get to know what a beautiful world that we are sharings Ugly Duckling - *******www.muffinsongs**** (more songs) I love to fool around all day I'm the naughty one ugly duckling is my middle name I'm the ugly one Didn't mean for that to happen sorry for the mess left the window open for the butterflies but now our house is full of bugs now they're biting us from everywhere I am clumsy I am trouble but remember I meant just good I love you all so forgive me that's just the way I am for now ugly dukling was the pretty goose that's how the story goes I know someday when I grow up I'll be quite the gentlemen I love to fool around all day I'm the naughty one ugly duckling is my middle name I'm the ugly one Didn't mean for that to happen sorry for the mess drew a picture on a car that my father loves but now I've painted all over I thought I would do a better job I am clumsy I am trouble but remember I meant just good I love you all so forgive me that's just the way I am for now ugly dukling was the pretty goose that's how the story goes I know someday when I grow up I'll be quite the gentlemen *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Ugly_Duckling Once I Saw A Little Bird - *******www.muffinsongs**** (more songs) Once I saw a little bird, go hop, hop, hop So I said little bird, will you stop, stop, stop. Then was going to the window to say, "How do you do?" But he shook his little tail and a way he flew. DOWNLOAD MP3 - 50 Best Kids' Songs, Vol. 1. iTunes (Apple iphone/ipad/ipod) US: ***********/us/album/muffin-songs-50-best-kids/id492247041 AU: ***********/au/album/muffin-songs-50-best-kids/id492247041 JP: ***********/au/album/muffin-songs-50-best-kids/id492247041 UK: ***********/au/album/muffin-songs-50-best-kids/id492247041 BR: ***********/br/album/muffin-songs-50-best-kids/id492247041 CA: ***********/ca/album/muffin-songs-50-best-kids/id492247041 Amazon US: ***********/Muffin-Songs-Best-Kids-Vol/dp/B006PTE9AW JP: **********.jp/Muffin-Songs-Best-Kids-Vol/dp/B006PNPNPI UK: *************/Muffin-Songs-Best-Kids-Vol/dp/B006PV9VBM FR: ******* DE: ******* ภาษาอังกฤษ เด็ก เพลง Ingles mga bata awit 兒童 歌 英语 儿童 İngilizce çocuklar şarkı английский дети песня अंग्रेज़ी बच्चे गीत Inglês crianças canção angielski dzieci piosenka anglaise enfants chanson angol gyerekek dal inglese bambini canzone tiếng Anh Trẻ em bài hát engelsk børn Engels kinderen lied Englisch Kinder Lied الإنجليزية الأطفال أغنية
4 Jan 2013
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2 May 2013
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Angry Birds Counting Song for children...and adults.. Ploop Channel's counting song with the help of the Angry Birds ! Let's learn counting forwards and backwards with Dan Banna! and these funny birds! :-0 текст песни: One little, two little, three little birdies, Four little, five little, six little birdies, Seven little, eight little, nine little birdies Ten little Angry Birds... Ten little, nine littly, eight little birdies, Seven little, six little, five little birdies, Four little, three little two little birdies One little Angry Bird. Watch more educational videos on youtube****/PloopChannel
5 Jun 2013
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That's right. ALL the theme songs from the Angry Birds series, including Angry Birds Seasons 1 & 2. I'm working on the version now. With every new episode in AB Seasons, I add it to the new video. I'll also be adding more songs than the ones shown in this video.
19 Jul 2013
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El respeto por la mejor de las madres (PACHAMAMA) se debe expresar en nuestras acciones diarias. Teniendo reverencia por todo cuanto existe, todo ser viviente quiere ser feliz, por lo tanto no debemos quitarle esa felicidad, ni la libertad a la que todos tenemos derecho incluyendo a todas las especies de animales. Es obligación nuestra contribuir para que todo lo que tenga vida sea cada vez más feliz, o encuentre esa felicidad tan anhelada. Por lo tanto en la medida que nos ayudemos unos con otros a ser cada vez más felices; encontraremos nuestros grandes tesoros interiores como la divinidad nuestra, la libertad y el Amor y respeto por todo cuanto existe. ARMANDO RODRIGUEZ MORALES Coloridos y caprichosos plumajes y picos, cantos singulares, capacidad de interacción, atributos que las convierten en codiciados tesoros vivientes. Un tucán, una guacamaya, un pavo real, son aves extraordinarias, de gran colorido. Su particular plumaje o las formas y dimensiones de sus picos hacen que estas aves sean consideradas exóticas. Pero más allá de la fascinación que producen, es importante traer a colación la primera acepción que de la palabra exótico ofrece el Diccionario de la Real Academia Española, que alude a la idea de alguien que procede de un lugar lejano, ajeno al lugar donde se le nombra como tal. Luego, en su segunda acepción, habla de "extraño, chocante, extravagante". Es importante manejar esa doble visión sobre este tipo de aves que durante siglos han fascinado a la especie humana, a tal punto que por su extraordinaria belleza suelen ser arrancadas de sus hábitat naturales, comercializadas ilegalmente y sometidas, la mayoría de las veces, a penosos cautiverios. Esta situación ha conllevado en muchos casos a la amenaza o al franco peligro de extinción de algunas de estas especies. El considerarlas "trofeos", esclavas de la codicia de nuestras miradas, tiene sin dudas connotaciones antropocéntricas que obligan a una reflexión en torno a este afán posesivo, sin importar el riesgo que ello implique para la existencia misma de aquello que deseamos. Esta paradoja es expresión de una banal relación con lo natural: amamos la naturaleza por fragmentos, sin importar que con nuestra actitud y visión la destruyamos progresivamente. En un sitio web que no oculta su inclinación al sometimiento de estas especies, se dice que "un ave exótica llena el hogar de color y alegría. En contra de lo que creen la mayoría de las personas, son mascotas muy cariñosas e inteligentes que agradecen los cuidados que se les dispensa y que saben corresponder de manera muy especial a su amo". Muchas de estas aves escapan y si bien no pueden regresar al lugar de donde fueron extraídas, por lo general selvas tropicales, al menos recuperan la capacidad de volar a su libre albedrío. ARMANDO RODRIGUEZ MORALES ORGULLOSAMENTE PACHAMAMA
23 Jul 2013
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3 hours of birds singing
18 Oct 2013
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