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2 Feb 2018
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5th Anniversary of UltraJapan
10 Feb 2018
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Henan Sinoko Cranes Co. Ltd is a The Container Crane manufacturing-Konecrane Group SWF company. We offer Services advantages of slim size, excellent free maintenance performance, PLC lifting limit switch etc.
20 Feb 2018
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Seriously, why should we have all the fun, even animals and birds deserve some. This incredible parrot has turned a human invention into birds recreation element by enjoying a slide ride on a banister.
23 Jan 2018
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Hello Everyone ! Pigeons are very kind birds. So many pigeons are found in Kathmandu city of Nepal. People here love pigeons. Pigeons are the symbol of peace and truth.
8 Feb 2018
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Chicken Egg Hatching, Best Incubator For Chicken Eggs, Chicken Eggs Hatching, Hatching Pheasant Eggs, Basic procedures to make the best of incubation hatching The thing to remember when you’re trying your hand at incubation hatching is that you’re dealing with very young and delicate creatures. Eggs may look like blank shells, but each is a baby creature that requires careful nurturing if it is to remain healthy, and indeed, even to survive. Too many people who try their hands at incubation hatching don’t realize this simple fact. Of course, there are certain procedures that need to be followed, but the fact remains that a person who is interested in incubation hatching, and who attempts it, must genuinely care for the young creatures, or it becomes likely that his or her efforts will go badly. Hygiene is crucially important in the whole process of incubation hatching. Another thing that you must know is that it is necessary to turn the eggs carefully and regularly while they’re in the incubator. This is crucial to ensure that one side of the eggs is not heated more than the other, causing damage to the little organisms within them. But what many people don’t realize is that hygiene is crucially important when handling the eggs. Not that the eggs are in any danger from you, at least not unless you knock them over. However, if you handle the eggs with dirty hands, the young chicks that ultimately hatch out of the eggs may contract some disease or infection from the egg shells. And once one bird gets sick, disease can spread through the entire brood like wild fire. Before you know it, your entire breeding stock will be gone. This gives you an idea of how careful you need to be in caring for the eggs and the young chicks. A moment of carelessness in handling the eggs with dirty hands could lead to wide spread disease among your livestock later on. Its care like this that ensures that all
12 Feb 2018
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unusual height in Siberia in the summer of 2018
26 Jan 2018
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a peacock is walking on streets of a town and climbing the wallls of houses
26 Jan 2018
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Acer Computer commercial with Cheep Thrills® trained parrot.
29 Jan 2018
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Two ducks fight and my puppy wants to stop them. My puppy and two ducks Cairina moschata .
29 Jan 2018
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cockatoos everywhere flying parrots
30 Jan 2018
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How To Make An Incubator, Chicken Egg Incubators, Incubators For Hatching Eggs, Hatching Goose Eggs. Incubation hatching: keeping your brood healthy during the incubation One thing that you really need to be careful of when engaged in incubation hatching is temperatures, which should neither be allowed to climb more than a degree above the recommended incubation temperature for your incubator, nor allowed to fall more than a degree or so below it. In either case, the alteration in development time negatively impacts the brood, with greater or lesser fatalities depending upon the temperature difference that they suffer from. Maintaining the temperature inside your incubator carefully can go a long way towards preventing serious mishaps of this nature, and can contribute to ensuring that your poultry keeping efforts are a complete success. An incubator that does not use the forced air approach requires even more care in maintaining the temperature, because layers of air form in such an incubator, and these layers are all at different temperatures. Remember when checking the temperature, that you’re not checking to see what the temperature within the incubator is, but instead, checking to see what temperature the eggs are at. To this end, you need to place the thermometer so that its bulb is exactly on a level with the uppermost portion of the egg shells. This is if you’ve placed the eggs so that they’re lying on their sides. If you’ve placed them vertically, then you need to take a measurement from a point that’s about half an inch below the uppermost section of the egg. As a matter of fact, the position that I’ve mentioned is actually the position of the embryo within the egg shell, so what you’re actually doing is measuring the temperature that they developing embryos experience. You need to be very careful to measure only the air near the eggs – you must not, under any conditions, touch the
12 Feb 2018
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