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Injuries due to medical negligence can be devastating. If you or loved ones are victims of surgical errors, nursing home neglect or birth trauma, contact Wagner Reese & Crossen in Carmel, Indiana. 800-792-0332. *******www.injuryattorneys****
14 Mar 2009
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A Florida Birth Injury lawyer discusses common types of birth injuries, including cerebral palsy. If your child suffered a birth injury in Florida, it may have been the result of medical negligence. Some birth injuries are caused by mistakes made by doctors or hospitals during delivery, such as delaying the performance of a necessary C-section or depriving the child of oxygen. The birth injury lawyers at Morgan & Morgan can help you with your birth trauma claim in Orlando or anywhere in the state of Florida.
2 Apr 2009
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It is important to talk with an attorney as soon as possible in a birth trauma case. If your child has suffered a birth injury, contact Lane & Lane in Chicago, Illinois at 1.800.LAWYERS. *******www.lane-lane****
18 Apr 2009
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McKeen & Associates handles every aspect of birth trauma litigation. For representation, contact the firm in Detroit, Michigan at 866-585-1076. *******www.mckeenassociates****
20 Apr 2009
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If your child suffers a birth injury, contact the attorneys at Becker & Mishkind in Cleveland, Ohio. For representation in a birth trauma case, call 216-592-8796. *******www.beckermishkind****
27 Apr 2009
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If you took Zoloft during the initial trimester of pregnancy and your youngster was identified with PPHN or if your child had breathing-related problems at birth and is now experiencing developmental hold-ups, satisfy contact one of our Zoloft attorney without delay. Our Zoloft lawyer could have the ability to shed light on the conveniences of a Zoloft lawsuit, even if your kid was not particularly detected with PPHN. Birth traumas can be distressing for the kid as well as the parent. If your baby has actually endured a trauma during childbirth because of health care negligence, listed here is the solution for you to seek compensation by declaring a birth trauma negotiation.Visit our site *******zoloftlawsuitv****/ for more information on Zoloft Birth Injury
9 Feb 2013
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29 Oct 2011
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