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*******uselectionnews**** According to a new Public Policy Poll released this week, more than half of likely GOP Primary voters are still wary of President Obama’s citizen status, questioning his birth certificate. The doubting demographic are commonly known as “birthers”, and out of 400 people surveyed between February 11th and February 13th, a little over half said that they still had questions about President Obama’s American citizenship. 28 percent of that same group of people said that they believe that President Obama was born in the US, and another 21 percent said that they weren’t sure either way.
3 Mar 2011
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY You're watching multisource politics video news analysis from Newsy. Maybe-maybe-not presidential hopeful Donald Trump talked about plenty of stuff in a morning interview with New York City Talk 1300’s Fred Dicker -- but it was one line in particular that has the blogosphere all stirred up. “Hillary Clinton did so much for the black population, so much, and she got very few votes. So then you’ll hear a political reporter -- look, I tell it like it is -- then you’ll hear a political reporter go on and say, ‘had nothing to do with race.’ But how come she got such a tiny piece of the vote? And it’s, you know, it’s a very sad thing. I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.” If you didn’t catch it -- the phrase in contention is quote- “the blacks.” A writer for The Daily Kos explains the problem with Trump’s wording. “It's not too far removed from referring to black folks as ‘Negroes’, ‘You People’, ‘Coloreds’, ‘Darkies’, or ‘Flavor Flav's Kids’ on the racial insult totem pole. Referring to a race of people as a single entity is probably the height of racial insensitivity.” Trump was responding to a question about a recent Quinnipiac Poll indicating 95 percent of blacks in New York approve of how President Barack Obama is handling the presidency -- compared to just 42 percent of whites. (Video: CBS) A writer for the website The Urban Politico goes after Trump’s overall assertion, saying -- if you recall the unsuccessful candidacies of African Americans like Al Sharpton and Cynthia McKinney, there’s more to winning than being black. “Considering the fact that over the past 222 years, this country has never had an African American candidate within a rocks throw of the Oval Office, minimizing any degree of the pride felt in an historic opportunity as nothing more than race based shows how culturally out of touch Trump is with ‘The Blacks.’” Many analysts have noted, Trump’s insistent birtherism has already alienated him from black voters, who view the perspective as inherently racist. But a writer for Death + Taxes argues, black voters were never behind Trump in the first place -- and he’s simply playing to his home crowd. “Donald Trump has just replaced Mss. Palin and Bachman and become the de-facto candidate of the Tea Party movement.” On CBS, Michael Steele -- who was the first African American to serve as chair of the Republican National Committee -- shrugs off the phrase and says, Trump will be Trump. MICHAEL STEELE:“He sort of brings a level of conversation that I don’t think we’re all used to yet in politics. He’s unscripted in so many ways, and that can be good and that can be refreshing, but it also can be troublesome when you’re trying to understand exactly what it is you mean when you say ‘the blacks.’” And on MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, an editorial writer for The Washington Post says, Trump is probably just following an old piece of marketing wisdom: Any publicity is good publicity. JONATHAN CAPEHART, THE WASHINGTON POST: “This is all about pumping up the ratings of that show, whatever it’s called, and just getting Trump’s name out there. And it’s also not just the shows. Remember, his name is slapped on buildings all over the country. So all of this stuff, all of this talk, is about pumping up whatever business interest he has.” 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for video news updates in your news feed. Get more multisource political video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
16 Apr 2011
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER ANCHOR ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy A member of the Orange County Republican Party in California is facing calls for her resignation over an email she sent depicting President Barack Obama as a baby chimpanzee. REPORTER, VOICE OVER: “She says she meant it to be ‘funny.’ This picture showing President Obama as part of a family of apes was emailed by Orange County Republican official and Tea Party member Marilyn Davenport. Along with the picture, she wrote, ‘Now you know why no birth certificate.’”(KNBC) Other GOP officials -- including the chair of the Orange County Republican Party -- have been quick to condemn the email, calling it quote- “dripping with racism.” After OC Weekly broke the story, Davenport defended herself by saying it was just a joke, and later sent an apology email, saying... “I simply found it amusing regarding the character of Obama and all the questions surrounding his origin of birth … In no way did I even consider the fact he's half black when I sent out the email. In fact, the thought never entered my mind until one or two other people tried to make this about race." The email goes on to compare the picture with similar images of George W. Bush during his presidency -- but in a statement, a member of the California chapter of NAACP explains, they’re two very different issues. REPORTER, READING TEXT: “History has shown that blacks have been depicted in this fashion in the past to degrade African Americans as not human. Anyone who does not know this history is either ignorant, had their head buried in the sand, or as we at the NAACP believe, simply racist.”(KABC) Finally, a writer for the Baltimore Sun says, he might be able to give Davenport some benefit of the doubt since she was caught up in the birther conspiracy aspect of the picture -- but prefers she didn’t try to sugarcoat it. “...if she's so out of touch with reality that she couldn't see how picturing the country's first African-American president as a chimp could be considered racist, she should resign due to transparent stupidity. I'd almost rather her say: ‘Yes, it's a racial joke. But sometimes racial humor is funny’ … At least that would be honest.” Members of the Orange County Republican Party say they’ve reviewed the bylaws and cannot force Davenport to resign, but will continue to ask for her voluntary resignation. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
23 Apr 2011
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BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy This is Newsy Now and here are the headlines you need to know. In world news — the European Union says it has outlined a plan to send ground troops to protect humanitarian efforts in Libya, should the UN requests such support. euronews reports, aid agencies are also stepping up their evacuation efforts from Misrata, rescuing nearly 1,000 migrant workers and injured residents overnight. “It was the second of several ships being sent in; most of the migrant workers had been living in the open in Misrata’s port hoping for some way out. The rescue team had wanted to evacuate more from the besieged city but the lull in the firing had not lasted long.” Also in world news — Human rights groups report Syrian forces opened fire on demonstrators in the city of Homs overnight. This violence erupted just hours after the government vowed to suppress all protests in the country. Here’s France 24. “The unrest has now spread in cities across much of the country, having begun more than a month ago in Deraa. The government now says the uprising is an armed revolt. In the past day the interior ministry has hardened its rhetoric: it says the violence is the work of Salafist extremists, intent on bringing down the state.” In U.S. news — a wake-up call for lawmakers, in the form of a threat from the respected credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s. San Diego’s KNSD explains. “For the first time ever, the key credit agency has downgraded its outlook on what the country owes. Stocks took a nose dive on news that Standard & Poor's changed its outlook from stable to negative, a warning that if Democrats and Republicans keep butting heads there's a one in three chance the nation could lose its AAA credit rating in the next two years.” Still in U.S. news — step aside, Donald Trump! Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed the state’s proposed birther bill. If it were approved, the bill would have required all presidential candidates to prove their U.S. citizenship before their names can appear in Arizona’s ballot. Phoenix’s KSAZ discusses the governor’s decision. “But she said that she just couldn’t justify this. And as the former Secretary of State, she doesn’t feel that one person should have the sole responsibility of verifying that.” In entertainment -- after Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brook Mueller checked herself into rehab last week, the media now expects Sheen to try to take full custody of his twin boys. Extra explains how that move could benefit Charlie. REPROTER: “Now that Brooke is reportedly back in rehab, Charlie should get full custody of the twins And that $55,000 a month child support payment should be history.” PIRRO: “If this case came into my courtroom, I'm looking for a grandparent right now.” WOMAN 1: “They need to beg Denise Richards to take those kids. She's the only sane one.” TMZ reports Denise Richards -- another former Sheen wife, called Charlie and offered to take informal custody of the boys while he finishes up his live comedy show tour. Sheen responded saying, “I’ll keep you posted.” Stay with Newsy**** for more analysis on news throughout the day. For Newsy Now, I’m Jim Flink highlighting the top headlines making you smarter, faster. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your new feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
25 Apr 2011
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Jerry Seinfeld angered Donald Trump who wrote an angry letter after the actor/comedian pulled out of a charity event due to Trump's birther attacks on President Obama. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss.
24 Apr 2011
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BY ALLIE SPILLYARDS ANCHOR JIM FLINK You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy Gas prices are up 45 percent from a year ago, but President Obama’s disapproval rating might be rising even higher. NBC: “When gas prices go up they hurt any president. We saw it with Bush. We’ve seen it for a long time.” According to the latest CNN Poll of Polls, Obama’s approval rating is edging steadily downward -- its lowest this year at 45 percent. The president himself even blames his declining approval rating on skyrocketing prices at the pump. And some in the media are speculating how these new numbers will affect 2012. The National Journal’s James Barnes writes... “Political Insiders in both parties concurred that the party that controls the presidency in the White House was the one that was going to shoulder disproportionate blame with the public. ‘If you're in the White House they are your gas prices,’ said one Democratic Insider.” But a blogger for the Independent isn’t so sure. “...assuming Republicans can come up with a credible candidate. That is, of course, a big ‘if’, when none of the party's likely field has made much of an impression, and when such headlines as exist are dominated by Donald Trump, who is pushing the far-right ‘birther’ argument against Mr Obama.” And in an editorial for The Boston Herald -- Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is even more skeptical. He writes... “In normal times, that kind of poll number would be catastrophic for a president about to enter the re-election season. But these are not normal times. A new Washington Post/ABC News poll says that despite the country’s dour mood, Obama would still beat every single Republican who’s showed any interest in running.” But the president isn’t taking chances. In an attempt to win back some public affection, the administration recently announced a task force to look into price gouging -- to mixed reviews. The Huffington Post’s Bill Schneider says he doesn’t except it to help much. “Expect lots of photo ops at gas stations... Government can provide some temporary relief by doing things like releasing oil supplies from the strategic petroleum reserve. That's a short-term solution. But politics is lived in the short-term, and right now, gas prices are taking a toll on all elected officials.” But gas price drama might be coming to an end soon. According to an industry analyst cited by Reuters, the increases have slowed and could even stop rising in the near future. ### 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
26 Apr 2011
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President Barack Obama spoke to the press after the White House released his birth certificate to silence 'birther' conspiracy theorists. Cenk Uygur gives his take.
30 Apr 2011
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BY ALYSSA CARTEE ANCHOR ALEX ROZIER You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy This Sunday topics ranged from tornado destruction in the South to progress in Libya. But discussion always came back to the budget- from the birther’s lack of focus on the issue to the way it impacts education. As the death toll in the South continues to rise - Virgina Governor Bob McDonnell talked to NBC’s David Gregory about support after one of the greatest natural disasters in U.S. history. McDonnell: “The American people, while we disagree on some things, when we are attacked or we have a catastrophe like this we bind together and work together and help each other better than any other country on Earth.” CBS’ Face the Nation tackled another hot topic, Libya- with Republican Senator John McCain expressing disappointment in the nation’s involvement. Schieffer: “Are you satisfied with how the administration is handling this?” McCain: “I’m not because we have taken a backseat role. The President has quote ‘withdrawn’ from NATO.” Of course, the budget still reigns as the leading Sunday topic. On the Meet the Press panel, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg sounded the weekly call for fiscal compromise. Bloomberg: “How much chaos and destruction to our economy do we have to do before everyone in Washington starts acting like an adult, coming together and not pandering to small voting blocks?” And this week’s White House representative- Senior Advisor David Axelrod- says the Obama administration is trying to strike a careful balance. Axelrod: “We have certain responsibilities. One is to be fiscally responsible but we also have a responsibility to our future. We have a social compact that we have to keep with our senior citizens, with our children to educate them and give them the tools to compete. There are certain things we know we have to do. That oughta guide our decision making here.” On ABC’s This Week, analysts even tied the birther movement to economic insecurity. Stockman: “Since they’re not worried, since they don’t fear the consequence of what they’re doing, they’re willing to engage in this kind of you know rank theatre when so to speak Rome is burning.” Flash Huffington: “But this is not just something that happens in times of deep economic anxiety. Paranoid politics can thrive and demagogy can thrive. People can believe things for which there’s no evidence.” CNN’s State of the Union took a new angle on the budget crisis- hosting a panel to discuss how schools are dealing with budget woes. Randi Weingarten (Pres. of American Federation of Teachers): “On the ground right now as we are talking in Washington, there are cuts in school budgets throughout the country so kids are losing out in terms of music, they’re losing out in terms of sports, they’re losing out in terms of arts. They are losing the kind of activities that they need to engage them.” Steve Perry (founder of Capitol Preparatory Magnet School): “I think that one of the best things to happen to public education has been the budget crisis because it has required us to look into ourselves and make decisions.” But Fox News stuck to a more familiar topic- raising the debt ceiling. Tea party favorite Michelle Bachmann stressed the urgency of the issue to host Chris Wallace. Bachmann: “Don’t let anyone tell you that by increasing the debt limit, the ability for the federal government to keep borrowing, that somehow that is going to show the world that we're even more credit worthy because we're borrowing? Very soon, Chris, we are going to be at the point where we are going to be borrowing more money so that we're essentially having a $4 trillion budget and $2 trillion of it will be borrowed money. We can't live that way.” But ABC’s This Week panelist Chrystia Freeland thinks says- lawmakers talk about the budget crisis every week- but there’s something major missing from the conversation. Chrystia Freeland: “Well I think it’s always going to be a political debate. But what I think is really missing in both Republican and the Democratic approach right now and is really an example of political cowardice is taxes. You know, and we heard in your interview, Christean, Ryan saying ‘well this is about cutting spending.’ It’s partly about cutting spending but it is also going to be about raising taxes. And that’s the thing that I think no one has the courage to talk about.” Congress must vote on the debt ceiling by May 16th. The bi-partisan ‘Gang of Six’ is expected to present its budget plan in the coming weeks. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
3 May 2011
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*******crushthestreet**** See youtube video for full sources, script, or to contact: ***********/watch?v=FoYIG2z7nUQ Italy's PM and Austerity *******www.infowars****/ecb-riots-begin-in-italy-as- globalist-super-mario-forces-austerity/ *******www.chinapost****.tw/commentary/reuters/2011/11/18/32 3278/Analysts-suspect.htm ***********/watch?v=sluj9iSxUwM ***********/watch?v=uVKAukJ6UPs ***********/watch?v=fIlmgvc-bUk *******www.zerohedge****/news/sorry-europe-chinas-pockets- areempty Occupy L.A. & the World ***********/anti-wall-street-protesters-snarl- los-angeles-freeway-210331194.html *******english.alarabiya****/articles/2011/11/18/177807.html ***********/watch?v=uGt__N8ikpw MF Global Scam, People Screwed *******money.cnn****/2011/11/02/news/companies/mf_global_ban kruptcy/index.htm *******www.weeklystandard****/blogs/ge-filed-57000-page- tax-return-paid-no-taxes-14-billion-profits_609137.html *******www.msnbc.msn****/id/13068387/ns/business- personal_finance/t/ge-files--page-tax-return/#.TsU4OYDZv7c ***********/watch?v=W02n-wjPqNE *******www.prisonplanet****/mf-global-money-now-missing- after-reports-it-was-sent-to-jp-morgan.html Precious Metals & More News *******online.wsj****/article/SB1000142405297020361140457704 3652396383484.html *******www.mlive****/news/detroit/index.ssf/2011/11/gary_bro wn_detroit_could_run_o.html *******www***ncordmonitor****/article/293101/birther- challenges-obama? CSAuthResp=1321635127%3Akac5p0ac2a53k27d9iernpe2m5%3ACSUserI d%7CCSGroupId%3Aapproved %3AC7BFB10B487EEBB060A53F45DE1EA54D&CSUserId=94&CSGroupId=1 *************/world/2011/nov/18/supercommittee- failure-credit-downgrade-warning
19 Nov 2011
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The biggest douchebags in Hollywood, aka the biggest douche in the universebiggest douche in the universe presented by Ranker. These are the people we love to hate and wish we could remove from our happy, cozy world. These people are famous, but often not for being talented, like top Hollywood actors or Grammy-winning musicians, but rather for being entitled, arrogant, self-obsessed, and rude. For many of these people, any press is considered good press which only feeds into their attention-seeking, annoying ways. An awful trend among many of these biggest Hollywood douchebags is that many are only famous for being famous. Or for a sex tape. Others are simply awful people. Rapper Kanye West is no stranger to awkward unscripted moments on live television. Chris Brown will always be marred by his domestic violence against former girlfriend Rihanna. Donald Trump might be rich and successful, but no one will forget his birther nonsense against President Obama.
11 Mar 2016
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CBS News political director John Dickerson talks to Anthony Mason and Rebecca Jarvis about how Mitt Romney's recent "birther" comment affects the presidential race.
25 Aug 2012
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The Alyona Show Season: 2012 Last night the Mainstream media missed the story we covered yesterday, the president's Kill List, that become a big story with the New York Times piece that came out.
31 May 2012
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Ariz. County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has asked investigators to once again review the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate. KPHO-TV's Morgan Loew looks at what may be motivating interested parties.
16 Aug 2012
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At a rally outside Detroit, Mitt Romney joked about his birth certificate, prompting a response from President Obama's campaign, which accused Romney of pandering to political fringes by implying Mr. Obama wasn't born in the U.S. CBS News' Jan Crawford reports.
25 Aug 2012
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The legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency is being questioned by a group of American activists. They claim he shouldn't be in the seat of power - alleging he wasn't born in the U.S. RT talks to one of the leaders of the so-called "birther movement", who believes Obama's birth certificate was forged.
16 Mar 2010
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*******www.infowars****/digital-artifacts-prove-obama-birth-certificate-altered/ & *******www.infowars****/new-obama-birth-certificate-is-a-forgery/ As we originally noted and has been mentioned by a number of electronic image experts, one of the most glaring details demonstrating Obama's purported birth certificate is a fraud is the presence of digital artifacts. Digital images often contain unwanted information known as artifacts. In the blow up below of Obama's supposed birth certificate, we can see digital artifacts as areas of white outlining text and graphical elements on the page. I brought a capture of the original PDF into Photoshop and enlarged it and increased the contrast in order to show the artifacts. Artifacts are created as the result of lossy compression techniques. So-called "lossy" compression is a data encoding method which compresses data by discarding or losing some of it in order to reduce image file size. Alternately, the white areas may be the result of a sloppy effort to eliminate a white background on the scanned image of the certificate and drop it over the green textured background. In Photoshop and similar image editing programs, it is possible to select areas based on color or contrast and eliminate those areas and make them transparent so a background image shows through. The process is far from perfect, especially when attempted by an inexperienced Photoshop user. It can leave behind telltale artifacts or jagged areas of original pixels, in this case white pixels from the original background. As a long time user of Photoshop and Illustrator, I believe the second explanation is the likely reason there are white areas around the text and lines. It is a sloppy effort to eliminate a background. As previously noted, the document is problematic in other ways. There are obvious text font inconsistencies, most notably in regard to the date in the "Date Accepted by Local Reg." field near the bottom of the document. The number "1" in the year "1961" is darker than the rest of the date. The letter "e" at the end of "none" in the "Type of Occupation Outside Home During Pregnancy" is also darker and slightly slanted, which is different than the same letter elsewhere in the document, indicating it was either added later with a typewriter of computer. This letter is included in one of the layers when the PDF is imported into Adobe Illustrator. The date and state registrar stamps at the bottom of the document also break out in separate layers, indicating they were likely added and are not part of an original document as one would expect of an official document. Other oddities add to the mystery of the document, including "X" marks above the "Twin" and "Triplet" in "This Birth" box. As far as we know, Obama is not a twin or triplet. Finally, the document does not contain an official imprint seal, as we see on other certificate of live birth documents (see the example from an article we posted yesterday). Although intended to be sarcastic commentary on the "birthers," BuzzFeed has a list of most of the document's anomalies. Now that we have established that the document is an obvious forgery, we should ask why Obama's people would release as definitive proof of his citizenship such an easily debunked fraud. Is it possible Obama's people are so incompetent and lazy as to release a document that was torn apart soon after it was released by people who know what to look for? Or was this obvious fraud released simply to keep the debate and the political circus sideshow going? --------- The Obama administration finally laid to rest all the rumors of the place of his birth with the release of his long form birth certificate. But closer inspection has prompted more questions than answers. For starters there are numerous layers. Some of the numerical characters look as if they were added after the fact by a printer rather than a typewriter. Alex Jones and Rob Dew demonstrate that the Obama team is keeping with the trend of being transparent as a brick wall.
13 Jul 2011
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