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Smith casts his wife as a sluttish housewife who is mutilated by lighting her oven with paraffin. Mary Jane tries to light the oven. When she's unsuccessful, she plays around, getting black boot polish on her face. She mugs before a mirror. Then, it's back to work. When the stove still won't light, she pours in paraffin, winks at the camera, and lights a match. Kaboom! Is there any rest for the foolish, even in the grave?
24 Oct 2009
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Wow. Where to start? It took us a lot of effort (and drama) to achieve this one. But we (four) can all say that this is one of the best female dance routines we've ever accomplished. We decided to make our 'image' because, in some way, we'd want look like we're actually serious about these things. We want to thank everyone who have subscribed and who actually taking their time to watch our dances. We don't have that much confidence in ourselves sometimes, but with all of your praises, it's such an AMEN to our hearts already. For those people who have been taking their time to comment and look at our dances, we thank you too. We are indeed not perfect, but with your criticisms, we are able to at least be excellent to our dances. We hope that you'll enjoy this dance as much as we had (we really did). Don't stop requesting your favorite songs for us to dance. We will try our very best to dance it for you. Watch out for our next cover. There will be newer stuff there! ========== MEMBERS: JunHee (as CL) - white jacket and black boots NaeRim (as Bom) - black belt with no shoes xD YaeBin (as Dara) - white printed shirt HyeWeon (as Minzy) - green spagetti strap top with khaki overalls
5 Nov 2009
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Vicky's P.O.V We were back in New York for the Ball dropping. When i stepped out of the plane it brought me back to when I cam here to see Thomas. All those feelings started to flood back.I put on my sunglasses because I felt tears coming own my face. There were two cars.A car for me Lexi , Chada, and Jasi.They came with me because I needed them with me . When we got in the car, I looked out the window a sniffled. I guess they knew i was crying because chada turned towards me and lifted my sunglasses to see my big red puffy eyes. She was like an older sister to me. She already knew what was going on. Chada: awwww sweetie- pulls her into a hug- it will be alright Vicky: Yeah.It's just they are performing here tonight too. Chada: aww well you wanna go shopping? You still don't have a dress for the performance. Vicky: ok We finally got to the hotel and settled down. We all decided to go shopping right away. I needed three dresses since I was hosting it. I didn't want to wear a dress for the performance unless it will be warm which I knew it wasn't gonna be. I will be performing three songs. One with my brothers called " On The Line"( A/N: ok all theses songs are gonna be from other people) the second one will be a dong by myself called " Until You're Mine" and the last song will be after the ball drops and that song will be a never before heard song I made with Maroon 5 called" If I never see Your Face Again" My first outfit when I introduce the performances with Ryan will be a white jacket with a white beanie and black boots. The jacket is about up to my mid- thigh. When I perform for the first time with my brothers my outfit is sort of light brown/white stripped sweater dress with a black vest black and light brown boots. *******www.polyvore****/cgi/set?id=5533726 My second outfit is when I'm peforming by myself. It's a grey stripped shirt with a black vest and grey skinnys and black boots. *******www.polyvore****/cgi/set?id=5533962 My third outfit whe I perform with Maroon 5 is a grey sweater dress with black boots and a black beanie. *******www.polyvore****/cgi/set?id=5406753 I finally got back to the hotel and The girls got ready. I was really depressed so I thought I would walk around the Hotel. I was walking down to the elevator when I bumped into someone. I looked up and it was Thomas. I felt tears coming down my face so I just started walking down the hallway. Thomas: VICKY! VICKY! WAIT! - he grabbed her from her elbow- Vicky: what?- quietly and wipes her tears- Thomas: what happened? Vicky: -looks at him and walks away- Thomas: -chases her again- What did I do? Vicky: why don't you go back to your girlfriend Thomas: you are my girlfrined.(A/N: remember that he didn't know she saw him) Vicky: I can't believe you, how could you lie to me? I walked away and he didn't follow me. I walked back to the girls and got ready. It was about ( pm so we started getting ready to get to time square. I put my coat on and walked out. When we got there they lead me to where Ryan was and we started the show. Ryan: Happy New Year, For the 10% if the world that doesn't know this beautiful young lady standing next to me is Victorya Jonas. Vicky: hey guys! Ryan: so.. tonight we have alot of performances and guest. Vicky: yes, we have Miley cyrus, Demi Lovato, selena Gomez, Jonas brothers,Metro Station, Maroon 5,Rihanna, Chris brown, Varsity fanclub, and yours truly me-smiles- Ryan: so... speaking of Varsity Fanclub, we have heard that you are dating Thomas Fiss from Varsity Fanclub Vicky: Well No, I do say I had a thing for him but, I'm over it and i'm trying to work more harder on my music. Ryan: Yeah and there is another rumor that he had another girlfriend with the name of Jessica. Vicky: Yeah well our first guest perfroming is Chris brown with the song" With you" We through all the performances and It was my turn to sing with my brothers.(A/N: if you hadn't heard the song here it is) ***********/watch?v=MVLFBI-_flA Then it was me. ***********/watch?v=Qiib-TsJ2KY it was about 20 seconds until the ball drop. The line up was my brothers, Lexi, chada, jasi, Demi , Ryan , me and varsity which thomas just had to be next to me with his girlfrined. Everybody: everybody kisses their girlfriend. I look to ryan and whispered to him Vicky: see now I don't have nobody to kiss and I feel left out ???: no you don't I turn around to see JJ. I jumped into his arms and kissed him for the longst time ever. We pulled away but, kept our foreheads touching. JJ: I'm sorry I didn't figure it out and come back to you. I just didn't know what to sa- Vicky:- puts her finger on his lips- you talk to much. and I forgive you.-kisses- everyone: awwwwwww - They look at them and blush- Ryan:when we come back Victorya is going to perform and never before heard song.
7 Nov 2009
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Kate Silverton thigh high black boots & stocking top
17 Feb 2010
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CelebTV**** Vanessa Hudgens trips up in a too-long maxi dress, Susan Sarandon channels the '90s in her tall, black boots and more style missteps!
20 May 2011
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lyrics Come on baby... Kick them daisies Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... (I want cha to) Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... (Everybody) Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... (I want cha to) Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... Verse: Say look at them girls with the daisy dukes on Girl you really got it goin' on Lookin' all nice 'n' sweet So a ten and girl you're sick I do like it alot When you showin' me alil somethin' watcha got Yo girls u be lookin' real cute The way ya'll kickin' them daisy dukes CHORUS Repeat Verse: Hey you in the black boots Knee highs with the daisy dukes Lookin' real fly while in cahoots In the park like you do to Im Sno here to relate to you Gonna start a trend of daisy dukes Eversince some of the 90's Girls lookin' good with a future behind see Many terms are used to express We're talkin' 'bout the booty Not the breasts Baby got back and a junk in the trunk She got a six-pack And a hell-of-a rump Yo please some fries with that shake See many terms are used to relate I love the girls with the big ol' booties But where i'm from they call 'em dukies Pretty round cheeks hangin' from the jeans Even city girls keep the country theme So if you get it, got it, good So dip the dug out these dukes are turnin' out Sing!!! CHORUS: Come on baby... Kick them daisies Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... (I want cha to) Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... (Everybody) Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... (I want cha to) Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... Verse: Say look at them girls with the daisy dukes on Girl you really got it goin' on They be kickin' it sweet With them long ol' boots some free Check out the way they step Make a brother wanna think 'bout six Especially when they have nice legs If they tan charcoal red It dont make what kinda legs you like Still be kickin' tonight So make one difference on you As long as you still kickin' them daisy dukes CHORUS Repeat WAIT... Bring that funky trunk back Bring that funky trunk back Bring that funky trunk back Bring that funky trunk back Ohh bring it baby Ohh keep the funk baby Ohh let me see you rock baby Ohh keep the funk baby Ohh let me see you rock baby L.A. Sno like them girls with the daisy dukes C.O.D. like them girls with the daisy dukes Taylor-Boy like them girls in the daisy dukes Tony Mercades like them girls witht he daisy dukes New York, Miami, Alabama, Tennesee, New Jersey, Boston, Augusta, Atlanta like them girls in them daisy dukes All of Texas like them girls in them daisy dukes L.A. like them girls in them daisy dukes CHORUS: Come on baby... Kick them daisies Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... (I want cha to) Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... (Everybody) Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... (I want cha to) Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on... Ohh kick them... daisies
6 Aug 2011
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Hey everyone! I'm really sorry, I bought all these shoes at different times! I've had a tough time finding the exact boots shown, but I have linked a few similar styles below! Enjoy! xo Boot # 1 I could not find them online.. but here are some similar boots! ***********/browse/ ***********/dv-by-dolce-vita-kiki-black Boot # 2 Here are some similar options! ***********/dv-by-dolce-vita-bronson-grey ***********/Shopping/productdetails.aspx?catalog_name=web&pg=5105394&p=EC1176253&CMP=OTC-GoogleBase&partnerid=GoogleBase&cpc=GoogleBase&campaign=dolce+vita&category=W&cpckw=dolce+vita+Women%27s+ *******www.lastcall****/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod780071&ecid=LCALRFeedJ84DHJLQkR4&ncx=n&uEm=%%AFfiliates%%&ci_src=14110925&ci_sku=X0N06&ecid=LCALR[INSERT_11_DIGIT_SITEID_HERE] Boot # 3 here are some similar cheaper boots! *******www.overstock****/Clothing-Shoes/Journee-Womens-Mid-calf-Buckle-Faux-Leather-Boots/5158514/product.html?cid=123620&fp=F&mr:trackingCode=6F5DD33E-52C1-DF11-98FF-0019B9C043EB&mr:referralID=NA *******www.overstock****/Clothing-Shoes/Aerosoles-Womens-Rideline-Knee-high-Riding-Boots/4368119/product.html?rcmndsrc=2
15 Aug 2011
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One Bad Pig Concierto Cornerstone 1991 Album: Blow down the house 1992 *este video aparece en "blow the house down video" *******www.myspace****/onebadpig ----------------------------------- ONE BAD PIG - "hey punk" Hey punk! You got the clothes Hey punk! Ring in your nose Hey punk! You got the black boots with the kickin´ steel toes Hey punk! You got the beer Hey punk! You got no fear Hey punk! You got the thrashin´music chewin´ on your ear Chorus: Why don´t you realize Open your blinded eyes Your heart has no disguise As evil as can be I got some news for you I found out what is true And you can have it too If you just would believe Hey punk! You make the scene Hey punk! The streets are mean Hey punk! Your fist is piounding like a runaway machine Hey punk! You left your home Hey punk! Out on your own Hey punk! I tell you, you don´t have to live your life alone Why don´t you realize Open your blinded eyes Your heart has no disguise As evil as can be I got some news for you I found out what is true And you can have it too If you just would believe Hey punk! Your anarchy Hey punk! Is slavery Hey punk! Only through power of the Blood can you be free Hey punk! Yes, Someone died Hey punk! Yeah, He was crucified Hey punk! Christ Jesus gave His life for punks like you and me Why don´t you realize Open your blinded eyes Your heart has no disguise As evil as can be I got some news for you I found out what is true And you can have it too If you just would believe Hey punk! Why won´t you believe!?
31 Oct 2011
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Britney performs Toxic in Korea. Wearing only a black bra-top and slitted skirt with thigh-high black boots.I thought this was Japan but stand corrected.
3 Jan 2012
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Hi guys! This is a combination of two requested looks - miarose810 wanted to see Avril's hair from the Girlfriend video, and nymindy13 wanted to see Avril's make up from her performance of Girlfriend on the Ellen Degeneres show! So I did both :) I hope you enjoy! Please comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE! Products Used: Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon in Black Boots 17 'Solo' Eyeshadow in Darkness Boots 17 'Solo' Eyeshadow in Fuscia/Pink Benefit BadGal Eyeliner in Black Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara in Black Chyaz xox
20 Jan 2012
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Good song by everclear! check out another awesome song in my videos: coldplay - shiver I am still living with your ghost Lonely and dreaming of the west coast I don't want to be your downtime I don't want to be your stupid game With my big black boots and an old suitcase I do believe I'll find myself a new place I don't want to be the bad guy I don't want to do your sleepwalk dance anymore I just want to see some palm trees I will try and shake away this disease We can live beside the ocean Leave the fire behind Swim out past the breakers Watch the world die I am still dreaming of your face Hungry and hollow for all the things you took away I don't want to be your good time I don't want to be your fall-back crutch anymore I'll walk right out into a brand new day Insane and rising in my own weird way I don't want to be the bad guy I don't want to do your sleepwalk dance anymore I just want to feel some sunshine I just want to find some place to be alone We can live beside the ocean Leave the fire behind Swim out past the breakers Watch the world die
8 Mar 2012
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Sorry I couldn't record my voiceover :/ I got sick here in New York. Going to eat soup tonight, hopefully I'll get better! A look book style video on some upcoming Fall Fashion trends :) Monday I'm going to have a fun makeup,fashion and nail tutorial for dates! *wink wink* Special thanks to my fashion stylist friend Angela, she just started her YouTube channel, check it out here! She has amazing tips and style! ***********/thefashionsight this is not a sponsored video music by Michelle Shaprow "Back Down to Earth" *******www.facebook****/michelleshaprow *******michelleshaprow.bandcamp****/track/back-down-to-earth 1st look: Michelle: Sandro Dress Just Fab shoes- don't be scared wear boots with dresses. Great colors for fall are oxblood/printed dresses Angela: Alex Wang dress Jimmy Choo shoes-Drape dresses with long sleeves are always chic/power ring, I feel like a ring on your pointer finger is powerful   2nd Look: Michelle: Sequin dress by BCBG/cat ears BCBG/Just Fab shoes - All about sparkle for fall and fall with cut outs is and A++, Invest in double platform black pump it will always come in handy. Angela: Rachel Zoe dress/Zara shoes-Military is huge this fall. I love the double breasted dress, and embellished everything that is why I love love love these shoes. 3rd Look:  Michelle: BCBG gold short set/maje white shirt/Just Fab jewelry and shoes- suits are in and this is a great translational suit set and can even transfer over to holiday.  Angela: Zara dress and jacket and shoes- take your white dress and transition it to your fall white dress by adding a dress length coat. loving black and white and this jacket has amazing detail with the quilted sleeve which I have seen so much of for fall.  4th Look Michelle: BCBG dress with Zara camo jacket and Just Fab boots- this fall invest in these booties, they are amazing for your everyday shoe, wear with dresses/jeans. cameo is everything and remember if it looks to over sized all you have to do is roll the sleeves up to add a lil style. Also Invest in a basic black dress you can wear it so many ways.  Angela: Zara top/Jbrand leather pants and Just Fab sneaks and ring. Its all about 3 things this fall, collar detail/leather pants and wedges (which thats what I call them) They give you height but still have a reg trainer shoe comfort and you can dress them up and down.  5th look: Michelle- H&M denim shirt/Zara printed skirt/Just Fab boots- again dont be afriad to wear boots with skirts/buckles are everything this fall. great detail that is super in Angela- Zara vest/joie top/j brand leather pants/Jus Fab boots- this is how you wear boots with the fur, don't be scared do it!  6th Look: Michelle: Sandro dress Just Fab shoes- again amazing color, has a printed fall dress and ladies don't be scared to wear boots with dresses. invest in a basic black boot Angela: zara leather jacket/Just Fab shoes- don't just wear booties with leggings or skinnies try them with dresses and skirts. and also push up sleeves for a more polished look.
25 Sep 2012
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The clip forbidden-to-go-out from Liberty Heights (1999) with Bebe Neuwirth, Ben Foster. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. If we got this new system worked out with the numbers... ...we should start. It's the end of October. We should go with it second week in November. Let me see if we can nail down a date. Gaiety. Pete, put Nate on the phone. He looks like Adolf Hitler? He can stay in the house all night. He's not going out dressed as Hitler. Your father says you're not going out dressed that way. And I'm not changing. He says he's not changing. I wanna talk to Hitler. He has a swastika on his arm and big black boots! He's wearing big black boots! He came down the stairs in them with swastikas all over! Your father wants to talk to you. Sorry. You guys can go without me.
1 Jul 2013
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Hello marzipans, I realized I have been getting TONS of clothes so I decided to share with you most of them. If you like something open here to find the link ^_^ ❤LINKS&INFO The TOP I'm wearing is from Sheinside**** :) *Oasap: *******oasap**** use coupon: CutiePieMarzia to get 22% off any orders *GypsyWarrior: *******gypsywarrior**** (they are having a HUGE sale!) *RosyRuby: *******rosyruby**** *Asianicandy: *******asianicandy**** *MollyLA: *******mollyla**** *Choies: ******* *Sheinside: *******sheinside****?url_from=CutiePieMarzia *Chicwish: *******chicwish**** ❤DIRECT LINKS Bow Shoes: ******* Black Boots: ******* Dress: ******* Lace Shorts: ******* ---------------- Choies Jacket: ******* Asianicandy Dress: ******* MollyLA top: ******* ---------------- Gypsy Warrior Black Dress: ******* Boot Anklet: ******* ---------------- Spiked Corset: ******* Egyptian Body: ******* Pleated Black Dress: ******* ---------------- Japanese Style Striped Dress: *******www.sheinside****/Black-White-Vertical-Stripe-Ruffles-Loose-Dress-p-140243-cat-1727.html?url_from=CutiePieMarzia Pants: *******www.sheinside****/White-Pockets-Bird-Scenery-Print-Pant-p-140790-cat-1740.html?url_from=CutiePieMarzia ---------------- Teal Leggings: ******* Sheer Sweater: ******* Velvet Zipper Skirt: ******* White Dress: ******* ❤WHERE TO FIND ME Tweet me MarziaPie Instagram: itsmarziapie FB: *******www.facebook****/CutiePieMarzia­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Tumblr: *******marziacutiepie.tumblr****/ ❤FTC - All the clothes were sent to me for free. I'm not being paid by any of the companies to make this video.
26 Oct 2013
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Charlie gets guff for wearing sneakers to ride his bike; mostly from wussy dentists. Transcript: ▼ [applause] CONAN: Ladies, please, you're embarrassing both of us. That's such a nice reaction that you get. CHARLIE HUNNAM: It really is CONAN: I was not surprised because the women on my staff have been going crazy. Since they've found out that you've been coming on the program, they've been losing their minds. No more than my assistant, Sona. She keeps a cardboard cutout of you next to her desk and we took a picture of it today. This is her desk. [applause] CHARLIE HUNNAM: Wow. CONAN: No work gets done with that thing around. CHARLIE HUNNAM: For sure. CONAN: That's got be a nice feeling. CHARLIE HUNNAM: Absolutely. What do you pay for one of those things? CONAN: I'll get you one. CHARLIE HUNNAM: Will you? CONAN: So you can walk around and take pictures of yourself, with yourself. You're so famous now for being a biker and you're not just an actor who pretends to be a biker. You ride a bike in real life. CHARLIE HUNNAM: Yes, I ride a motorcycle. CONAN: And you rode a Harley here to the studio today. CHARLIE HUNNAM: I did. And normally when you come to Warner brothers they don't let you ride on to the studio. They make you park in a secondary car park. But today, being your guest, they let me right on. I must be V.I.P. status now. CONAN: When you know me you're pretty much the kick of Los Angeles. [applause] I didn't intend that to be a laugh line. OK, you take -- there are weekend bikers here, especially in Los Angeles, but in every city. Guys like to get on the road and ride around. CHARLIE HUNNAM: Weekend warriors. CONAN: And sometimes they give you flak because on the show you wear -- CHARLIE HUNNAM: I wear the white sneakers, which is a southern California thing to do. When I was doing the research for the show, I went up to Oakland, the area that "sons of anarchy" take place and got to hang out with a very well-known motorcycle club and a lot of them wore white sneakers. One guy in particular, who was the heir apparent of the club up there -- basically the character I play. In real life. He had every one of his birthday parties at the clubhouse and his father was in the club and everything. He had such an aura about him, this guy. I basically borrowed. CONAN: You wore white sneakers but then you started to have people criticize you who wear the leather and the black boots. CHARLIE HUNNAM: Yeah, they'd say bikers wear biker boots. I said you we're biker boots because you're a dentist. CONAN: You're an account ant during the week. You're riding during the weekend and suddenly -- CHARLIE HUNNAM: You're riding a bike every day. You're wearing tennis shoes. Sometimes if I'm just going to the post office or whatever, I'll go in flip-flops. CONAN: Sure, get your manicure
18 Nov 2013
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PRODUCTS USED + PHOTOS: ******* 120 Color Palette 4th Edition: ******* ---- BLOG: *******www.jessicaharlow**** TWITTER: *******www.twitter****/jessicaharlow *Follow my "glamorous" life ;) FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/missjessicaharlow *Click the "Like" button to become friends =) I TUMBLE SOMETIMES: *******jessicaharlow.tumblr**** GLAMOUR CHANNEL: ***********/missjessicaharlow *For Beauty & Style Videos PERSONAL / MOTIVATIONAL CHANNEL: ***********/jessicaharlow *I'm here to help you put your best self forward -- physically AND mentally! SUBSCRIBE TO BOTH MY CHANNELS!! ***********/missjessicaharlow ***********/jessicaharlow *Sponsored by BHCosmetics****. I used their 120 Eyeshadow Palette (4th Edition) ******* Tons of colors & affordable! You can create an endless number of looks with these palettes which makes them fantastic for Halloween! All opinions are my own and based on my own personal experiences with the products. MORE ON BHCosmetics: *******www.facebook****/bhcosmetics *******www.twitter****/bhcosmetics ***********/bhcosmetics *******bhcosmetics.tumblr****/ --- I bought the blonde wig on eBay I drew on the tattoo with some lip liner, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. I'd show you how to do it but ... that'd be kind of awkward watching me draw on my boob lol For the outfit, I put on a white, Marilyn Monroe dress (I didn't have a bridal gown because Vera Wang wasn't returning my calls! Haha) and threw on a leather jacket on top. The rest of the outfit, just put on some fishnet stockings and black boots.
29 Nov 2013
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