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1st Verse: (Female all white everything) The answer was clear and the filth was gone, I planted a stake through its heart, and I stood by myself and all alone, Living life through all of the colors of the rainbow, and praying everyday that the church bells would ring, settling down, cleaning up my act and living life through all White everything, Who would ever know of the joy that it would bring, to hear the church bells rang, for all that is good, pure and true, without a stain and without pain settled down in my all White every thang, And as time goes on and the seasons begin to change, some would say "as pure as the driven snow" but all that I know is simple and plain, without stain in my all White every thang, I'm satisfied in my own little piece of heaven with the joy that it brings, a long awaited and well deserved happiness in my all White every thang, 2nd Verse: (Male all Black everything) All Black everything, like the Onyx Stone in my wed-ding ring, the diamonds seem to lose their bling, bling as I stand there with you in all Black everything, In the distance I can hear the blackbird sang, note for note their melody stays on my brain, my heart records a beautiful thang and serenity rules supreme in my all Black everything, And joy can do no greater thang than ease the pain and unmask the sorrow of this Onyx life of my all Black everything, For my window panes can see no stain, and my heart can know no pain from shedding Onyx tears without my all Black everything, I'd bet everything on my wedding ring, as long as the blackbird sing, a sweet melody, note for note in my world of all Black everything, Noir, Negron, Onyx and Black, joy and happiness is brought on the blackbirds wing, Onyx tears and Black rain seem to go away with my all Black everything, 3rd Verse: (Female / Male White & Black) All White everything and all Black everything, mani-festing through without static cling, reveling in the joy that it brings, In the joy that it brings in the darkness or in the light, when everything is Black and when everything is White, For it was on Zebra back riding free as the white winged dove and the blackbird sing, note for note the Onyx stone in my wedding ring protected us in all Black and White everything, And in the full circle of knowledge in Tsillaria360, where everything is Black and White, you whispered softly in my ear, "If I have your Knights, then you have your wife. Let the Onyx stone in your ring, fade the diamonds bling, bling, and you and I will always dwell in Tsillaria360 in all Black and all White everything. On Tsillaria360 in a haze of blue, standing in Tsillaria360 I can feel your Onyx pain and its right, but it was my Scarlett reign that never knew the pain until everything became an all Black and White wedding ring,” Ad Libitum and Fade DDD - Digital, Digital, Digital Written, Arranged, Produced, and Composed by Tadaram Maradas CIRCA 2012 Maradas, Inc., A California Corporation (TM) All Rights Reserved.
6 Mar 2013
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