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*******www.partyplanpat**** BlogTalkRadio Personality –‘Doughboi’ Discusses Imperative Issues! 'The Real Deal Radio Show' *******www.blogtalkradio****/therealdeal For More Information: (646) 652-4591 Phone *******www.blogtalkradio****/therealdeal About The Real Deal Radio Show: The show airs Thurday Nights at 10PM EST , 9 CST, 8 MST & 7 PST . The Real Deal is A show that speaks on issues (concerns) as well as the triumphs of today's Black People & African-American community. The show is packed with knowledge the Listener can recycle. Centered around a 'Living-room' environment, the show welcomes feedback and queries from Listeners on an array of topics from Poetry to Politics. 'Strickland’s goal is to help educate a community through discussing topics that pertain solely to Black people, in hopes that they can gain an understanding on even the hardest hitting issues that plague the community.' Benton Harbor, Michigan—June 4, 2007—Within the confines of a culture that embraces a love for ‘self’ there is a need for an environment where African-Americans can express their growing concerns on such topics as single parenting to politics. Derrick ‘Doughboi’ Strickland offers such an atmosphere with his Real Deal Show, as if you were sitting in the confines of his living-room. In short, ‘Doughboi’ wants his listeners to be ‘comfy’ and discuss each segments topics as if each and every listener were part of an extended family. “I got the idea after being on another Blog Radio show involving the battle of the sexes” stated Strickland. Once Strickland realized that putting together his own show, with the help of BlogTalkRadio, was simple, Strickland then created ‘The Real Deal Show’. For More Information: (646) 652-4591 Phone *******www.blogtalkradio****/therealdeal The Real Deal Show’ ran on Monday’s, currently each show segment airs on Thursday’s at 10 PM EST and runs sixty minutes, with guest speakers and a chance for listeners to dial in to append their experiences or just for questions. Strickland keeps the debates respectful and appealing, drawing on open ended queries and commentary, Strickland keeps an objective point of view throughout the show. Pervious show topics have touched on Gastric Bypass Surgery, Black Leadership, Malcolm X and the ever so enlighting ‘Black Poetry Caf
10 Dec 2009
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