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My boyfriend lip sinking Long Black Train
12 Jan 2008
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Snow time in Cohutta Ga. 1/10/2011
25 Jan 2011
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Long Black Train being sung by Faithful Vessels. Special appearence by John Dobbs
6 Nov 2009
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Called "The Black Belt of Roller Coasters" by Six Flags in 1988, Ninja's sleek, black trains are suspended from the overhead tubular steel track. Built along the western slope at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Ninja follows the park's hilly terrain. Adding to the ride experience, the seven-car trains are specially designed to sway from side-to-side, a total of 110-degrees as they fly through Ninja's high-speed spirals and sweeping turns. Ninja is also unique since it is one of the few upside down roller coasters. The primary lift hill is actually at the end of the ride since the station is positioned atop the hill at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
1 Jun 2008
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