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I decided to have one intensive day in the garden and I got a lot done. First I finished clearing the main area turning the soil, then raking it and removing stones and weeds. Once that was done I made a trip to the garden centre. I bought some more compost, a spade and a hand trowel and the turf for the lawn on which the chickens will live. The turf set me back about £30, it is the more expensive option, the other being seed but that takes ages. As it is only a small area and we want to get the chicken ASAP I decided to use turf. When I got back John and I lay the turn and watered it, which did not take long. It looks a bit rough along the seems but hopefully that will start to blend in over the next couple of weeks. The garden looks very different now to what it did at the start of the day. There is still a lot of rubbish on the concrete part and clearing that will be the next task. Music: 'No More' by EMU/Dan Palmer. Used with permission. (more) (less)
19 Jun 2007
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cool camouflage frog that we saw by the pool (didn't blend in well with the metal) during our fun 4th of July
6 Jul 2007
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either it crazy or it like to dance ..... Flying wing designs are defined as having no separate body, only a single wing, though there may be structures protruding from the wing. Blended wing/body aircraft have a flattened and airfoil shaped body, which produces most of the lift to keep itself aloft, and distinct and separate wing structures, though the wings are smoothly blended in with the body.An early aircraft exhibiting BWB design principles was the Junkers G.38, which flew in 1929. This "super jumbo" airliner of its day, seated thirty-four passengers, six in each of its two meter thick wings, and the balance in the central fuselage. In comparison, a contemporary passenger aircraft, the Ford Trimotor, carried a total of nine passengers in its more traditional wing and box fuselage design.
13 Aug 2007
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Have you try this? anyway it will get blend in your stomach right?
9 Sep 2007
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This is our first short action film which blends in the element of naruto + starwars + dragon ball.Thank You for watching ^_^
29 Aug 2007
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For Lunch today, Iowa democrats serve up fried steak a la Tom Harkin, McCain gets pressed for a little straight talk, Giuliani tries to blend in (again) on race day, and we ponder the claims of Hillary's healthcare critics. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
17 Sep 2007
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Another day of a student's life, who doesn't actually blend in, but at the end of the day he's in for a big surprise!
8 Oct 2007
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Cirque Du Soleil's new touring show is now over six months old and still always sold out weeks in advance in every city they move the show to. I saw the show in December and it was great. This video is based on footage from the DVD - "A thrilling ride through Kooza". I had to use audio also from a number of different sources, because the DVD footage had often people talking over it. I also tried to remove people that were blended in during the interviews. I hope you like it. If you have not seen the show yet. Get a ticket whenever you get a chance at CirqueDuSoleil****. Cheers! Carsten
11 Jul 2008
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Life with a party animal can be fun. There is constant excitement and things to do, and it comes with a great soundtrack. We know that the MINI isn't for everyone and it's not a car for someone who wants to blend in. It has go-kart handling, retro styling and if that's your style, the MINI is everything you'd expect it to be. If you're the person who appreciates a nice quiet comfortable drive home after work, the MINI isn't for you.
1 Feb 2008
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Here's a popular Pak Mei set by Han Zhong Luo. During the reign of the Qing emperor Kangxi (1662–1722), the warriors of the Xilufan revolt were so feared that the 2 ministers Kangxi ordered to end their attacks fled China rather than face either the mercilessness of the Xilu warriors, which often involved beheading, or the displeasure of the emperor, which often involved beheading. It was the 128 monks of the southern Shaolin temple who defeated the army of Xilu over 3 months in 1673 without suffering a single casualty. However, by doing so the monks had made enemies of those in the Qing army and Qing court who were embarrassed by how easily the Shaolin monks had succeeded where they had failed. Soon rumors began to spread about the threat posed by a power so great that it defeated the entire Xilu army with a force of only 128 monks. This campaign of innuendo was wasted on Kangxi, who remained grateful to the monks, but the rumors had their intended effect on his successor, the emperor Yongzheng (1722–1735), who ordered the temple's destruction. In 1723, on the 6th day of the first new moon of the lunar calendar, Qing forces launched a sneak attack on the southern Shaolin temple, which began by bombarding the largely wooden monastery with a relentless deluge of burning arrows. Between the surprise attack, the fire, and the overwhelming number of Qing soldiers, 110 out of the 128 monks were killed that day. The Great Shaolin Purge took 70 days as Qing forces hunted down the 18 survivors. The surviving warrior monks of Shaolin inflicted massive casualties on their Qing pursuers but, in the end, their numbers were too great. Soon only five remained: The Chan (Zen) master Jee Sin (Vietnamese: Chi Thien Su) The nun Ng Mui (Vietnamese: Nou Mei) The Taoist Bak Mei (Vietnamese: Pei Mei) The Taoist Fung Do-Duk (Vietnamese: Phung Dao Duc) The "unshaved" (lay) Shaolin disciple Miu Hin (Vietnamese: Mieu Hien) After 2 years of running and hiding from the Qing army these fugitives of the cloth regrouped at Mount Emei in Sichuan Province. As one of the sacred mountains of China, Mount Emei was home to about 70 monasteries and temples where the five clerics could blend in easily. It was decided that Bak Mei would infiltrate the Qing court as a spy while the others travelled throughout China to establish an alliance of anti-Qing rebels. However, the more Bak Mei learned, the more he realized that his allies' efforts would never be enough to overthrow the Qing, and so he left the rebellion, who took this as a betrayal, forcing Bak Mei on the run from those he was once on the run with. Almost all of the rebels who over the years sought to punish Bak Mei for his withdrawal from the struggle ended up dead at Bak Mei's hands, including Jee Sin and Miu Hin's son Fong Sai-Yuk, whom Bak Mei had known since Fong was a small boy. In other accounts, Fong Sai-Yuk is not Miu Hin's son but his grandson.
26 Dec 2009
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Banda: "Cynthia Witthoft" Música: "The Mystery of the Girl in Grey" CD: "1993-2007 - Bootleg Her 3" [não entendi o que tem o banheiro tosco a ver com a história, mas tudo bem!] The Girl in Grey battles the forces of darkness, aided by her sister Scruff and Emily Fairbairn, the black smoky Outsider. Mysterious female figure in grey who fights crime with the help of her sister, Scruff (not to mention the mysterious Emily Fairbairn, alias the Outsider, who's about twelve and black and smoky), and dreams about the Green Man. "The Secret Origin of the Girl in Grey: People have asked how it was that I became the Girl in Grey. Well, for their gratification I print, for the first time, the story... There was a time when I was a fairly normal girl, just an ordinary, rather shy blonde student whose greatest excitement was shrugging off drunken advances at the College bar, and whose greatest worry was finding student digs who'd take my cats. All fifteen of them. Daddy was a millionaire who had divorced my mother when I was five. He had a new wife, and had as little to do with little me as possible, even after my mother was killed in an air crash while trying to fly the Atlantic solo. I liked things that way. Me and the cats and a little allowance. One day everything changed. A letter came to the flat telling me that my Daddy had been killed in action. That surprised me, as I always thought he owned a factory. I wondered if he had all the time been a British Secret Agent just pretending to be a lazy millionaire. Later I discovered that it was actually just a misprint. It should have said he was killed in Acton, which is where his factory was. That made a lot more sense. What was more, he hadn't changed his will to favour the peroxide floozie he'd married, so I got all the money. I discovered that his killers had been hired by a business rival who wanted to take over his company and, donning a close-fitting grey costume, I fought the killers and won. Now I use the fortune I inherited to fight crime. And to keep my cats in the style to which they have become acustomed. Oh, and ever since I met The Green Man, I've wanted to marry him. Together we would be the world's greatest crime-fighting team. But I don't think he'll ever say 'yes' to me. Why grey? It blends in well in the dark. Actually it was originally meant to be black, but I made a mistake with the dye."
25 Jun 2008
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- spoof of pink floyd & hrithik roshan - This is exactly what india college kids will do to oppose their teachers - the song and the choreography blends in very well. - You guys have to see the original video of Another Brink In the Wall - 2(***********/watch?v=3l1-Qbs U5gA)in order to understand this video.
18 Jan 2009
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- spoof of pink floyd & hrithik roshan - This is exactly what india college kids will do to oppose their teachers - the song and the choreography blends in very well. - You guys have to see the original video of Another Brink In the Wall - 2(***********/watch?v
9 Sep 2008
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Testing out CC Time Blend in after effects. Music done using FL7 (by Damien Bullis) Filming done using Cannon XH-A1 (By Jesse Valenzuela) Editing done in Adobe After Effects (by Griffin Larson) Final Render done in Adobe Premiere
15 May 2008
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A short video by Carsten Cumbrowski about the history of the Berlin Wall that physically and spiritually separated an entire city and its people for 28 years; caused hundreds of deaths and inflicted pain in millions of Germans of two generations. This is an updated and enhanced version of my Berlin Wall video. It is over 2 minutes longer and several new video snippets were added. Some (only a few) of the still images were removed and some of the video footage was re-edited and cut. This version of the vido consists of 21 individual video and audio sources, 54 individual images and 470 words of text for caption, labels and informational messages blended in and out throughout the whole video. Background music by X-Ray Dog (a few seconds of song "The Journey" used for the intro), John F. & die Gropiuslerchen: "Berlin, Berlin (...Dein Herz Kennt Keine Mauern)" from 1987 and Die Skeptiker: "Berlin" from 1995. Idea, concept, script and editing by Carsten Cumbrowski. Copyleft 2008. Feel free to copy, distribute and share this video with friends, family or strangers. Cheers! Carsten Cumbrowski *******www.cumbrowski****/ ******* *******www.roysac****/ Fast Facts --------------------- International Press-Conference in East-Berlin on 15 June 1961 ... A journalist from the West German newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau" asked the question, if the creation of a "Free East Berlin" means that a border will be erected at the Brandenburg Gate. ... The East German Head of State "Walter Ulbricht" responded to this question with the following... ... "I understand your question like that there are people in West Germany who wish that we mobilize the construction workers of the capital of the GDR to erect a wall, yes? I am not aware of such intention, but that the construction workers of the capital are mainly busy with the construction of homes and that the available man power is used entirely Nobody has the intention to build a wall." ... During the night of 12-13 August 1961, a barbed-wire entanglement was hastily constructed through the heart of Berlin. Just two days before the barrier was erected 1,500 refugees had moved to West Berlin. ... Watchtowers punctuated the city limits and the temporary barbed-wire constructions were soon replaced with concrete. Within a year the Wall was seven and half miles long and fences stretched the remaining 91.7 miles around the city. ... Border Guards had the order to shoot anybody who attempted to cross the border and ignored the guards order to stop. ... Over 200 people who tried it died. ... The wire fence and small brick wall segments were replaced in 1965 with a concrete wall. ... Between 1975 and 1980 the final and most sophisticated version of the concrete wall was built. It was made up of 12ft tall and 4ft wide reinforced concrete segments and the top lined with smooth pipe made of concrete to make it harder to climb. ... The wall fell on November, 9th 1989 without a single shot being fired or anybody getting injured. ... The first segments of the wall were demolished within the first few weeks. ... Within a few years only very little remains of the Wall were left and had to be preserved be declaring them a historic monument that is not to be demolished. ... The largest remaining segment of the Wall is the "East Side Gallery" near the Oberbaumbruecke along the Spree River. ... Another segment can be found north of Bernauer Strasse. The third and last segment still in existence is located at the location of the former Gestapo head quarters between "Checkpoint Charlie" and "Potsdamer Platz".
16 Nov 2009
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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wilf Kordts and I have been a wedding photographer for over 41 years. I have switched to digital photography using first class equipment, which gives me the ability to take photographs in low light without flash. This is very important when flash photography is not allowed during the ceremony. I can shoot literally hundreds of images without having to purchase film and pay for processing. Therefore I can take hundreds more images to ensure that I capture your most important moments. My style of photography is unobtrusive and as candid as possible. I try to blend in with your guests. Un-posed images capture the true essence of your wedding day and include the fun and spontaneity of the moment. My website address is www.wilfkordtsphotography****. Video provided by www.herweddingplanner****
6 Jun 2008
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