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A major blockade and protest at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Aldermaston near Reading to mark UN Disarmament Week. The Aldermaston Big Blockade, organised by Trident Ploughshares and supported by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), Block the Builders and the Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp [5] is seeking to disrupt work on existing Trident nuclear warheads and the facilities that will enable the development of their successors at Britain’s nuclear weapons research laboratory.
11 Nov 2008
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Thounsands of Turkish People marched every night, to Levent to sympathize with Palestinians blockade the Consular. Protests in Turkey against Israeli operation in Gaza Strip, that has killed hundreds of Palestinians, widen all layers of society. Turkish civil society organizations has on Tuesday continued to protest Israel bombardments over Gaza in an attack that has so far claimed nearly 400 Palestinians. Turkish Road Labour Union strongly condemned Israel for what they called " crimes against humanity". Turkish Electrical Engineers Association also made statement and condemned the Israel`s Gaza attack. "The images from the Gaza began to remind a genocide. We will not just watch this shame and we urge all humanity to do the same", the statement said. State Audits Foundation, News Reporters Union and Turkish Pharmacists Association also condemned the attack and urge all countries to stop Israeli aggression. Civil Society organizations called on Turkey to cancel all bilateral agreements signed with Israel and said everyone who stays silent to the Israeli massacre will share the same responsibility. Meanwhile, a group of protesters gathered in front of the Human Rights Statue in Ankara to protest Israel. Protesters chanted slogans to support Gazans and stated noone can remain silent in the face of such brutality.
8 Jan 2009
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Police helicopter in the blockade.
18 Feb 2009
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Soundbites from the climate activists as they blockade the Royal Bank of Scotland in protest at RBS's investment of government money in fossil fuel projects
2 Sep 2009
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On July 6th 2009, a group of Earth First! and Rising Tide activists blocked a logging road leading to the Umpcoos Ridge timber sale. The blockade and free state stopped logging and planted the seed for more progressive forest management.
26 Nov 2009
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About 20 campaigners from Stop Deportation blockaded Tinsley House detention centre at Gatwick airport, where some Iraqi refugees due for deportation were being held. 17 March 2009.
17 Apr 2010
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Anti-deportation campaigners blockade Colnbrook detention centre, near Heathrow airport, to try and prevent a mass deportation flight to Iraqi Kurdistan. 12 May 2009. *******stopdeportation****. Producer: *******
16 Apr 2010
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Just six weeks after a deadly flotilla raid, Israeli defense forces face another aid ship headed for the Israeli Gaza blockade.
13 Jul 2010
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Michael Bailey: 70,000 Gazans have no drinking water; UN can't feed 700,000 refugees
25 Apr 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake****. rotesters were prevented from marching on the Xcel Energy Center on the evening of John McCain's Republican Nomination acceptance speech by a growing mass of police in St. Paul, Minnesota today. The Uptake's Corrine McDermid was there on the ground documenting the tension, the frustration, and the spirit of those protesters.
6 Sep 2008
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Palestinian residents of the Al-Mazra’a ash Sharqiya village dismantle roadblock as symbol of resistance
27 Dec 2008
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Extreme constipation, very nice :)
21 Nov 2009
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Activists from Climate Camp Cymru, were arrested for objecting to plans for a £400m biomass power station close to the much smaller Western Woods plant in Port Talbot. Prenergy Power has been granted a licence by Environment Agency Wales (EAW) for the project which the company said would be able to power 500,000 homes.Construction is set to start next year.
30 Nov 2009
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Julian Assange has an announcement. But this is no leak. Whistle-blowing Wikileaks is in financial trouble.
25 Oct 2011
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En tjock och tung mental blockad hos den moderna människan hindrar det vackra i livet från att spira. Krossa de moraliserande banden i den judiskkristna traditionen, och upptäck livet på nytt.
7 Dec 2006
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October 2006,Budapest.The power of numbers captured an exhibit T-34 tank.The angry mass wanted to break through the police blockade with the tank.Fortunately run out the petrol.
26 Dec 2006
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